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Hate Crimes That Dare Not Speak Their Name | August 30, 2001

WE OFFER the Hate Crime Hall of Shame – this list of half-reported or un-reported crimes of hate against groups officially despised in our society by the media, the universities and all the "right-thinking" people – as our inadequate effort to counter some of the wrong that has been done in the name of "progressive" politics and "social justice." Every parade of politically selected hate crimes, such as the one aired on the MTV special that inspired our list, is a hate crime in itself – inspiring the unwitting to despise one group of Americans identified as the "oppressor." Political correctness applied to hate crimes is always implicitly – and often explicitly -- an indictment of that indispensable figment of leftwing imaginations: the "white supremacist," heterosexist, male ruling caste that allegedly inflicts systematic injustice on gays, blacks, and other politically designated "oppressed" groups. Class war is dead. Long live race and gender war.

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The "civil rights" crowd has become a monotonous chorus of racial indictment and ethnic and gender hate directed against white America in particular, but in effect against anyone who does not subscribe to its hysterical agendas and racial shakedowns. The bogus reparations movement is a perfect example – indeed something of a summa -- of the entire duplicitous charade created by the racial charlatans who succeeded Martin Luther King. In pursuing their indictment of Amerikkka, the reparations hucksters propose to ignore the thousands of years of African and Muslim slave kingdoms, whose crimes extend even into the historical present. Including this evil would impede the prosecution of the racial enemy – the Europeans and Americans, who are in fact the freest and most racially tolerant peoples on earth. Thus the Jesse Jacksons, the Charles Ogeltrees and the Randall Robinsons jump into their racial pulpits to self-righteously condemn American "racism," but can’t even muster a gesture in the direction of African racism or African genocide conducted as recently as today. Equally maliciously, they strenuously deny the liberationist role that white Christians and white Europeans and white Americans historically played in freeing African slaves and in making African Americans the wealthiest and freest black people on earth. And, of course, they have nothing to say about the injustices done to the innocent murdered and abused people on this list – who are not racially anointed – or about the hundreds of thousands of crimes of violence committed by black Americans against non-black Americans every year. Or the murders, arsons, robberies and other crimes committed on the basis of skin color in the wave of black race riots that have decimated large swathes of American cities from Los Angeles to Cincinnati, and have been shabbily misrepresented by the media as civil rights "protests."

We do not for a moment suggest that politically correct racial crimes are exclusively committed by African Americans, or that African Americans do not suffer racial injustices at the hands of bigoted individuals. But those who take up the rhetoric of racial fascism, which is what these group indictments of white people and group claims on the basis of skin color involve, raise a standard that will come back to haunt them. Every minority group in America has been targeted for indoctrination in racial resentment by the "progressive" intelligentsia and the duplicitous media. Most of the racial tension in American life now is a product of the reactive matrix created by this racial assault. Our intention in publishing the Hall of Shame is only to restore a balanced view of what is happening in the real world, in the hopes that this will help to restore a sense of justice blind to special favor and special rights in this great nation.

We apologize to the hundreds and probably thousands of nameless victims of anti-white, anti-male, anti-Christian, anti-heterosexual violence who are not included in our list. We apologize for not having the media reach of MTV and ABC and the New York Times to counter-balance their efforts to stoke the fires of politically approved hatreds and to cover up atrocities committed by specially protected categories of people against others who are not so protected and who, in fact, are – to them – acceptable targets of hatred and contempt. We hope the small gesture of this edition of will wake some people from their ideological slumber, and will launch the necessary effort to restore a single standard to American journalism and to American justice.


David Horowitz is editor-in-chief of and president of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture.

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