Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

February 22, 2000 (11 Etznab, 11 Zac, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come to you with more information. Lately, we have been discussing the very nature of your reality and its transformation. We have described how your inculcated core belief systems have hindered your various integrative procedures and how we are working to counter this. Moreover, we have delineated some of the other changes that are occurring to alter this reality into a new and better one. In this vein, we would now like to look at your physical body's changing chakra, or energy, centers. These energy centers are woven into your body's meridian system. They are very similar to a 'smart' junction box that can be found in the electrical system of a house or office building. Likewise, your physical body is controlled through a vastly complicated neuro-electrical circuit. This highly complex circuitry has a number of special locations where these circuits are designed to converge. Each location is monitored through a special mini-neuro-computer or a 'smart chip' connected through the central nervous system to the brain. Such a place is called a chakra and has a number of special functions.

      Chakras, primarily, have two tasks. First, they are designed for a specific task. For example, the solar plexus contains the silver cord, while the diaphragm is given control over the stress and fear that your physical and etheric bodies encounter. Second, they act together as a team to balance your physical body's many electric, magnetic and neuralgic systems. Using their constant monitoring, your brain is able to adjust its attached electrical and magnetic circuitry. In this way, your body is able to operate continually at the maximum level of efficiency possible. Your chakra system carries out these two tasks simultaneously. Your many thought-forms also influence the chakra system. These thought-forms are maintained in the immediate etheric layers that surround your physical body and its numerous organs. Since negative ones can cause massive imbalances within your body, they are a constant irritant to those chakra centers responsible to one or a series of your body's internal organs. Our procedure has been to convert the seriously negative ones to a more positive mode.

      As this process happens, we are able to let more and more Light into your system and convey it to your RNA/DNA gene structures. Our many actions are also altering these complicated protein strings. This process is actually quite simple. First, we modify the very nature of your chakra system. This action, in turn, lets in more Light and permits your physical body to operate at a much higher frequency. This higher frequency has caused your internal organs to 'let go' of those toxins accumulated throughout your lifetime. This permits us to somewhat change your thought-forms. Finally, this process has 'opened up' your genetic structure to many more possibilities. These new possibilities have activated those parts of your gene structures that have been dormant for many millennia to suddenly become active. Your newly activated gene structures also start to alter your body by encouraging new paths for your electromagnetics, as well as increasing their intensity and frequency. In short, your physical body is quite busy modifying itself.

      Accordingly, your physical body is able to accept more of its etheric or Light body. As this process goes on, you start to become more accepting of Spirit. You turn first into secret searchers and then into great explorers of an inner Truth that now echoes throughout your consciousness. The world that you had once so easily accepted quickly appears to contain a great many discrepancies that you now only endure and truly want changed. This quest leads you to come upon many groups and philosophies, and an arcane knowledge that formerly you would have never even thought about seriously. Yet, this quest is one that now gives you an inner peace. This process is how the physical and the spiritual are combining within you. Dear Ones, consciousness is profoundly conditioned by the level of awareness with which you feel comfortable. Our procedure is to guide you on a journey that is constantly expanding these frontiers. In most cases, this journey began when we altered your physical body, your living reality.

      These modifications of your physical body have a major purpose - to restore you to full consciousness. Full consciousness is more than working at the full potential of what you now consider to be your present level of awareness. Rather, it is becoming the full extent of what consciousness in the physical and spiritual realms can provide. At first, this may seem merely to be a syntactical argument. On the contrary, it is a point that is important for you to fully comprehend. You are becoming magnificent Beings - physical Angels. You are to be Beings who have mastered physicality and are great sources of wisdom to all the spiritual realms on how best to unfold this vast Creation. You are to be Beings who possess the rhythm of the Creator and who flow easily as one in the sacred thoughts that produced the divine plan. Dear Ones, this possibility is your destiny and the reason why you have come at this time to these strange shores.

      As you grow in consciousness, you become wiser. You start to understand that your life has become more complicated than it really needs to be. There is surely an innate simplicity to how you can live your life. It is this slowly forming new balance that you desperately seek. Yet, there is a wonder as to how it can be achieved. All of this is growing within you. Added to it are the great fatigue and other side effects that stem from your increasingly accelerated transformations. This miasma and chaos have a purpose. It is the element that is drawing you swiftly into the need to change how you see yourself and what you wish to truly accomplish. These changes are thrusting you ever forward and setting the stage for you to accept fully the now-ready new reality. However, there are still many things left for all of us to do.

      This process of change is most complex and, as we have alluded to previously, needs to be timed to occur in the right series of stages. We profoundly desire that you change in one fast wink. Yet, your 'core' beliefs, as well as the environment that currently envelops you, dictate otherwise. We know that all is meant to happen in a right divine timing. This scenario, along with its many sudden twists and turns, is carefully orchestrated by the divine plan. It is all meant to work out right in the end. In our context, this approaching end is not very far off. In fact, it is literally around the corner. Our task is simply to allow you the crowning pleasure of going through it all as planned. We remain completely committed to guiding you successfully to your destined success. What we do is done with a great Love and a full admiration of what you have already accomplished.

      This process of transforming a limited consciousness reality has brought you much knowledge. You are unlimited Beings who have had to learn about limitation, pain and sorrow. These are things that normally you do not come across. Still, you have confronted them and are learning how they can be changed. In them, you have discovered a knowledge that leads you to a great wisdom. It is this acquired wisdom that is making this rather strange journey worthwhile. In addition, you have come to end the long karma wheel that has submerged your reality in its essence for far too long. This lifetime of yours has seen many miraculous occurrences. Technologies that have long seemed dreams have become an everyday occurrence. Much more along these lines is shortly to be revealed. Yet, the greatest miracle is surely your rapidly approaching transformation.

      Today, we have discussed items that are part of your transformation. We have talked only briefly about your changing chakra system and how it is aiding the integration of your spiritual and physical bodies. This process is now in its final stages. The time that you have longed for is rapidly approaching. We ask that you remain focused and committed to your approaching success. We now take our leave. Go, dear Ones, filled with the Blessings of Heaven and armed with the great Power, Supply and Abilities that are your birthright. Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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