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We admit it. We've been spoiling competitive skiers for more than 30 years. And it has resulted in some pretty high expectations from our customers and the industry. Like world record setting performance. Lifetime durability. And expert service from coast to coast. Now, the ProStar 205 makes competitive skiing a family affair. The 205 is more than a foot longer than the ProStar 190, so there's more room for family members and friends. And you'll be glad you brought along a cheering section, because the 205 is ready to give serious skiers an AWSA-approved, record-capable tow every time. Low, soft slalom wakes with no spray. Glassy-smooth jump runs. A crisp, sharp wake with a smooth table for trick runs. And high, clean wakes for exceptional boarding. How's that for skiability? On deck, the powerful new 330 hp multi-port fuel injection engine is housed in a redesigned two-part motor box with a top that lifts for servicing, leaving the bottom down to keep tow ropes out of the bilge. When you head for the water, bring all the gear you can carry. Because this is a stowaway's dream boat: eight storage compartments, including two compartments under the bow seats and a giant ski trunk in the rear with optional dual-hinged access. Two full-length side compartments, a ski locker in the floor, a water-resistant lockable glove box and a driver's storage bin with accessory plug. You've got room to pack for the entire day. When you're ready to cross the line from competitive skiing to competitive siblings, this is the perfect boat to take you there. The open bow of the ProStar 205 is the largest of its class. We've made it deeper and wider than ever before for increased comfort and added safety.

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