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PokéMasters / Fanfics / G / The Gift


The Gift

Written by: Bulbasaur4 Rating: 5
Title: The Gift
Author: Bulbasaur4
Chapter(s): 5
Type: Mystery, Action
Characters: Liz (the story teller) Growlithe, Evil Boy, Scyther
Rating: 5
Rated By: firepokemon
Added: Saturday, October 14, 2000
The GiftChapter 5 Fear swept over my body as I watched the evil grin on
the boy's face. I was horrified, and he knew it. "GROWL
GROWL!" The yippy sounds of the young Growlithe could be heard
as he darted around the evil boy. Those evil eyes darted back
and forth, watching the young pup ever so closely, a grin
smeared across his face. "We have to exterminate little
troubles like you, like bugs." He said, glaring at me and
then to the puppy. Suddenly, with in an instant, he reached
down and picked up the squirming puppy with his strong hand.
It yelped and fought, but boy was too strong, and the Growlithe
noticed it, there fore it stopped fighting. "Good boy, we'll
kill you soon enough." The strange person said, with that he
took a pokeball and let out a fighting machine. A dark green
and raving-mad Scyther. I gasped in horror; I knew what was
coming with those huge blades the Scyther was equipped withat birth.
Suddenly, I was filled with a memory. FLASH I was
watching Arcanine being beaten by the creature, that creature.
I ran to Arcanine to help, but couldn't because of thatcreature.FLASH
I was brought back to reality, to see the Scyther ready tofinish off the puppy.
To me, that Growlithe was now just like my Arcanine, I had to
help it. I rushed forward; running as fast as my legs could
carry me. It never took long when I collided into the boy,
knocking him backwards and causing him to drop the young pup.
I quickly rolled off the boy and scuttled to get to my feet,
but I felt strong, icy cold hands pushing down on my shoulders,
keeping me pinned to the sidewalk. I closed my eyes and kicked
my legs as hard as I could but it seemed to have no effect on
the evil guy, finally I stopped struggling and opened my eyes
to see him glaring down at me.
His face was closer now and I could see finer details in his
face. He had short scruffy black hair and had dark brown eyes,
they almost seemed to have a reddish tint to them. I took some
notice of other things about his skin, there were 3 tiny, but
long scars over his left eye, almost like a cat scratch, also
his skin seemed to be smooth, almost too smooth and soft, but
nothing about the smooth appearance made him look nice.
"LET GO!" I yelled, again trying to free myself but this boy
was surprisingly strong. He just laughed, a quiet, small
gigglish laugh, his tone was low, almost sounding robotic.
Like those computer voices, but what ever sound his tone was,
it clearly indicated he was evil. "I was thinking of letting
you leave, but I see that clearly isn't an option." He said,
pushing me harder to the sidewalk. "You must know of our little
secret, so it would just be too hard to let you go." I glared
at him, know what? I had no clue what so ever about what he
was talking about. "Scyther! Take care of this… this foolish
girl." He then motioned with his hand and the Scyther flew over
to me, I knew what those blades were going to do.
"Scy? SCYTHER!" The bug shrieked as he drew back his long,
curved blade. Suddenly, with great speed he rushed at me, the
blade glistening in the sunlight. I closed my eyes, expecting
any moment to feel the pain and agony of the blade cutting me
up, the end of me, the death. I didn't even know what or who
they were, or why they even were killing me. I closed my eyes
harder, not making a sound or a fatal attempt to get away,
any moment know that Scyther would slice me like cutting a soft,
moist cake. I heard a "CLANG" and for a split second I
thought that was my bone against blade, but I felt no pain.
I opened my eyes and gasped, there standing right over me,
was [i]my[/i] Scyther. He had his blades held against the evil
Scyther. I quietly slipped out from beneath my but pokemon
and quickly stood up behind. I had completely forgotten about
my brave warrior, Scyther. I still had him attached to my belt when I left.
The evil boy looked horrified, like he never expected this to
happen. My Scyther had managed to push his to the ground and
now was slashing the evil bug furiously. My pokemon was
winning! The evil Scyther was now sweating and looked like
he was meeting death, he was tired out and poorly trained for
battle against another. "No! This can't be! I see I have to
take matters into my OWN hands!" The boy roared, and his deep
brown eyes almost instantly turned red. I gasped; he looked
devil like, as a flaming red aura started to glow around him,
growing rapidly fast. I wondered at first if it was fire, but
you could see through the red color so it couldn't be. I
heard my Scyther's cry and looked at him, he was starting to
lose! The evil Scyther had tripped him and now was slashing my
Scyther pretty badly, the slashes getting stronger every second.
Suddenly I saw the young puppy, growling and running around
madly. It dawned on me, that Growlithe was trying to distract
the boy. I gazed at the boy, then to his Scyther and back
again. "Every time the red glow around the boy gets bigger,
his Scyther grows stronger." I thought, finally putting two and
two together. It looked painful, the boy was yelling, and was
obviously doing some hard work to get his Scyther up to
strength. My Scyther was losing the battle, more so every
time that Scyther hit another blow to him. "GROWL! GROWL
GROOOOOOOOOOOOOW!" I heard the Growlithe bark, then let out
a low howl. I turned to see that the blue-eyed Growlithe had
blown out a powerful fire blast, and that his eyes were not
glowing gold anymore. I heard a painful cry and eyed the boy,
he was hit by the blast and now the red glow was gone.
"That fire blast was powerful!" I thought, then turned to see
my Scyther was still losing, he had taken too many blows.
Then, I had an idea, but it would only work if poor Scyther
could use the last of his strength, if he had any left. "Oh
well, I hope this works." I said, then yelled with all the
force I could, "SCYTHER, push the enemy away from you!"
Scyther looked at me and then nodded, he bent his knees and
then kicked the enemy Scyther in the gut with all the force he
could manage. A sickening, "thud" could be heard as my
Scyther's foot made contact. The sudden blow knocked the evil
bug back a couple of feet. Just enough, to do the final move.
"GROWLITHE, use you fire blast at that Scyther!" I said,
pointing to the evil Scyther. Growlithe looked at me, and then
with quick, lighting-fast bolts of speed he ran close and then
leaped into the air. "GRROOOWWWWWWWL!" He let out an eerie howl
that echoed all around, and then fire poured out of his mouth
and hit the Scyther dead on. "SCYYYY!" It screamed as the fire
burned all around him, the force of the fire also knocking it
onto the sidewalk hard. The enemy bug gasped for breath as the
fire burned all around him, but there was nothing he could do.
The fire blast was simply too powerful. The Scyther's chest
rose and fell a couple times, and then he collapsed and wasfainted.
"No! This can't be you pests!" The boy glared, gazing at the
Growlithe then to my Scyther who was sprawled onto the floor,
exhausted from the tiring battle. Finally he rest his dark
gaze on me, I could feel the hate pulsing through his blood, his evil blood.
"The force is weak I tell you that! Especially when they're
fatal attempts were you and that stupid mutt!" He said, and
continued to glare at me. "Mark my words, this is not over
until you and your stupid dog's bodies lay dead on the ground!"
With those words, his eyes glowed a pulsating black, and he
suddenly disappeared, vanished with out a trace. I
immediately looked to my injured Scyther and quickly called
him back into his pokeball. He was so loyal, so brave; it broke
my heart to see him like that. As I was running to the Pokemon
Center, the young Growlithe at my side, I began to think.
I knew that some person, or persons were after that Growlithe
and me. I just had a clue that the recent events weren't just
your normal bad guy battles, this was something much more,
nothing close to Team Rocket. "That puppy, he's not normal
either, that's for sure." I thought, turning my head to look
at the puppy's eyes. "No, that was obvious when I first saw
him, he's definitely not your normal pup." The power of his
fire blast was unbelievable, especially figuring that he was
only a puppy, probably barely 4 months old! There was
something behind all this, I mean what was that guy talking
about? I mean come on, the "force"; this isn't any Star Wars
movie guy, definitely not. It was all confusing, losing
my Arcanine, the sudden appearance of this mysterious
Growlithe, and now this weirdo who comes and try's tokill me.
What was even scarier was that I was beginning to except the
fact that I could die any time. That boy could come with more
pokemon, or that creature could even come to get this Growlithe.
They all could come and try to kill me any second.
What scared me the most though, was that I didn't even know why.
Rated By: firepokemon on Saturday, October 14, 2000


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