Coded Images Show Possible Plan for Massive
Germ Attack On U.S.
Robert W. Koontz, Ph.D.
First Published On October 11, 2001

Updated on Friday, October 19
Name of Ahmed Alghamdi Removed from Fairuz Web Site

FOXNEWS caption: This photo from Dutch press agency ANP has been making
the rounds on the Internet (emphasis added).
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FACT  It is known that al Qaeda uses embedded images to transmit orders to operatives in the field.  [1]  The picture above appears to be an example of this.  Other extremely important instances of this will follow.

FACT  The FBI has identified Ahmed Alghamdi as one of the hijackers who crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center.  See FBI photo below:

Ahmed Alghamdi is one of the men identified as a hijacker aboard United Airlines flight #175
that crashed into the South tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001

FACT  The name Ahmed Alghamdi presently [at the time article was written] appears on an Internet site that is purported to have been established by a Bahraini pilot. [2]  (Click here if the web site in question is not available.)  Addendum: The name of Ahmed Alghamdi has been removed from the above site.  Click here to see the original entry by Ahmed Alghamdi that was captured in mid-September.

FACT  On the same web page where Ahmed Alghamdi posted a message about his adoration for a woman named Fairuz, one finds the names of other individuals, some of which list their web sites.  Two such individuals are artists with a significant numbers of posted paintings and drawings. One of those individuals is "Muzaffar Wandawi," a man who identifies himself as an Iraqi living in Amsterdam.  He lists the following three sites as his personal web sites.  

Personal Web Site 1
Personal Web Site 2
Personal Web Site 3

FACT  Among Muzaffar Wandawi's pictures are trips that he describes, in quotes, as "Vacations." These reportedly involved trips to  London, Paris, California, Iraq, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. [3

FACT  Muzaffar Wandawi's web site contains the picture shown below, entitled "Downfall." 

Observations: The picture shows two heavily smoking towers in the bottom left-hand corner.  Between the two towers there is an object that appears to be a representation of the American flag.  To the right of this a man is present on a horse. Notably, the man appears to be dressed in the manner of an airline pilot with his coat off.  The man's hair is trimmed in the manner of an airline pilot. And just to the right of the two smoking towers, one see a depiction of the Pentagon -- with people standing on the steps. This picture has existed since at least 1998.

"Downfall" A critical picture that tells much

Picture by Iraqi artist whose name appeared on the same web page as Ahmed Alghamdi, a man who is reported to be one of the 19 hijackers involved in the September 11 terror attacks on the World Trade center.  In the bottom left, one can see two towers that appear to be astride of an American flag.  The man on the horse is dressed in the manner of an airlines pilot, with appropriate haircut.  Just to the right of the two smoking towers, one sees a clear depiction of the Pentagon -- with people standing on the steps.



 "Downfall" picture after filtering and enlargement.

Note the Pentagon, White House, and note that what superficially appeared as a burning chimney can actually be seen to be a towering building that is burning near its top.


QUICK SUMMARY OF THE ARTWORK:  The yellow plant shown above is key; it appears in many places in Muzaffar Wandawi's art and represents sickness.  This has led to the following series of interpretations.


Interpretation:  This painting is titled "Arrival."  The Arabian horse symbolizes the arrival of the 19 or so highjackers involved in the September 11 hijacking.  The yellow plants are already present.  These are biological weapons.

"The Climbing Horse"

Interpretation: Preparation is made for the September 11 terrorist action.  The Arabian horse climbs the mountain.  But a yellow plant (associated with a biological attack) is on the mountain.  The fact that the "major" attack is to be biological is foremost in the mind of the Arabian warriors.  They understand that the September 11 attack is just a prelude to a more deadly operation.


Interpretation: The Warriors attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. But the Arabian warriors -- symbolized by the Arabian horse -- have their attention firmly fixed on the planned biological attack.  This is supposed to be the beginning of America's "Downfall."

Signal is Given to Launch Preparation for
Biological Attack at Preplanned Time

Interpretation:  The yellow mask-like character is interpreted to symbolize biological attack. Message represents possible signal to attack on previously specified date, perhaps in the latter part of October, maybe in the Halloween time period.


Interpretation: Biological materials (symbolized by the yellow rag) begin to be spread across America.  As this happens, America begins to resemble a wasteland. The name of the painting, Violation," expresses the idea that America is "violated" with the use of biological weapons.

Interpretation: The biological attack grows to gargantuan proportions.


Interpretation: America is defeated and destroyed by the biological attack.  Millions lies in their coffins -- with nails holding them together.

Interpretation: Some sort of peace is represented to come to a destroyed America. 


Major Conclusion:  Muzaffar Wandawi was involved in the attacks on the World Trade centers, and it appears he uses his drawings and paintings to graphically summarize the qualitative features of planned terrorists attacks.  His compatriots are presumably al Qaeda members and Iraqi intelligence -- with Saddam Hussein in charge.  Wandawi, like others linked to al Qaeda [1], thus use coded images to communicate -- even though precise orders cannot be communicated in the method that has been illustrated above.

Comment: A defense authority, Robert G. Williscroft, in a Defense Watch commentary, agrees with the author regarding the critical point that Wandawi had prior knowledge of the September 11 attack [3].  

Regarding the conclusion that  Muzaffar Wandawi was involved in the September 11 attacks, it is asserted that there is no other possible explanation for the prior existence of the constellation of images in his "Downfall" picture. 

Second Conclusion:  My interpretation of Wandawi's paintings and drawing is that biological weapons are in place -- within the US -- for use in what the al Qaeda terrorist group and Iraqi intelligence plan to be a massive attack that will kill millions.

Addendum: At the time that this article was updated, on October 25, 2001, in the US, there have been 45 reported exposures to anthrax, 10 infections and 3 deaths.  [Reported on CNN]  These include anthrax found in the Senate, the House of Representatives and a remote mailroom facility of the White House. This is consistent with the assertion that the United States is in the midst of what appears to be a burgeoning and escalating biological attack that could be a precursor to a biological attack of much greater proportion.

Third Conclusion:  Orders may  have been given to initiate a biological attack against the United States --  in accord with previous plans.  But it is possible that orders for a biological attack of immense scale could be withdrawn -- due to scrutiny Wandawi by  US intelligence personnel -- after an article about this matter was printed in Defense Watch and the Early Bird intelligence report.  Yet, an attack of gargantuan scale could still be in preparation or could be delayed until a later time.

Robert W. Koontz. Ph.D.

First published on October 11, 2001
Updated on 25 October, 2001