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PokéMasters / Walkthru / Route 25

Route 25
The grass along both Routes 24 and 25 contain new Pokémon. These are Abra and Oddish or Bellsprout. There are some more trainers along these routes, one of whom seems to be guarding an item. Approach him from at least 3 paces below so that you can sneak behind and get the item without having to wait and use the Cut ability. Inside the house at the end of Route 25 lives a strange fellow by the name of Bill. Help him become himself again and he'll reward you with a ticket to the S.S. Anne. Leave the house and then return, checking out his computer terminal. You'll be able to add Eevee and its evolutions to your Pokédex. Now head back to Cerulean using the shortcut below Bill's house.

Map of Route 25

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Things To Get:
TM 19
Pidgey Many
Weedle Many
Kakuna Many
Oddish Many
Abra Rare
Caterpie Rare
Metapod Rare
Pidgey Many
Caterpie Many
Metapod Many
Bellsprout Many
Abra Rare
Weedle Rare
Kakuna Rare
Pidgey Many
Oddish Common
Bellsprout Common
Venonat Few
Pidgeotto Rare

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