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Lord Robertson starts tour of countries aspiring for NATO membership

NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson, started his tour of the nine partner countries aspiring for NATO membership with a visit to Slovakia on 5 November. He met with President Rudolf Schuster, Prime Minister Mikulas Dzurinda, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Eduard Kukan, the Minister of Defence Jozef Stank and members of the Slovak Parliament. They discussed the progress made by Slovakia in meeting the membership criteria set out by the Alliance. Lord Robertson reiterated that no decisions would be taken before next year when NATO will be officially inviting countries to join the Alliance at its Summit in November 2002.

NATO armaments representatives hold biannual meeting
At its Autumn meeting this year, 5-6 November, the Conference of National Armaments Directors (CNAD) discussed a number of fundamental issues, including the reinforcement of NATO's defence capabilities, further opportunities for defence cooperation with Partner countries, the development of NATO's Theatre Missile Defence programme as part of its extended air defence concept and Alliance Ground Surveillance.
"Virtual Silk Highway" for the Caucasus and Central Asia

At its meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia, on 29th October, the NATO Science Committee gave the go-ahead for funding new computer networking infrastructure for the academic communities of the Southern Caucasus and Central Asia.

Cooperative Determination 2001

Personnel from nine NATO and eleven Partner countries are training in a crisis response operation exercise called Cooperative Determination 2001, from 5-16 November. This exercise, which is part of a long-standing programme of exercises, is taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan.

  1. Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.
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EAPC in Action
10th Anniversary conference
at NATO Headquarters on Friday 26 October 2001
NATO and the Scourge of Terrorism
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New Edition NATO Review
Autumn 2001 - No 3
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Operation Amber Fox
related to NATO's role in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1)
NATO's role in Kosovo
A historical overview of the developments leading to the crisis in Kosovo and the Allied air campaign, the deployment of the NATO-led KFOR troops in June 1999 and their ongoing activities through Operation Joint Guardian.
New NATO Headquarters
International architectural design competition for the construction of a new NATO Headquarters in Brussels
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