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The Reparations Ad Campaign

In January 2001, David Horowitz attempted to publish his essay, "Ten Reasons Why Reparations are a Bad Idea and Racist Too" as a paid advertisement in a number of campus newspapers. Horowitz’s attempt to exercise his right to free speech was met by violence, outrage, censorship and a media hailstorm that continues to this day.

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Thanks to Horowitz, the Left was caught with its proverbial pants down. Its plan to impose slave reparations on America was exposed for all to see. The Left was forced to debate the issue in public, long before it was ready to do so.

Here is the story of how one man with a word processor and a modest ad budget managed to shake the Left to its foundations, rattle the media establishment and expose the hypocrisy of campus speech codes.

Timeline – From May 2000 to Today
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News & Commentaries – A Full Bibliography

News & Commentaries (links)

Click here for a full breakdown of which schools did what.

"The Freedom Tour" – Horowitz Does American College Campuses

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