Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

January 25, 2000 (9 Oc, 3 Yax, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come today with many exciting things to tell you. Dear Ones, momentous events are now occurring which will fill the coming months with much exciting adventure and much growing suspense. Around you the conscious field of your reality is both expanding and changing. Likewise, your solar system is being modified at very much swifter rates. Your Sun is entering the next period of its ever-increasing activity. To top it all off, your solar system's electromagnetic and gravitational fields are quickly changing their frequencies, densities and even their very nature. Included in these transformational procedures, of course, are the vast changes currently happening to your physical and spiritual selves. You are rapidly approaching a huge cosmic trigger-point, which is to be pulled on 6 Batz, 4 Moan, 8 Manik (May 5, 2000). Today, we would like to talk about the many events that will lead up to this major incident, as well as its true significance. For us to do this, we first need to give you some additional background material and to show you the 'big picture' of what is occurring in your galaxy.

      In past messages, we have discussed the fact that your galaxy is made up of many different realities. Further, we have shown that your reality's 'matrix' caused the inhabitants of your reality - you - to view these realities, literally, through distorted glasses. This has caused your astronomical sciences to discover many anomalies and to produce some pretty contorted hypotheses in order to explain them. You need to see the real picture - a series of diverse realities acting, in many ways, like the many organs of your body. Any galaxy is a living entity. Galaxies have parts, or organs (their different realities) that are assigned certain tasks. These tasks act to maintain and to sustain them. Specific parts of a galaxy have a unique role - to be able to behave as a catalyst for change. This task is mainly yours. You are the Milky Way's primary catalyst. At a prescribed point, you are meant to change your reality's very nature. By doing so, you will signal that the time to transform this galaxy has finally arrived. In addition, this galaxy is the catalyst for the transformation of this sector of physical Creation.

      You have come into a sector of physical reality whose very hub is your galaxy. You are now living upon an entity that is, in reality, the main trigger-point for your solar system. Mother Earth is a very special Being. At her core, she contains a crystal that drives the energies that are daily sustaining your galaxy. Think of your galactic home as a switch that turns on the spiritual and physical processes that create everything you see in your night sky. Hence, you are positioned in one of the most auspicious places in the Universe. Now, know that the time has come to put this cosmic switch into a new position. To accomplish this requires a very unusual set of circumstances. First, the reality governing Earth needs to be altered. Second, all the sentient Beings who dwell in or on it need to be adjusted for what is to happen. Finally, the energies disbursed through your solar system need to be changed. When all of this has been accomplished, a swift and divinely inspired temporary alignment of the planets must occur at exactly the right time. This last event is the cosmic trigger to which we have alluded in this discussion.

     As this trigger is set, it opens up opportunities for you to better understand the very nature of Creation. Creation has a purpose: it also has a plan. This divine plan is both complex and very detailed in its design. Very little has been left to chance. Every detail has been catalogued, as well as how one detail can possibly affect any other. You can imagine it as a master 'program' for the 'divine computer' that is running this Creation. You lie in the midst of this. You, dear Ones, are one of the numerous physical aspects of the many great Souls that are part of the Creator's divine thought. It is this sacred thought that puts all things in this Creation into motion. You have the capability to access these great Souls or divine "I Am Presence". Accordingly, you have been given the opportunity by the Spiritual Hierarchy to come here and work your great magic. What is taking place now is not just circumstance; it is part of a grand sacred plan.

      Everything in the divine plan is based upon timing. This timing has been heralded by trials, challenges and events designed to test your mettle and your beliefs. What has not occurred in the recent past is not to be seen as folly, or even as mere lies. It is just a way for us to test the waters, so to speak. Those brave ones who have come forward with these messages are to be congratulated for their courage, their steadfastness and their ability to clearly give out a required position. They have greatly assisted us in determining the schedule for your remaining adjustments and how they are to be made. They have paved the way for all that is about to happen to you. You are 'on schedule' for the events that are about to reshape your reality drastically. To those who realize their significance and have access to the data, these events of the next few months will be dramatic. To the rest, they will be things happening at too subtle a level to be easily noticed.

      Your mass media will tend to view these numerous events either as unique occurrences, or else as a slew of items too diverse to be tied together. Keep in mind, dear Ones, that all things are really connected. You need to use your intuitive abilities, as well as the magnificent discernment that they can quickly give you. Learn to trust their inner messages. The coming times are to be ones filled with this quite convoluted energy. This inner discernment can trigger in you a deep desire to do your inner and outer work. It will also give to you the great clarity that you need to begin to fit together the many puzzle pieces that you are about to receive. This evidence will come across your threshold from many different sources. Act upon them and garner the wisdom that you need to understand what is really happening, both to you and to the reality in which you currently reside.

      The coming 'cosmic trigger' opens a great inter-dimensional gateway. It also begins a massive final series of inner and outer adjustments. These procedures are designed to 'fine-tune' what we have already accomplished. In addition, you are fated to receive elements that are calculated to prepare you for the final leap to your 'omega point'. We are setting the stage for a new period in your history. It is one intended to reveal many things that previously have been either hidden from you, or given to you by your secret cabals as a competing babble of misinformation. This process permits you to alter many of your present conceptions about how your society works, or should work. It also allows you to see how important you really are, and why you need to come forth and really make a difference in how your global society is to be run.

      We ask that you view what is now happening as an amazing adventure. Each element of this journey is being revealed to you in many different ways. Some are very overt in how they affect you. Most are really quite covert in their effects. Your task is to use your inner abilities to piece them together. As you grow and expand your awareness, these abilities become much easier for you to apply. You can start to see that much of your reality's workings are really buried beneath the surface. Once understood, you can realize how these energies have affected you and how you can positively redirect them. This action can further help to accelerate the numerous procedures that you are now experiencing. Constantly keep in mind that you are a vehicle for change, as well as a means for us to rapidly alter your reality.

      Today, we have discussed a 'cosmic trigger' that is about to vastly change your reality. We ask that you use this message as yet another element that is preparing you for your coming transformation. Dear Ones, each of you is an important part of what is about to happen to your and your reality. Remain focused and committed. Many wonderful things are about to happen to you. We now take our leave. We graciously bless everyone and thank you all for your dedication to your great task. Know, dear Ones, that the great power and the infinite Supply of Heaven are there for you to employ in creating your new reality. Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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