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Monday October 15, 1:00 pm Eastern Time

Press Release

SOURCE: Associated Television News

Bush Best Man For Crisis; Airline Anti-Terrorism Measures Rate Well With Americans; Second Amendment Freedoms Important

WASHINGTON, DC--(INTERNET WIRE)--Oct 15, 2001-- A new Zogby International/Associated Television News poll conducted in conjunction with The O'Leary Report reveals that a majority of Americans by an overwhelming margin would prefer to have George W. Bush, rather than former President Clinton, in the Oval Office during this unprecedented critical period in America's history. The survey, conducted October 8-10, 2001 of 1,011 registered voters (margin of error + 3.2%).

George W. or Bill Clinton?

Q. Who would you rather have sitting in the White House during this time of crisis, George W. Bush or Bill Clinton?

      Bush   72%
     Clinton   20%

Airline Anti-Terrorist Measures

The survey also shows the vast percentage of Americans support the idea of pilots, retired police officers and military personnel serving as part-time air marshals. Americans also strongly support reconfiguring airplane cockpits to include a bathroom so that the crew can remain behind locked doors for the duration of a flight.

Q. Do you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree or strongly disagree that cockpits on commercial passenger planes be reconfigured to include a bathroom at the front of the plane, so that pilots, co-pilots and engineers can remain behind closed doors for the duration of the flight?

Strongly Agree    83%           Somewhat Disagree  3%
                     > 93% agree			
Somewhat Agree    10%           Strongly Disagree  3%

Q. Should retired police and military officers who are tested and qualified to be allowed to serve as parttime air marshals, despite an age limit of 37 placed on all air marshal candidates?

Strongly Agree    72%           Somewhat Disagree  5%
                     > 88% agree			
Somewhat Agree    16%           Strongly Disagree  4%

Q. Should a pilot, co-pilot or engineer be allowed or not allowed to become an air marshal in addition to their duties in the cockpit?

Allowed          50%             Not Allowed      42%

Personal Freedoms

Personal freedoms continue to be of the utmost importance to Americans. When told that Osama bin Laden's terrorist attacks were designed to take away our constitutional freedoms, 93% of Americans said it was important to keep these freedoms.

Q. The terrorist attacks by Osama bin Laden were designed to take away from the constitutional freedoms of Americans. Is it very important, somewhat important, or not important to keep our constitutional freedoms?

Very Important 93%   Somewhat Important  5% Not Very Important 1%

The Second Amendment & The NRA

The events of September 11th appear to have strengthened support for Second Amendment Freedoms. Fifty-six percent of Americans feel the National Rifle Association speaks for them at least some of the time. Fifty-one percent of Americans also said they own a gun or plan to own a gun which parallels the findings in other recent surveys.

The Zogby/Associated Television News survey also found that 66% of Americans agreed with the right to carry a firearm on their person or in their car for protection provided they passed a background check and had a safety course.

Q. Please tell me if the National Rifle Association speaks for you all of the time, most of the time, some of the time, or never?

    All of the time   12%
    Most of the time  14%    > 56% at least some of the time
    Some of the time  30%

Q. Do you or anyone in your home own a gun or plan to own a gun?

    Yes - own          46% 
                             > 51% own or plan to own a gun
    Yes - plan to own   5%

Q. Do you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree that a man or woman who has had a background check by a law enforcement agency or had a safety course, has the right to carry a firearm on their person or in their car for protection?

    Strongly Agree     46%       Somewhat Disagree  11%
                              > 66% agree			
    Somewhat Agree     20%       Strongly Disagree  20%	

 Jennifer Crooks  

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