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SiS300 Key feature:

- 32-bit PCI local bus standard Revision 2.1 compliant
- 133 MHz zero wait-state memory mapping I/O burst write
- 32-bit ROM address decoding for 32KB,64 KB size
- Flash memory interface for VGA BIOS upgrade
- RAMDAC snoop

AGP Interface
- AGP 2.0 compliant configuration setting
- AGP 2X 266 MHz with maximum 32 stages pipeline full side-band function

High Performace & High Quality 3D Acceleraor
-Built-in a high performace 128-bit 3D engine
-Built-in 32-bit floating point VLIW triangle setup engine
-Built-in 8K bytes,texture cache -64KB,128KB,256KB and 512KB Turbo Queue size)
-AGP 2X for command fetch,texture fetch and parsing
-166 MHz 128-bit DRAM plus 125 MHz 3D engine clock
-Flat,and Gouraud shading
-Z-test,Alpha-test,and scissors clipping test
-256 ROPs
-MIPMAP with point-sampled,linear,bi-linear,and tri-linear texture filtering
-Fogging,alpha blending

High Performance 2D Accelerator
- Supports Turbo Queue (Software Command Queue in off screen memory)
- Built-in Direct Draw Accelerator
- Built-in an 1T 128-bit BITBLT graphics engine
- Maxium 64 MB frame buffer with linear addressing
- AGP 2X mode access for all 2D engine functions
- SGRAM block write function for Bitblt command

MPEG-2/1 Video Decoder
- Supports AGP 2X mode bus master code fetching
- Direct DVD to TV playback

Video Accelerator
- Single frame buffer architecture
- Two independent video windows with overlay function and scaling factors
- Supports YUV-to-RGB color space conversion
- Supports bi-linear video interpolation with in-teger
- Supports graphics and video overlay function
-Independent graphics and video formats
-Independent two video formats -16 color-key and /or chroma-key operations
-Video only mode
-Video CD or DVD to TV playback mode
- Built-in video decoder interface
- Supports input video capture and playback tear free auto flipping
- Supports independent VBI capture
- Supports DVD sub-picture playback overlay
- Supports DVD playback auto-flipping

Display Memory Interface
- 128-bit DRAM channel interface with maxi-mum 2.65 GB/s bandwidth
- Supports up to 4 ranks of DRAM for DRAM interface
- Up to 2-64 MB Memory configuration
- Fully internal 128-bit display memory path
- VGA BIOS auto memory size detecting
- SGRAM block write operation
- Virtual screen up to 4096x4096

High Integration
- Built-in programmable 24-bit true-color RAMDAC up to 350MHz pixel clock
- Built-in three clock generators
- Built-in standard feature connector logic support
- Built-in VIP 1.1,VIP 2.0 video port interface
- Built-in flash ROM programming interface
- Built-in VESA Plug & Display for CH7003, PanelLink and LVDS digital interface

- Inplemented by 0.25 um 1.8V CMOS technology with 3.3V/2.5V LVTTL tolerance I/O buffers
- 365-balls 27x27 mm BGA package

SiS301 key feature:

Which is an companion chip of SiS300
- Built-in NTSC/PAL video encoder with Macro Vision 7.1 forTV display
- Built-in TMDS transmitter with Bi-Linear scaling capability for TFT LCD panel.
- Built-in an analog RGB port to support a secondary CRT Monitor
- The package type of SiS301 is 100-pin TQFP

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