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Baby Boomers
By Chuck Nyren Click to send e-mail to editor Click to visit editor's home page Editor is Offline
Related Subject(s): Baby boom generationPopular culture -- United States
Dewey Code: 305.244
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Let's Go Holiday Shopping!

Author: Chuck Nyren
Published on: November 26, 2000

Related Subject(s): Christmas shopping ,  Gifts

Happy Holidays!As an extra-special gift for the holidays, I'm suspending my blockade of commercial sites - because after all, what's more commercial than Christmas! No Scrooge is this Boomer!

As you all know, gift-giving is a custom that tells us more about the giver than the receiver. For example, I remember getting lots of ties and World War II-related plastic models from ol' dad. Far be it from me to defy tradition, so …. Let's Go Shopping!

Capt'n Trips First on the list are the kiddies. Of course, they'll delight in all the stuff we had as kids - like Slinkys, Silly Putty, and Etch-a-Sketch pads. But why not really surprise them with a genuine Jerry Doll!(pictured) Shopping Ace Chuck's Super-Shopping Hint: Nab one from this place, NOT this place. You'll save lots of dough.

Or, if you buy presents for tykes merely to upset their parents, try this!

A special something for your significant other? Or lots of significant others? Nothing says "Let's have sex, or at least try to remember when we used to," better than Hippie Skivvies. Shopping Ace Chuck's Super-Shopping Hint: Your eyes are smaller than your lover's hips. Buy everything in LARGE.

Having trouble scraping something up for that old, radical-hippie intellectual? Browse Red House Books for the perfect esoteric tome.

General Gifts: Aunts, Uncles, Friends. And don't forget, your newspaper boy would appreciate a Black Light or Door Beads much more than a twenty-dollar bill stuffed in a colorless Christmas card.

Last but not least: Your pet. Why not a fashionable tie-dyed doggie bandana for Fido! Shopping Ace Chuck's Super-Shopping Hint: Don't buy one of these. Why torture the poor animal.

Happy Hippie Holiday Shopping!

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