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911—The September 11 Project
Transcript from October 1 Meeting
Original Announcement for October 1 Meeting
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911—The September 11 Project: Cultural Intervention In Civic Society

Rhizome joins with artists, culture workers, and institutions to open avenues of discussion and expression related to the September 11 tragedy and to encourage a community of social concern through cultural intervention. A town meeting was held in New York to discuss this on October 1. Here's a transcript of the presentations at the meeting. You may also sign up for the 911—The September 11 Project's email list and add your own notices and links to this international roster of meetings, documentation, artworks and related exhibition.

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Emergency Housing and Other Needs

New York City Arts Coalition Disaster Relief Page

The Santa Fe Art Institute is offering two to four week residencies in beautiful, quiet residence spaces with studios as respite for artists whose living spaces or studios have been compromised by the terrorism.

The American branch of the International Art Critics' Association's "need/offer" bulletin board


NYC.ArtPeace.org — "The Afghan Exchange Project"

Art For Hope's Sake — "Art For Hope's Sake is a Central Florida organization bringing together local artists of all types in an effort to unite the community, inspire hope, and provide relief to the victims of the September 11th tragedies. They are producing a dinner and performance night, a downtown party with live bands and street performers, and an art and gift auction with all proceeds going to charities counteracting the effects of the recent acts of terrorism."

Bed-In for Peace — "Bed-in, fast, and internet video conference for world peace."

Muslims Against Terrorism — "Our group was founded in the wake of the terrible tragedy of September 11th by a group of young American Muslims who felt the need to honor the victims by working for peace. As Muslims, we condemn terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. Ours is a religion of peace. We are sick and tired of extremists dictating the public face of Islam."

March for Peace in NYC Sun., Oct. 7 — "March for Peace in NYC Sun., Oct. 7"

Artists Network of Refuse & Resist — "Information about various artists thoughts and actions about 911. Including information on the performance "Our Grief is Not a Cry For War" and downloadable masters for stickers with this text"

New Yorkers Say No To War — "Sign the petition and join us at meetings Tuesday nights @ 7:30. This Tuesday (10/2) the meeting is at the Gay & Lesbian Community Center; 208 W. 13th St."

Town Hall Meeting, "911--THE SEPTEMBER 11 PROJECT: CULTURAL INTERVENTION IN CIVIC SOCIETY," October 1, 8 p.m., School of Visual Arts, 209 E. 23rd St.

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Documentation of Sept 11

Newsgrist photos (thanks to Joy Garnett)

Day One

From theTV


Evening, Sept. 15th

Other Images

Paper Tiger Television/IMC/Big Noise Tactical — "New Videos: 9.11 and Turning Tragedy to War"

9/11: Pictures, Articles, Links — "Compiled by New York performing artist, Rene Bouchard, the articles and links on this page are intended to broaden our range of concerns and illuminate important issues as we struggle to respond to the events of September 11th--especially focusing on the impact of legislative response on civil liberties. View original photography, take opinion polls and a participate in discussion forum."

Days of my life project, visual diary.. — "Sept 11 2001"

photographic diary - artistic creation of one year - series of photographs each day — "I satarted this creation since the April 12...My last update for this project it was the September 11"

wtc/ — "photos taken during the disater w/ text desc of thoughts."

Photo log by Choire Sicha

Images taken by Christopher Fahey [askROM] - View from my roof in Brooklyn, at 9:30 (9/11)

David F. Gallagher, Park Slope Brooklyn

Terrorist Slideshow

9_11 — "Vid from T.Whid's office window 9/11/01"

Union Square, 9.13 — "Quicktime video of writings and posters in Union Square."

Web-cam stills—Wolfgang Staehle

The Kent Avenue (Brooklyn) view on Sept. 12th, 2001:

18:30, 18:45, 18:55, 19:05, 19:15, 19:25, 19:35, 19:45, 19:55

Note: these images were grabbed from a live web-cam feed Currently on view at Postmasters Gallery which opened September 6th with a solo exhibition of works by Wolfgang Staehle.


no good.no evil — "flash animation after 9/11"

The Hope. Project — "This counter-response adopts the same elements used on September 11th, in an attempt to alter the images we have been left with."

"Reaction" art exhibition — "Exhibition of artist's first works after the attacks on the WTC"

Voodoo 2U bin Laden — "Voodoo 2U bin Laden - pin doll"

XI-IX — "A gut reaction to the events on and following the attack. Includes an early version of the XI-IX installation.IX"

godblessamerica — "response to radio american radio broadcasts in afghanistan"

Arte e computer — "la Comunit… per gli appassionati di arte, grafica e fotografia"

Attentato agli Stati Uniti 11-9-2001 — "Pagina dedicata alla tragedia americana dagli artisti della comunit… di Arte & Computer"

Will Kasai - "11" — "Still images from Will Kasai's digital video which boldly questions the "why" of 9/11."

cellular trans_actions: 091101 — "A phone / streaming video installation at the Edith Russ Media Haus in Oldenburg, Germany. Victoria Vesna arrived on September 11th to install a piece. After hearing the news, she shifted and created an entirely new work that created a space for people to respond in their native language. The work has grown to include many international voices and continues to grow online."


"skyscraper.net" — "interctive net.art project (2000)"

painting before time — "One year before 911 I painted an errie view of events to come"

911 Emergenc-y — "Contextual Emergeince As A State Tool."

911-Ground Zero.org — "911-Ground Zero.org is a virtual web gallery presenting work by artists dealing with the "events" * of 9/11 in NYC"

Film short by HaiDai Nguyen

Thoughts—from Life During Wartime By Momus

Towers of Light — "proposal for the immediate recreation of the Manhattan skyline through a laser project by architects Gustavo Bonevardi and John Bennett, and artists Paul Myoda and Julian LaVerdiere"

Hole in the sky — "an artist's response"

the numbers and the names — "in respect, memory and regret"

Remember the Towers — "A Flash game asking questions underlying the WTC attack"

:[post] 11th hr Reality Smear — "artwork created from 9/11 media saturation :[post] 11 + 13 hrs:"


911 State of Emergency — "Artists feelings"

WHY: Art about the attack on the World Trade Center & Pentagon — "Online on September 11, 2001, "Why: Art about the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon" is a multi-lingual online artwork collecting work from visual artists and writers around the world in a symbolic expression of freedom."

9-11-01_random access memorial — "post your memories and thoughts about the disasters of 9-11-01 and the aftermath. post memorials to lost people."

[MEDIAMIXER]//09.11.O1//HUMAN BOMBS] — "MEDIAMIXER//// An on-line, continually evolving and updated, interactive"

The Night the City Slept - A tribute to NYC and the Twins — "A sound installation mix celebrating the life and arts of NYC"

Art of Rene' Joseph — "Poem Play created in response to September 11th tragedy."

'Look closely and then look again' — ""Look closely and then look again" is an open archive of interviews and online submissions dealing with the threat to civil liberties after the events of September 11, 2001. Trebor Scholz"

9-11 Streaming Collage — "uses CollageMachine to assemble media materials from this page and elsewhere to tell many stories, according to the audience's designs"

Ground Zero and Collaborative Art — "Offering a formal approach to producing collaborative art around themes re Sept 11. Collaborative process can be used by three or more. Tight. Disciplined. Needs workshop. Contact if interested. Paul Ryan email waterpr3@aol.com"

911 — "response to seeing the WTC towers fall, rendered in flash"

GiulyArs.net — "Guernica - New York"

the ART project — "the ART project: Artists Respond to Terrorism A website functioning as a visual response to the events of 9/11/01; a dialogue for those who react with images as opposed to words. The format of the site is a page of thumbnails, from which you can view a larger version of each image and information of the artist's choosing"

Artworks (downloadable)

A prayer for the living — "Artwork Free Download"

memorial — "pictures taken from the towers a couple months before the attack."

One World Ribbon Project by Jeff Gates

Posters for Tolerance and Remembrance — "Posters for Tolerance and Remembrance"

Announcements & Exhibitions

Contemporary Arab Representations: A 5-day seminar introduction to a larger project involving artists and theorists under the direction of Catherine David at the Universidad Internacional de Andalucia in Sevilla. October 22-26. For info email unia@uia.es or visit http://www.uia.es/arteypensamiento

Frank Gillette: "A Tangled Bank" and "The Dogs of War Unleashed [in Memory of Michael Richards]" The latter is a double screen computer display of 70 compostions in response to the WTC attack as witnessed from the artist's roof. At Universal Concepts Unlimited, 507 W. 24th St., NYC through Nov 10

Oct 13-Nov 4, "From the Ashes" at C.U.A.N.D.O, 9 Second Ave., NYC—"painting, sculpture, installation, photo, film & performance in response to the WTC tragedy. Opening with performances and films, Oct 13, 4-10 p.m. At 4, Artist Peter Fend, who lived in Afghanistan, will discuss his eco-proposals for the area." Contacts: Frank Shifreen, fshifreen@mindspring.com, and patriciaparker@earthlink.net

slides requested — "Show on art related to 911 in the works. Send slides to Nancy Matthews at Meridian."

Commentary & Forums

Dichotomy: It Was a Matter of Time and Place — "Submit stories about your day on September 11 in one of two categories: Witnesses (those who either witnessed the disasters either directly or via the media) and Participants (those who were more directly involved: survivors, those involved in the rescue, people who lost loved ones, people who lost homes and businesses, etc.). View the "Pairings" page where one story from each category will be placed next to each other. The pairings are randomly generated. And each time you refresh or go back to that page another pairing will appear. The juxtaposition of these two different points of view reflect what we are all feeling: time and place were very important that day (and everyday now, it seems)."

911: Calling the Creative Community — "events at Arizona State University's Institute for Studies in the Arts"

RE:CONSTRUCTIONS — "MIT's Comparative Media Studies' website provides a study guide/on-line resource for reflecting on the role the media is playing in shaping responses to the events of September 11"

Reakcje na Terror (Polish) — "First e-mail's in my mailbox after atack- at the moment only in Polish"

movinginplace.net — "an online forum for people to discuss the nature of art now"

Noam Chomsky on the events of 9/11 — "Chomsky interviewed by B92, Belgrade"

art is dialogue — "online forum focused on the perception of art now. also-Michael Richard's work and info on World Views residency"

Links to Memorials and Remembrances — "I have compiled a list of memorials and remembrances related to the events of September 11, 2001. So far, categories include: Assorted Contributions, Online Diaries, Web Rings, and Media-Supported Forums."

Relevant Articles

An Anti-Authoritarian Response to the War Efforts

Interview with Afghani Left Revolutionary

Three Political Websites Downed After Government "Homeland Security" Threat

The Anti-Globalization Movement after 9/11 by George Caffentzis of Midnight Notes

One Hundred Raids on Italian Radicals, Sixty Detained, Numerous Firebombings

issues of art activism placing PAD/D (Political Art Documentation/Distribution) in an historical context