Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

April 1, 2000 (11 Caban, 10 Mac, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come today with some interesting materials for you to peruse. Over the past few days, many wonderful things have been occurring in your galaxy and within your solar system. With them in hand, we can safely state that the energies needed to forge the formal beginnings of your new star-gate have now been manifested. In addition, Lord Surea has issued a number of divine decrees on these matters that give A-E-O-N the authority that they need to carry out the next steps in our many sacred plans. We are to carry out these various steps between the galactic days of 6 Chicchan, 18 Mac, 8 Manik and 6 Batz, 4 Moan, 8 Manik (April 9, 2000 to May 5, 2000). When these events have been completed, you, dear Ones, will be thrust into the very heart of this newly opened star-gate. Its purpose is to guide you through the final steps you need to navigate out of your current position in the photon belt's void. We will consummate this vital act at the appropriate moment. Until then, there are a number of items that we intend to manifest for you.

      These items are ones at which we have been hinting during the course of our numerous messages to you. The time has arrived for you to be given those things that can more easily permit you to complete your divine mission. It is this mission and its myriad tasks that you agreed to undertake when you incarnated into this realm. Our mission is to guide and assist you in their successful completion. When finally achieved, they will assure that your mission has been completed. Moreover, this sacred mission's success assures that all of physicality can be transformed positively. It is something that has stirred the countless realms of Heaven and brought much hope to the darkest aspects of physicality. In short, you are a major lynchpin in what is about to transpire. Yet, you still have many obstacles to overcome. These include some of the booby traps that your secret cabals inspired long ago. Dear Ones, our main task is to disarm these things when necessary and allow you to go forth as the divine plan intends. Keep in mind that everything is on a divine time schedule and is meant to happen.

      Remain focused upon your coming tasks. Know that needed resources are to be manifested. Do not be discouraged in any way by what is occurring now. Many events that we cannot discuss here are happening. We are determined to see that what you truly require is provided to you as planned. Our firm purpose remains to use the grand forces of Heaven and make our points as necessary upon those many Beings who rule you surreptitiously. It is these dark cabals upon whom we are now mainly focusing. We desire to transform them and turn them soundly toward the Light. In doing these things, we are assisting you by making your tasks much easier to perform. In addition, we have enabled your elites to put forth new plans and begin an earnest discussion with us on how to carry them out. Out of these ongoing talks, they have discovered a need to change their heinous, self-seeking ways. However, they still remain split upon how best to approach us. Our mission is to educate and guide them in these matters. In what is about to happen, you need to be better informed on what they have long hidden from you.

      Humanity upon your tiny orb has long stayed in the depths of ignorance about the many forms of sentient life that abound in physicality. These life forms have been guiding you in one way or another since you took on the mantle of limited consciousness. Your rulers have hidden this fact from you. They have, in fact, even brought forth a type of fear combined with a strong xenophobia regarding extraterrestrial visitors. All of this has been aided by those thought-forms that you carry from former times when you were deeply involved in the numerous deadly wars fought throughout this galaxy. These thought-forms have made you deeply apprehensive about most Reptoids, Dinoids and Insectoids. In addition, assisting your secret rulers are many Reptoids and Dinoids who closely resemble what you think of as demons or devils. These things have been most wisely employed to keep you in fear and ignorance of your galactic kin, and are some of the activities that we now desire your secret cabals to change.

      Above you, traveling in interplanetary space, lie the many great fleets of the Galactic Federation of Light. They are composed of benevolent Beings who are under our firm jurisdiction. Dear Ones, all they do, they do in the name of A-E-O-N and Lord Surea. These things are well known to those who rule your financial and political resources. They also know that we in Heaven deeply desire your quick liberation and the full acknowledgment of your personal sovereignty. Your bondage to these secret cabals must soon cease. We have had many discussions on these matters. We have made ourselves clear and have brought forth an energy that makes it possible to move your global society into a new reality. We ask that you stay focused and solemnly disposed toward your sacred objectives. Your grand mission is one fraught with many difficulties, and yet clearly destined to succeed.

      As you go through your daily activities, realize that you are in a state of transformation. This state will continue until your sacred mission is formally completed. It remains our divine objective to have this occur as quickly as is truly possible. Bear in mind that many things have already happened and that they have been most subtle. They have set the foundation for those events to which we referred at the beginning of this message. Every day brings us ever closer to our mutual goals. These aspects of unfolding Creation are part of an immense and complex series of decrees known to you as the 'divine plan'. Each step contains certain items that have been agreed upon by those who are now incarnated within this present reality. Hence, dear Ones, your coming success is truly inevitable.

      You need to look at what is happening around you. Many fledgling organizations and global networks of Light have been formed. These numerous entities of the Light are still growing and greatly affecting how your world now views itself. They are also showing you how consciousness can be raised and can then be employed positively to create your new reality. Up to this point, they have been taking mere baby steps. As the 'toddlers' of the new reality, they currently need to be accelerated in their growth and in their knowledge. In addition, they need to be taught much wisdom. We are creating the 'fast track' by which all of this can happen swiftly. Yet, your input continues to be an important element. We ask that you focus upon carrying out your inner growth, knowing that it can aid our many actions greatly.

      The Creator gave you your sacred mission and you accepted willingly. You were then cast into a realm that is quite foreign to some of you and very demanding to most of you. Together, you have the powers and abilities to succeed greatly at whatever is asked of you. We have come from the distant realms of A-E-O-N to assist you and ensure your success. In addition, you have the approval of Lord Surea's divine intervention. The Creator has instructed all in Heaven to come and put their talent to use on your behalf. These actions have altered your reality and sent it upon its present path. Additionally, you are growing in stature and are transmuting yourselves into your former magnificence every day. All of this bodes well for you and impresses all who are observing these activities. Remain centered, knowing that all shall indeed come to pass.

      Today, we have discussed your changing reality and have described very briefly how we are transforming it together. This process is one that demands that you remain focused and positive in your actions. Much is happening at many levels and you know just a little of what is truly occurring. We now take our leave. Blessings to you all, dear Ones! Take your marvelous capabilities and the Power and Supply of Heaven, and forge a most wondrous new Reality! Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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