Kolonia and environs

This page is a minimum 105 second load at 28.8 kbps. The images are Internet clogging 24 bit color JPEGs. The images will appear odd and miscolored in 256 color mode. Captions can be reviewed by rolling the mouse over the images in most modern browsers. These high bandwidth pages are intentionally not designed for speed. These pages have been put up so Pohnpeians abroad can enjoy a view of their good green home. If you look closely you can see dead trees in the foreground of the first and second picture due to the drought. Pictures were taken 14 March 1998. The fire across from the hospital was drought related. That area is normally a swamp/taro patch and is now dry.

Kolonia Pohnpei with Sokehs rock in the background

Kolonia in the foreground, Sokehs rock in the background

The fields across from the hospital that burned are seen here.


The top of Nett Point, Pohnpei.

Page authored by and photographs taken by Dana Lee Ling
Nett field fire shots
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