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How do you get a "snake"

2001-10-14 17:59:09
A snake effect in your game?
I've been trying so hard to perfect it but I never do, is there an easy way??
2001-10-14 18:03:36
I mean like in "Wave Rider"!
I really have no idea how to do (or get) a snake effect anyway!!
2001-10-14 18:05:45
Every "always":
Create Active Object- Disappearing Orb (fades to backround color)- At position (Main Orb) hot spot 0,0.
Dissappearing Orb animation Finished: Destroy Disappearing Orb.
Always: Set Main Orb Speed To (X)
(use an 8 direction movement)
2001-10-14 18:17:56
Whew, thanks man, I REALLY didn't figure that out until you told me, BIG thanks

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