Politically Correct Crimes

FrontPageMagazine: Hate Crimes Edition

Racism and Its Many Impersonators
By John Perazzo 4/5/01

Interracial Crime: The Dirty Little Secret
By John Perazzo 3/20/01

Al Sharpton’s Double Standard
By John Perazzo 3/9/01

Wichita Horror Fuels Debate over Hate Crimes
February 13, 2001

Hate Crime Coverup

The Wichita Horror
January 12, 2001

Blacks Against Asians
December 13, 2000

Black Hate on Trial
October 26,2000

Priests in the Temple of Hate
By Richard Poe 7/27/00

Does the New York Times Think It’s Okay to Kill White People?
July 14, 2000

Remembering the Central Park Jogger
By Nicholas Stix
July 13, 2000

License to Kill
By David Horowitz 7/13/00

It’s Sharpton Time! (Part 3)
June 27, 2000

A Black-on-White Attack Prompts Question Of What 'Hate Crime' Really Means
June 16, 2000

Ex-NAACP Leader Beaten by Blacks for Defending Confederate Flag
Ashville Tribune
June 8, 2000

Penn State QB Charges with Beating Cop
Associated Press
May 15, 2000

Manhunt in AL Triple Shooting
Huntsville Times
May 4, 2000

Jess Dirkhising, The Whole Story
April 28, 2000

Deafening Silence
by David Horowitz
March 16, 2000

The Lead Investigator Strikes Back
by David Horowitz
March 14, 2000

Criminal Double Standard
by Larry Elder
March 13, 2000


Racial Killings & Gun Control
by David Horowitz
March 3, 2000

Tiffany Long, Too White To Be a Victim
February 29, 2000

Why the Hurricane is Hot Air
by Paul Mulshine
February 11, 2000

Why Are Black Leaders Silent On Black Hate Crimes?
by Earl Ofari Hutchinson
Salon, March 6, 2000

Free Mumia?
by Paul Mulshine
December 15, 1998

Black-on-Asian Hate
by Ying Ma
November 1998

Hate Crimes Are Multicultural Too
By David Horowitz 10/26/98


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