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  Texas Instruments recalls Software CDs

TI Calc CD We have recently recalled a software CD that was packaged with two of our calculator accessory kits, the TI-Fun Kit and Connectivity Value Kit, because the CD contained inappropriate content. This content is inconsistent with TI's moral and ethical standards. It was created and compiled by a calculator-user website not otherwise affiliated with TI, and it was not sufficiently screened by us prior to packaging it with these accessories.

We sincerely apologize for allowing this to happen and we have taken the following steps in response:

TI Fun Kit

  • We immediately convened a team, including our top management, to institute a recall of copies of the CD, including those that were at retail outlets and those that had already been sold.
  • We immediately removed the link to the calculator-user website from our website.
  • We contacted all the retailers and distributors that carried the two accessories, and asked them to immediately pull the accessories from their shelves and return them to TI.
  • We initiated a public notice campaign, beginning with announcements in newspapers nationwide Sunday, October 21, to reach those customers who have received the CD through their purchase of the accessories, and to ask them to return the CD to us for documentation and proper disposal.

TI Connectivity Value Kit If you have purchased one of these accessories, we are asking for your help to return the CD to us for documentation and proper disposal. A photo of the CD, as well as the accessory packaging appears at the side. If you have this CD, please call toll-free 1-866-843-3822 for instructions and details on how to return the CD. If you like, you can also contact us and leave your name, telephone number, and full address. We will send you a mailing label and packaging to return the CD.

TI is committed to correcting this situation. As a business, we focus on providing high quality products that help teachers teach, and students learn, and we take that responsibility seriously. We certainly do not want inappropriate material to be packaged with our products, or linked to our website, and we apologize for allowing this to happen.

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