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Halo-related media

Lists of most Halo-related media are available in the appropriate sections of this site. Keep in mind that Halo has changed a great deal during its development, resulting in items that, over time, have come to resemble each other very little, or reflect aspects of the game that were altered or removed entirely. Most of this material is kept around for historical value, pay attention to the time at which each element was added before basing judgements on the current version of Halo around it. There are three major "stages" of Halo found here:
  • The first publically shown version of Halo, the MWNY '99 version. This was seen from MWNY '99 up until E3 2000. This version has the darkest general look, and uses the older, smaller Cyborg model. Also available from this time period is a quantity of concept art, work-in-progress shots, and other non-gameplay material that provides insight into the development process.
  • The second iteration of Halo was a major overhaul introduced at E3 2000. Screenshots from this version continued to appear for the second third of 2000, then trailed off until the Xbox version of Halo was first shown at Microsoft's Gamestock 2001. It introduced a great deal of new content, such as the Pelican dropship, the Wraith alien tank, and the Marines, as well as new versions of old friends such as the Cyborg. It looks brighter and more colorful, as well as having smoother and more detailed graphics.
  • The last version of Halo is the Xbox version, rebuilt virtually from the ground up and revealed at Gamestock 2001 and E3 2001. It also features overhauls of nearly all its content, although not nearly as major a change as occurred at E3 2000. The world now has yet more details and new features, and the characters are even more complex. This is what the final version of Halo will look like.

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