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Welcome, fellow thinking creature, to my haven on the living organism of knowledge, the Internet. My pages are based on the worldview, widely supported by scientific and historical evidence, that nature is all there is. If you're offended by such a statement just at the home page, then I suggest you should press the Back button of your browser, because you're surely not going to like what's inside. However, if you're willing to accept a challenge to your worldview, then this site has plenty of food for thought.

The site gives reference most to the three theistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In it you will find quotes from the:

Torah (תורה) and the rest of the Old Testament (תנ"ך) - the scriptures holy to Judaism and Christianity.
New Testament (ευαγγελιον) - the scriptures which Christianity added to the above.
Qur'an (القرآن) - the scriptures holy to Islam.

all of which I can read proficiently. The quotes are for reference purposes only; I do not ascribe divine authority to any of the scriptures, for none have anything in them which can be distinguished from what a human being has written.

The site promotes the two derivatives of metaphysical naturalism:



  1. Why Metaphysical Naturalism?
  2. Solid-Sky Religions
  3. Purpose in Life
  4. An Infinite God
  5. Damnable Doctrine
  6. Idol Worship
  7. Science and Religion
  8. Morality
  9. Mysticism (praises and criticisms of the New Age movement)
  10. Introduction to Scientific Babelism
  11. Necessity and Primacy of Secularism
  12. The Idea of Allgod
  13. Revelation - General Bible Qur'an
  14. Freethought
  15. Pascalians against Divinity
  16. The Wonder of Nature
  17. New Theology
  18. Biblical Creation Account and Cosmology
  19. Animals or Machines?
  20. Gazing at Stars
  21. Positively Heathen
  22. Temple Mount Warnings
  23. Worldliness
  24. Discerning It
  25. Real-World Claims: Occultism against Materialism
  26. Address to the Jews
Hymn to Nature
Quatrains (verses of four lines)


  1. הכל מקרה, אין שום דבר מאת ה' - Nothing is of HaShem
  2. להכיר באבולוציה - Accepting Evolution
  3. הבורא והבריאה אחד - Creator and Creation are One


  1. قبّل طز لطفي - Arabic Rendering of Kissing Hank's Ass
  2. النظر في الأسباب لأولي الألباب - A Look at Causality
  3. ثمر خيال الإنسان - The Fruit of Human Imagination

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