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Black Sun Research Facility was founded in 1998 by Raven, Njan and Fang following the success of their C.A.I.R.A. project, to educate people in the field of the Internet, and more generally computer security. After the retirement of Raven in 2000, BSRF was later handed over in January of 2001 to Mikkkeee who with the aid of Digitalfallout, Cyberwolf and a whole new team kept the site alive. During the years, Black Sun Research Facility has helped many people and has become a very popular security site.

The main feature of Black Sun Research Facility is tutorials. We have a huge number of tutorials and translations on various topics. They cover everything from phreaking to coding. Although the main area of BSRF tutorials is network security. We also have a Message Board, where you can post your questions (every legal question is answered), or you can subscribe to our Mailing List, and then you'll receive BSRF news and updates.

Nov. 7, 2001

Lots of things have happened today. Sofar these 2 tutorials have been completely rewritten: the FTP tutorial by SpiderMan and the Info Gathering tutorial by DigitalFallout. The Sendmail tutorial has been edited and updated by Cyberwolf. And as a special bonus, we have added 2 new tutorials! Windows API Programming in C++ by AZTEK and Dial-Up Connection Sharing in Slackware written by our new member MANOWAR^. Due to the offline lives (some ppl do have an offline life :)), rek and nitrate2k are forced to leave BSRF. Also, we have changed the Team page a bit, so check it out. Have fun!

Cyberwolf, DigitalFallout and AZTEK

Oct. 29, 2001

Today we added a new tutorial on the use, advantages, and disadvantages of Flat Text File Databases in Perl written by Matt. We also have added a link to UndergroundWorld. Look in the next coming weeks for some new tutorial from the Blacksun team. We are now in the process of getting the books page back up with no broken links and getting a kick ass wallpaper section going. For you programmers out there I am working on getting my long awaited Windows API Programming tutorial done in the next week or two.


Oct. 26, 2001

Well our prayers were not answered, the anti-terrorism law has been passed so now we really have to "change" our look in order to be more complient with the new law. Ahh enough crying about this, we are currently writing the majority of our tutorials, not because of the law but because of their age. Many of you guys have read the tuts from the reign of Raven and have emailed us about updating them so there you go. Hopefully the rewrites / updates will be released before the new year. In other news we have a new Wallpaper for you. Big greetz goes out to Mark Collins aka FISH, for doing the wallpaper. I also received a few emails from artist who want to contribute so except some good $hit. Now for the real deal, we all have went to the books page and clicked on a book then found a 404 then you cursed bsrf, lol yah you did. Well I have added at least 90 books today, and a new section OpenVMS books and have taken out many of the dead links. In the upcoming weeks we will be making sure that all dead links will be gone. Ahh before i forget, we have made some additions to the team page, pgp keys as well as member home pages have been added so check it out. Also for the guys who use our java applet there is a little redesign of the logo, thx to CHAOS for that logo, so Enjoy!!!


Oct. 19, 2001

Important news:
Well everyone has had an opinion about what is happening at blacksun and many have quickly arrived at the wrong conclusion. No we will not stop writing kick ass tutorials, and we will always be here. Something AZTEK forgot to mention is that, our tuts will now be written in a fashion hacking/cracking books are written in. Truthfully in my opinion this law won't do anything, they will have too many sites to close and especially for supplying books like Maximum security and hacking linux exposed. So don't give up home, we got some nice tutorials coming your way soon. About this law, well only time will tell as for now lets get on with the updates. If you haven't noticed the Team page has recieved a little nice update. We have also brought back for the BSRF fans the Wallpapers page. Many people have contributed in the past and we expect the same now, so if you got graphics skillz then make some wallpapers. This will probably turn into a contest with some kewl prizes, so enjoy.
We also have some very sad news, Redshadow from the bsrf team has quit his membership with blacksun research facility. He was busy with other projects and his offline life so we wish him the best of luck.


Oct. 13, 2001

Blacksun Research Facility has been working feverishly to make itself complient with the new law that has been passed through the House and Senate. Although it has not been signed by President Bush we have started to remove any tutorials and content that might be classified as "hacking material" or material that could aid a hacker. Many other tutorials are being rewritten to not only be complient with the new law but also to be up-to-date with technology. Due to a recent e-mail that was sent to Blacksun and many other groups we have also removed all tutorials by Ankit Fadia. If you find a tutorial you belive we have missed please e-mail AZTEK


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