Dark One's Animal Mystic

anmys1.gif (22917 bytes)In the WATER WARS saga, the mystical messenger known as Mota carries Queen Jatarri to the far-away planet of Antakia.   Once there, she is immediately thrown into the heat of the battle between the underwater city of Marinopolis and the evil, polluting ground fortress standing at the edge of the planet's vast ocean.  Together with Geo-Front Commander Roga, the Queen and her new allies must confront Lord Multa, an iron-fist dictator trying to drive the peaceful people of Antakia out of their sea-bed homes!

The mysterious being known as Dark One is said to believe he hails from outer-space and has come to earth on a mission of prophecy that is being fufilled through his incredible work on ANIMAL MYSTIC.  Far and away one of the hottest titles i nthe secondary market today, ANIMAL MYSTIC is Dark One's personal vision of a star-spanning, California Amazone Queen named Jatarri.  Not much more is known about Dark One, except that his skills as apainter match those of his unique and origianl comic stories and illustrations.

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