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"Private Practice" Alt. Universe
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A psychologist in private practice, Dr. Fox Mulder, is asked by F.B.I. forensic pathologist, Dr. Dana Scully, for help in a serial killing investigation that defies the Bureauís best profilers.

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X file, Forensic Mystery
"Private Practice" Alt. Universe
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When X-files partners, Scully and  Fowley, investigate a woman who can predict the future through dreams, it's Mulder who has to choose or die. Guest appearance - CGB Spender, Skinner, The Lone Gunmen.

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The story is posted except for the last chapter - which I am working on fine tuning now

"Private Practice" Alt. Universe

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Samantha Mulder has to face her own demons - and salvation. Guest appearance - Skinner, Detective John Doggett and The Lone Gunmen.

Between Evils
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Consortium Story
Sneak Peek! Winter 2001??
"Private Practice" Alt. Universe

The world will never be the same. Mulder - in charge of the Consortium; Scully - pregnant and trying to decipher a genetic code for saving the world; Skinner - exposing the complicity of the government to the government - yep - the end of the world is approaching.

What is the Private Practice Universe?

X-file, minor Crossover

As a favor to Langly, Mulder and Scully investigate the mysterious disappearances of children in Eerie, Indiana.

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Past Acts
X-file, MSR, CC's universe in the near future


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