Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

January 1, 2000 (11 Cimi, 19 Mol, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come before you with some interesting information. At present, you dwell in a reality that is nested within another series of similar realities. Each of these realities extends around a planet or a solar system. It is your reality's matrix that is solely charged with filling in the blanks of what surrounds you. In truth, each reality has its own unique characteristics. These may extend from being under only a few different precepts, to being vastly different from your own. Keep in mind that the data collected by your science is filtered through your reality's matrix. Hence, most of your science's deepest-held beliefs are only applicable to your reality. The rest is only a series of well-researched guesses. They can be either partially true or completely false. We have given you this information for only one purpose. Dear Ones, we desire that you look inside for your answers. Learn how to understand the potential power of your inner wit. Inside of you, there lies a very great soul. This pure Spirit is an aspect of the Supreme Creator. It is your True Self. This soul contains an endless body of knowledge and wisdoms.

      Employ it. Comprehend the simple fact that this reality has done all it can to deny you access. The greatness of your Being is something that you do not easily accept. You think that it is ego to utilize what the Creator has so graciously given you. Your ego is an instrument of the limited conscious mind. Buried deep within you, there is still another consciousness. This consciousness is connected to all Creation. It lives in abundance and knows no master except the Creator. It knows that it is a direct part of the Creator. It is your God-self. It is your true master. It wishes you only well, but you have done all that you reality's matrix wishes and ignored its plea to serve you. This strange dichotomy between the inner and outer you is an aspect of limited consciousness. It is this division that your Ascension is meant to correct. Yet, a part of this process has been left up to you. That part is to get in touch with this inner, or true you and utilize its amazing abilities. In doing this, you are preparing yourself for your coming new reality. This task is the major one that we wish for all of you to accomplish.

     For this reason, we have asked you many times to look inside. Be able to commune with who you really are. This requires some discernment. Your limited conscious mind wishes to deceive you. It constantly attempts to plant feelings and intentions in you that are false or seemingly detrimental. This outer consciousness is basically a tyrant. This outer consciousness is basically a tyrant, which rules because of a divine right that your reality, not the Creator, has given it. You now have a challenge. This challenge is to use your abilities to get in contact with who you are. To do this, you have been given many assistants. All of you possess an inner council. Some of you call it a 'conscience'. Take advantage of what the Supreme Creator has so lovingly given you. Consult with it. Read literature about contacting your True Self. Know that it is an easy task. It simply requires commitment and a well-set intent. The rest is merely an exercise in dedication and in trusting the process that you have just entered. The realm of Spirit is vast. It is a world that so little of you truly know. However, it is a world that your soul now wishes you to know.

      There is a key that we wish to impart. Learn the joy of quiet and the way of inner peace. Do all that is necessary to reach these points. They are the starting points for your journey to your soul. To further aid you, we have instituted an integration process between your physical and spiritual selves. This complicated operation makes it much easier for you to accomplish your task successfully. Keep in mind that Creation has an objective. It wishes for you to succeed. Failure is a weird concept spawned only by limited minds filled with lack and denial. In reality, there is only what you came to physicality to accomplish. Dear Ones, you are allowed to incarnate as many times as you need to achieve it. Your Creator has given you the whole of physical Creation as your playground. In return, she expects you to fulfill your life contracts. However, there is no judgment on her part. There is only Love and a profound desire to see you quickly achieve what you have come here to do.

      Keep in mind that Mother/Father God has given you many amazing gifts. Another major one is your connectivity to all sentient life. Each of you has come to give your piece of the puzzle. It is this whole set of puzzle pieces that co-creates and sustains your reality. Hence, learn to give and to accept advice. Discover the great wisdoms that reside in each of you. They are just there to assist you in successfully completing your assigned tasks. You exist in full consciousness as a collective and an individuated self. The concept of complete selfhood is an illusion, forged by your reality's matrix, to control you. One of the things that you must do is to observe, in your society, what truly works for the good of all and what does not. Then look at what does not and see how it can be transformed. Do this not from the separated mind of your outer self, but from the unified mind of your inner self. Remember that your conscious mind will constantly attempt to interfere and lead you astray.

      As you grow inwardly, you will also grow outwardly. You can become more present with yourself and with others. You can then discover many joys that may presently seem unreachable. This process leads you to observe that much of what you have been taught is merely a means to control or constrict you. There is a need to go beyond the boundaries that your reality has set for you. It is a time to set unlimited boundaries and to discover how to employ them to make your world a better place for both yourself and your progeny. It is a time for you to learn about your abilities, to be solution-oriented and to be deeply loving. This process has been growing in you since before you were birthed. Discover its countless wonders and use it to come together and co-create a truly meaningful society. Dear Ones, you have the power within you to do so.

      This leads us to the growing web of consciousness that currently surrounds your planet. It is this ever-expanding web that makes your success so inevitable. Still, many of you remain caught in your outward limitations. It is our task to guide you to the fact that this belief is quite illusory. All that it takes is an intention to truly rid yourself of what has long held you back. Be and remain pure in this intent. Look inward and discover what has outwardly limited you. Know that, as the field surrounding this intent increases, your success can begin to happen. Your reality can be compared to walking into a room whose floor is covered with molasses. It can make your journey icky and seemingly distasteful. Yet, a way exists through it that can lead you to your destination. What is needed is a mindset that is not easily discouraged by what it can encounter.

      You are all very powerful Beings. You have come here to accomplish some amazing goals. This challenge is the magic that you all possess within you. It is the great gift that you will bestow upon this reality. In doing this, you will co-create a new reality. It is this new reality that can forge a permanent galactic peace and shift all of physicality. It is for this reason that all of Creation stands ready to assist you. We know that, together, our success is inevitable. What is happening to your world can shortly bear fruit. Your destiny is to achieve your objective as swiftly as divinely possible. See what is happening as merely a game. In this game, you have been conceded your victory but you have not been officially informed. We wish to end your suspense and to reveal this to you. Take this and forge forward to your inevitable victory - a new golden reality.

      Today, we have discussed your inner potential and how it can change your world and yourselves. We sincerely ask that you look inside. Use your intuitive Heart-logic and learn the Truth of what we have said to you. As always, we are your inner guides and your deepest allies. Together, we can forge a wondrous new reality. We now take our leave. Dear Ones, use your great talents and the power and Supply of Heaven to co-create your shining new golden reality! Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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