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A critique of web materials on Christian Reconstruction.

Many distortions of Christian Reconstruction (CR) have been placed on the web. These critiques briefly point out the errors these critics have made, and give links to authentic CR web sites.

* The Debate over Christian Reconstruction: A helpful introduction to this debate, from the foreword Dr. Greg Bahnsen wrote for The Debate over Christian Reconstruction by Gary DeMar.

* Ch-Recon: A Christian Reconstruction discussion list.

* The Church Is Israel Now A scriptural refutation of the last remaining "pillar" of dispensationalism. The "progressive dispensationalists" are abandoning the other pillars to respond to unbiblical implications of the older dispensationalism, but they try to hang on to the notion that "The Church is the Church and Israel is Israel." This link shows some of the scriptural case against this notion, and more is found in Charles D. Provan's book The Church Is Israel Now.

Links to various sites:

* Theonomy and Theocracy: This is a dishonest straw-man attack on Christian Reconstruction. Read Paul Thibodeau's quotes of CR sources in context and they undermine his attempt at propaganda. Get various CR books for FREE online or through your local library and read the quotes in context to see the incredibly dishonest methods Mr. Thibodeau uses to slander CR. If CR is what he says it is, I have some very good news: .... nobody believes in CR as Mr. Thibodeau describes it.... especially those who consider themselves Christian Reconstructionists. Mr. Thibodeau also uses other debater's tricks (e.g. insisting that CR define itself as outside of Christianity for the definition to be 'valid'.)
For documentation of the many reasons to ignore Mr. Thibodeau, follow this link where we will document more of his distortions, as time goes on.

* A Defense of the Biblical Doctrine of Resistance to Wicked and Tyrannical Civil Magistrates by John Knox
John Knox confronts the tyranny of his day -- a timely model of what the church should do in the political realm today to imperial fascists like Bill Clinton who abuse their office.

*The Prophecy Palace may look like it is merely confused at some very important points, by linking to both orthodox postmillennial preterist writings and incompatible hyper-preterist heresy (e.g. Max King, who claims that the second coming of Christ was in the past. Give some people a [preterist] "hammer" and they think EVERYTHING is a "nail." . . . .) Actually, the site deliberately promotes the heresy of Hymenaeus (2 Tim. 17-19; 1 Tim. 1:19-20)

Hyper-preterism is heretical, and Dr. Ken Gentry, a noted author and Christian Reconstructionist, demonstrates that it is an utter failure with a Brief Analysis of Hyper-Preterism and an explanation of the Transition Text in Matthew 24. The Reformed Church in the United States has recently taken action to condemn hyper-preterism as a heresy.

* M. G. Kline on Theonomic Politics: An Evaluation of His Reply By Greg L. Bahnsen:
Mr. Thibodeau claims that Meredith G. Kline's, "Comments on an Old-New Error" (Westminster Theological Journal, Vol. 41, No. 1, (Fall, 1978), pp. 172-189.) is "Considered the classical refutation" of theonomy.

In a sense, Mr. Thibodeau is right: Kline fails by a combination of misrepresentation, fallacious reasoning, extremely abusive rhetoric, failing to counter positive evidence given for theonomy, and by advocating positions that are shown to be unscriptural. That makes Kline's attempt typical of all other attempts to "refute" theonomy -- because it is a complete failure. This particular failed "refutation" is also classic because it has been answered politely and thoroughly by a Reconstructionist author, but this answer is ignored by uninformed critics.

* Dominion Theology: Here is a collection of some anti-CR material (mixed with some CR material) by a fellow who cannot even spell 'Postmillennial' or 'Dominion'. A link to an article by Albert Dager lumps incompatible and unrelated groups (some clearly heretical) with CR, as if associations made by his personal stream-of-consciousness define what CR is. His ONLY comments on CR are:
1) that it does not conform to his view of the end times (eschatology) and,
2) an outburst where he thinks that HIS VIEWS were misrepresented when premillennialism is described as "defeatist". For some reason, it is acceptable for Mr. Dager to invent conspiracies to label CR as 'heretical' without any support, but when his co-travelers are quoted in context and criticized as 'defeatist', any vicious remark is acceptable. This seems inconsistent because it is. . . . Expect this sort of thing from those who use the terms 'Kingdom theology', 'Kingdom Now', or 'Dominionism' to lump incompatible beliefs and groups together. If Mr. Dager actually had any better argument against CR, you would expect him to use it.

* Freedom Writer - Profile; Chalcedon: Here is a critique that is politically motivated by those opposed to Christian principles applied in civil government. Many who advocate abortion or homosexuality are nervous that anyone would raise moral questions about their immoral public policies. The article quotes an erroneous article by Rodney Clapp in 'Christianity Astray' (Today?) to claim that CR opposes democracy. This is false, since CR expects Christian principles of civil government to be adopted by popular consent, and maintaining it is a futile exercise without popular consent.

* The Puritan Storm: A CR web page with good links to articles by some major Reconstructionist authors.

* Chalcedon Foundation: A CR web page from R. J. Rushdoony and the Chalcedon Foundation. The 'Creed of Christian Reconstruction' is a good summary of what CR believes.

* SCCCS and Covenant Media Foundation: CR web pages with excellent articles and tapes from Dr. Greg Bahnsen and others.

* Applied Presuppositionalism: Excellent articles in Tom Albrecht's home page on theonomy, Christian Reconstruction, and postmillennialism. Some good humor links, too.

* Theonomy FAQ: A list of (non-web) theonomic and Reformed organizations and resources. This is not a list of 'frequently asked questions' on theonomy.

* Various postmillennial and orthodox preterist pages on the web include Charles' Postmill page, Apocalypse Then and Dispensationalism in Transition by Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., and the Josephus Archive.

The Anti-Rapture page is more positive than the name implies and has an excellent discussion of Scriptural eschatology that is both kind and entertaining, titled An Evening with the Family.

Apocalypse Then is an introduction to the preterist view of fulfilled prophecy.

The Josephus Archive shows the significance of many recorded historical events for understanding fulfilled prophecy, with relevant passages from both The Wars of The Jews by Flavius Josephus and the Ecclesiatical History of Eusebius. Beware of its links to heretical hyper-preterism, though.

* Book Reviews: A collection of reviews of major Christian Reconstructionist books, mostly from Contra Mundum.

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