Joyce Foundation: 1996 Grants

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1996 Education Grants {TOP}


Business and Professional People for the Public Interest
Chicago, Illinois   $150,000
For programs to foster the development of small schools in Chicago (2 yrs.)

Chicago Annenberg Challenge
Chicago, Illinois   $210,000
For an independent evaluation conducted by the Consortium on Chicago School Research of the schools participating in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge to document progress in improving student achievement (3 yrs.)

Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois   $88,195
To help Chicago schools use federal Title I funds more effectively to improve educational opportunities for poor and minority children (2 yrs.)

Chicago Metro History Fair
Chicago, Illinois   $85,000
To assist Chicago-area schools in integrating telecommunication technology into the social studies curriculum

Chicago State University
Chicago, Illinois   $231,000
To expand its field-based teacher preparation program and for an external evaluation of that program (2 yrs.)

Chicago Urban League

Chicago, Illinois   $75,000
To expand its role as a citywide advocate for school reform, with a specific focus on school finance, community participation, and improving the teaching and administrative staff

Coalition for Improved Education in South Shore
Chicago, Illinois   $150,000
To work with parents and teachers in ten schools to develop and implement effective learning strategies that will focus on improving student achievement (2 yrs.)

Columbia College,
Institute for Science Education and Science Communication
Chicago, Illinois   $75,000
For its project demonstrating a new interdisciplinary approach to science education for elementary school children

Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, Illinois   $140,000
To research and produce examples of how to use interactive technology effectively in public schools and to research policies that promote equitable access to technology in classrooms

Latino Institute
Chicago, Illinois   $50,000
To expand the organizing, training, and advocacy capacities of the Chicago Association of Local School Councils

and  $80,000
For project that seeks to relieve school overcrowding, reform school funding, improve the curriculum, and increase involvement by Latino parents and communities in school governance

Leadership for Quality Education
Chicago, Illinois  $50,000
To promote the development of charter schools in Chicago

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Los Angeles, California   $200,000
For research and legal work to reduce student overcrowding in Chicago Public Schools (2 yrs.)

National-Louis University
Evanston, Illinois   $94,500
To work with the Illinois State Board of Education to implement a new statewide school review process that creates less bureaucratic structures for evaluating schools and engages parents and the business community in setting the goals of their local schools

United Neighborhood Organization of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois   $80,000
For project that helps parents become more involved with their children's education both in school and at home

The University of Chicago,
Department of Education

Chicago, Illinois   $205,000
To work in partnership with the Consortium on Chicago School Research and the Chicago Public Schools to redesign and implement a new systemwide student assessment process


Children's Defense Fund - Ohio
Columbus, Ohio   $163,000
For advocacy efforts to improve early childhood education opportunities for children from low-income families (18 mos.)

The Citizens League Research Institute
Cleveland, Ohio   $129,700
To continue work on establishing a process that increases accountability to the public for progress on school reform during the court-ordered state takeover of the Cleveland Public Schools

Cleveland Initiative for Education
Cleveland, Ohio   $430,000
To assist in the planning and implementation of the school system's decentralization plan and to redesign the professional development programs of the Cleveland Public Schools (2 yrs.)

Cleveland State University Foundation, Inc.,
Urban Child Research Center

Cleveland, Ohio   $140,000
For the Cleveland Collaborators for Positive Education to assist teams of teachers to restructure the curriculum, develop new ways to measure student achievement, coordinate a mentoring program for new teachers, and conduct an evaluation of the program

Council for Basic Education
Washington, DC   $49,650
To work with the Cleveland Public Schools, the teachers union, parents, and civic leaders to set academic standards for the school system


Detroit Urban League, Inc.
Detroit, Michigan   $98,138
To develop a citywide school reform organization in partnership with the Detroit NAACP, Eureka Detroit, and the Warren/Conner Development Coalition

University of Detroit Mercy,
College of Education and Human Services
Detroit, Michigan   $240,000
For a collaborative project to increase student access to technology (2 yrs.)

Warren/Conner Development Coalition
Detroit, Michigan   $170,000
For programs to increase community involvement in education reform in Detroit (2 yrs.)


Family Service of Milwaukee
Milwaukee, Wisconsin   $130,000
To coordinate the activities of the KIDS FIRST Coalition, which works with community-based organizations to promote the restructuring of public schools in Milwaukee (2 yrs.)

Greater Milwaukee Education, Inc.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin   $160,000
To examine Milwaukee's current school governance structure and recommend alternative structures that might better support school reform and improve student achievement (2 yrs.)

The Institute for Wisconsin's Future, Inc.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin   $110,000
To conduct a comprehensive analysis of Wisconsin's new state school funding formula and to implement a statewide education campaign that would highlight the results of the study

North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
Oak Brook, Illinois   $150,000
For efforts to strengthen the leadership capacity of principals, assistant principals, central services staff, teachers, parents, and community leaders in Milwaukee in cooperation with the Milwaukee Public Schools

Public Policy Forum, Inc. Researching Community Issues
Milwaukee, Wisconsin   $200,000
For its efforts with the Milwaukee Public Schools to strengthen business and community partnerships for school-to-work programs

and   $162,000
To research, develop, and test a set of standards for ensuring public accountability by private schools involved in Milwaukee's educational voucher program

The University of Michigan,
School of Education

Ann Arbor, Michigan   $110,323
For work with the Milwaukee Public Schools and teacher education institutions to implement a performance assessment process for children from preschool through fifth grade

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,
Center for Teacher Education

Milwaukee, Wisconsin   $150,000
To support and enhance partnerships between the Center and seven Milwaukee public schools in order to enrich the knowledge and skills of classroom teachers and teacher education students


Center for Law and Education, Inc.
Washington, DC   $200,000
For work to try to ensure that the new rules for the use of federal Title I funds, which provide approximately   $6 billion nationwide for the remedial education of poor students, are implemented in a way that will encourage school reform, increase parental involvement, and improve student performance in Chicago and Milwaukee (2 yrs.)

Columbia University,
Teachers College

New York, New York   $400,000
To integrate the professional development network at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's College of Education into the national consortium coordinated by Columbia's National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools, and Teaching (3 yrs.)

Designs for Change
Chicago, Illinois   $130,000
To establish the Academy for Urban School Change, a national training and support program for advocates of urban school reform

Marquette University,
Institute for the Transformation of Learning
Milwaukee, Wisconsin   $300,000
To identify and develop new strategies for improving learning environments in urban schools and the communities that surround them (2 yrs.)

National Coalition of Advocates for Students
Boston, Massachusetts   $75,000
To help low-income parents and other residents in Milwaukee and Cleveland understand how educational vouchers differ from charter schools and other school choice programs

University of Delaware,
College of Education

Newark, Delaware   $298,720
To expand the Alphabet Superhighway, a World Wide Web site that encourages students to develop reading and writing skills, to include networks of public schools in the Midwest (2 yrs.)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,
Center for Teacher Education

Milwaukee, Wisconsin   $138,541
To bring together faculty and administrators from teacher training programs in seven universities located in Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, and Milwaukee to learn from each other about restructuring and evaluating those training programs (2 yrs.)



1996 Employment Grants {TOP}

Midwest Center for Labor Research

Chicago, Illinois   $330,000
To develop new economic strategies for improving the quality of jobs in low-income communities and develop collaborative projects with industry, labor, and community groups that promote high-wage, environmentally sensitive employment (3 yrs.)

Regional Technology Strategies, Inc.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina   $37,750
To evaluate projects at the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks in Athens, Ohio and the Urban Affairs Center of the University of Toledo which promote collaboration among groups of firms to improve employment and advancement opportunities for workers


Center for Law and Social Policy
Washington, DC   $375,000
To analyze state workforce and welfare policies, develop recommendations on emerging training and education issues, and provide technical assistance on policy development to nonprofit organizations and state and local efforts (3 yrs.)

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Washington, DC   $375,000
To work with state policymakers and nonprofit organizations in the Midwest region to analyze state welfare policies and help develop recommendations for improving the long-term employment prospects of welfare recipients and other low-income people (3 yrs.)

Family Impact Seminar
Washington, DC   $87,778
To organize a series of meetings of welfare administrators from Midwest states to discuss and share information, strategies and advice about implementing new welfare reform policies

Institute for Women's Policy Research
Washington, DC   $50,000
To develop a Midwest regional network of researchers, welfare advocates, and women's organizations to analyze the effects of new welfare policies on poor women and children

Michigan League for Human Services
Lansing, Michigan   $23,630
To convene a conference for advocates in the Midwest to share information about employment and training policies for welfare recipients and low-income workers

National Clearinghouse for Legal Services, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois   $200,000
To analyze welfare reform legislation in Illinois, develop options for education and employment services which help recipients obtain skills and jobs that can move them out of poverty, and produce and disseminate newsletters to inform policymakers, advocacy groups and the public about welfare policy developments (2 yrs.)

National Governors' Association
Washington, DC   $125,000
To organize a network of governors' staffs and other state policymakers in the Midwest to discuss and share information on welfare and employment policy issues (2 yrs.)

9 to 5, Working Women Education Fund

Milwaukee, Wisconsin   $45,000
To help welfare recipients inform policymakers, media, and the public about policy options which help low-income women become self-sufficient

Northern Illinois University,
Office for Social Policy Research

DeKalb, Illinois   $166,268
To produce the first comprehensive Midwest regional job gap report analyzing whether the economies of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin are creating enough low-skilled, entry-level jobs to employ welfare recipients who will be required to seek work under current or proposed welfare reforms and determining how many of these jobs pay a livable wage

The University of Michigan,
Program on Poverty and Social Welfare Policy
Ann Arbor, Michigan   $202,205
To analyze the implementation and evolution of Michigan's welfare reforms and its work search program (2 yrs.)

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Institute for Research on Poverty

Madison, Wisconsin   $200,000
To develop new approaches for evaluating the effects of comprehensive welfare reforms such as Wisconsin Works, Wisconsin's statewide plan for replacing welfare

University of Wisconsin-Madison,
School of Business Administration
Madison, Wisconsin   $400,000
To increase the scope of baseline and follow-up data collection from low-income families in Wisconsin for national welfare evaluation study being conducted by the Urban Institute to enable measurement of the effects of that state's welfare reform plan (3 yrs.)

The Urban Institute
Washington, DC   $113,603
To analyze state spending on social and economic programs in the Midwest in order to identify gaps in resources to low-income or minority communities and to assess spending changes which may result from block grants to states

WECO Fund, Inc.
Cleveland, Ohio   $25,000
To develop a plan for an Individual Development Account demonstration program in Cleveland which would help low-income people accumulate savings for education, purchase of a first home, or start of a small business

Wisconsin Council on Children and Families
Madison, Wisconsin   $200,000
For policy analysis and advocacy efforts regarding Wisconsin Works, the statewide plan for replacing welfare, in order to improve access to jobs, training, education, and other supports necessary to help welfare recipients and low-income working families (2 yrs.)


Chicago Jobs Council
Chicago, Illinois   $50,000
For research and advocacy to improve the ability of the City of Chicago's employment training system to reach and effectively serve low-income job seekers, including welfare recipients

Council for Adult and Experiential Learning
Chicago, Illinois   $188,696
To evaluate a new model for encouraging groups of small and mid-sized firms to increase and improve training for workers (2 yrs.)

Esperanza Unida, Inc.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin   $75,000
To develop workplace learning activities for students in school-to-work programs and to develop guidelines for designing workplace learning at other sites

Twin Cities Rise!
Minneapolis, Minnesota   $200,000
For an evaluation of its program to help low-income people obtain education and skills for well-paying jobs with advancement opportunities, and to disseminate evaluation findings to policymakers, employment programs, and policy advocates in the region (2 yrs.)

University of Wisconsin-Madison,
Center on Wisconsin Strategy

Madison, Wisconsin   $190,000
To help research, design, and implement the Dane County, Wisconsin Community Career Ladders plan for helping low-wage workers advance into better jobs (2 yrs.)

The Urban Institute
Washington, DC   $136,112
To analyze and compare jobs and skill requirements in three industries which employ large numbers of low-wage workers-health care, hospitality, and child care-and identify potential ways for workers to advance within and across industries


Corporation for Enterprise Development
Washington, DC   $95,000
To study workforce development policies and programs in the criminal justice system and propose approaches for improvement


1996 Environment Grants {TOP}


American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
Washington, DC   $40,000
To provide technical support to midwestern advocates of transportation and land use reform

American Farmland Trust
Washington, DC   $112,680
To research the economics behind land use and development trends in the Upper Midwest that may accelerate automobile use and urban sprawl

Business and Professional People for the Public Interest
Chicago, Illinois   $150,000
For collaborative project advocating for improved transportation, air quality, and land use planning in Northeastern Illinois (18 mos.)

Center for Neighborhood Technology
Chicago, Illinois   $250,000
For work on regional transportation and air quality policy (2 yrs.)

Center for Rural Affairs
Walthill, Nebraska   $160,000
For programs to seek effective implementation of the 1996 farm bill (20 mos.)

Citizens for a Better Environment
Milwaukee, Wisconsin   $249,933
To demonstrate and evaluate the success of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act and the Clean Air Act in reducing urban sprawl through improved land use and transportation planning in Wisconsin and to educate the state's citizens and public officials about these laws and their benefits (2 yrs.)

Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Washington, DC   $75,000
To explore how federal policies may unintentionally encourage suburban sprawl and the abandonment of urban areas and to begin developing recommendations for national, regional, and local actions to change those policies

Environmental Defense Fund, Inc.
New York, New York   $75,000
To work on opportunities in the 1996 farm bill to help farmers adopt land uses that will make them less vulnerable to the environmental and economic devastation of repeated floods

Environmental Law and Policy Center of the Midwest
Chicago, Illinois   $160,000
To organize support for implementation of high-speed rail in the Upper Midwest (2 yrs.)

Hoosier Environmental Council
Indianapolis, Indiana   $44,000
To begin an education and planning process to foster the development of local and regional public transit projects in Northwest Indiana

Land Stewardship Project
White Bear Lake, Minnesota   $170,000
To promote 1996 farm bill programs to protect soil and water quality and to share information about successful projects with policymakers and farm interests (2 yrs.)

The Minnesota Project
St. Paul, Minnesota   $104,000
To work on ways to prevent water pollution and increase environmental benefits from agriculture (2 yrs.)

Redefining Progress
San Francisco, California   $200,000
To build support within the corporate community for a new method of taxation that would promote environmentally responsible behavior (2 yrs.)

Surface Transportation Policy Project
Washington, DC   $255,000
For efforts to reform policies that affect transportation planning and to investigate the role of campaign contributions in transportation decision-making (2 yrs.)

World Resources Institute
Washington, DC   $140,000
For project to study the economics of agriculture and explore how market-based incentives can be used to mitigate the environmental harms of agriculture (2 yrs.)


Alliance to Save Energy
Washington, DC   $100,000
To design a system that would make it profitable for auto makers to incorporate energy efficiency into their products

The Aspen Institute, Inc.
Washington, DC   $75,000
To engage leaders from industry, government, and environmental groups in developing new ways of environmental regulation that are more cost-effective and provide greater environmental benefits, and to disseminate the results

Center for Clean Air Policy
Washington, DC   $80,000
To assess how utility deregulation, which is expected to increase air pollution from coal burning, might lead to increased water pollution in the Midwest and Northeast

Chicago Legal Clinic, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois   $78,000
To promote awareness of pollution prevention among environmental attorneys, including those representing industry (2 yrs.)

Chicago Manufacturing Center
Chicago, Illinois   $142,027
To study manufacturing processes and develop recommendations for how publicly funded manufacturing assistance centers can incorporate pollution prevention into their help for smaller manufacturers (2 yrs.)

Clean Sites, Inc.
Alexandria, Virginia   $35,000
To work to reduce the level of toxic pollutants in the Great Lakes basin by negotiating pollution prevention agreements with the iron, steel, and metal casting industries around Lake Michigan

Conservation Law Foundation, Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts   $75,000
To develop proposals for how electric utility restructuring can be accomplished without sacrificing environmental and equity goals

Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Washington, DC   $150,000
To help policymakers understand the benefits of energy efficiency and of energy from renewable sources and to present policy options to support these alternative energy sources (2 yrs.)

Environmental Defense Fund, Inc.
New York, New York   $200,000
To work on ways to protect air quality under a deregulated energy regime

and   $50,000
To work for changes in the regulation of conventional and genetically engineered pesticides that would reduce the environmental impact from pesticide use

and   $323,000
To support its work with the Great Lakes Pollution Prevention Alliance, a regional advocacy network promoting clean businesses and healthy communities in the Midwest, by helping to make pollution prevention a standard business practice (2 yrs.)

Environmental Information Center
Washington, DC   $75,000
To organize scientists and doctors to respond to questions about the health impacts of some chemicals and to coordinate the sharing of scientific information among environmental advocacy groups in Midwest media markets

Environmental Law and Policy Center of the Midwest
Chicago, Illinois   $300,000
To support the Center's Energy Project in its efforts to reduce pollution from the midwestern electric utility industry by redirecting energy policy toward increased reliance on clean sources of power (2 yrs.)

Environmental Law Institute
Washington, DC   $75,000
To identify barriers to the adoption of technological improvements that might reduce and eliminate pollution from key midwestern industries

Great Lakes United
Buffalo, New York   $90,000
General support

Greenpeace Fund
Washington, DC   $60,000
To encourage a transition to a new drycleaning process that does not rely on toxic chemicals and to develop similar projects in other industries

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Minneapolis, Minnesota   $93,000
To begin adapting to midwestern use a Dutch system of measuring and progressively reducing the use of chemicals for farming

Lake Michigan Federation
Chicago, Illinois   $100,000
To develop a new approach and reach out to new constituents for a healthy Lake Michigan

Minnesotans for an Energy Efficient Economy
St. Paul, Minnesota   $140,000
For work on tax policies that will discourage air pollution and encourage renewable energy (2 yrs.)

Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc.
New York, New York   $275,000
To work on preventing pollution in the industrialized Upper Midwest through regulatory, factory-based and community-based efforts (2 yrs.)

Northeast-Midwest Institute
Washington, DC   $200,000
To support federal policies that can advance the environmental and economic well-being of the Great Lakes region (2 yrs.)

The Ohio Environmental Council
Columbus, Ohio   $52,481
To advocate for Ohio's adoption of rules implementing the Great Lakes Water Quality Initiative to reduce toxic discharges into the Lake Erie basin

Purdue University,
Department of Forestry and Natural Resources
West Lafayette, Indiana   $80,576
To analyze the costs and benefits of a potential renewable energy source

The Sierra Club Foundation
San Francisco, California   $112,000
To work with environmental and community groups toward reducing toxic air pollution of the Great Lakes

Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision Project
Detroit, Michigan   $33,000
For board and staff development of coalition of businesses and residents addressing urban environmental and economic issues (18 mos.)

Tides Center,
National Campaign for Pesticide Policy Reform
Washington, DC   $100,000
For work of national coalition to educate policymakers and the public about the need to reduce the risks of pesticide use, especially in agriculture

Union of Concerned Scientists
Cambridge, Massachusetts   $120,000
To promote federal policies that will encourage appropriate use of biologically safe insecticides (2 yrs.)

and   $200,000
For work in the Midwest to encourage the commercialization of energy from renewable sources (2 yrs.)

World Wildlife Fund, Inc.

Washington, DC   $200,000
To work with commercial vegetable growers in Wisconsin toward certification and marketing of "environmentally friendly" potatoes, grown in a way that reduces chemical use, protects groundwater, and preserves wildlife habitats (2 yrs.)

and   $94,594
To gather and present scientific evidence about how chemicals that are widely present in the Great Lakes can affect wildlife and human health

and   $199,350
For a project on how the system of commodities production and trade affects agriculture and the environment (2 yrs.)


Michigan Land Use Institute
Benzonia, Michigan   $161,300
To research and advocate changes in state and federal subsidies that encourage oil and gas development in fragile coastal areas (2 yrs.)


1996 Gun Violence Grants {TOP}

American Academy of Pediatrics
Elk Grove Village, Illinois   $80,000
To train pediatricians from around the country in skills that would enable them to return to their home districts and mobilize pediatricians there around firearms injury prevention counseling and advocacy (2 yrs.)

American Association of Suicidology
Washington, DC   $37,827
To bring together representatives of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, doctors, researchers, representatives of the firearms industry, survivor parents, and others with the goal of reducing youth firearm suicide

Children's Memorial Foundation
Chicago, Illinois  $140,000
To support the Handgun Epidemic Lowering Plan (HELP) Network, a national network of organizations committed to reducing gun violence through a public health approach (16 mos.)

Physicians for Social Responsibility
Washington, DC   $60,000
To expand its Gun Violence Prevention Program, which enlists and trains physicians to help reframe gun violence as a public health issue and to prevent gun injuries and deaths


Boston University,
School of Public Health

Boston, Massachusetts   $56,946
For planning grant to explore expanding its current Join Together online service to include information on gun violence issues

and   $300,000
To develop and maintain a gun violence prevention World Wide Web site
(2 yrs.)

Minnesota Institute of Public Health
Anoka, Minnesota   $158,700
To launch a statewide initiative to reduce and prevent gun violence in Minnesota and to create a state firearms injury reporting system (2 yrs.)

Uhlich Children's Home
Chicago, Illinois   $80,000
To launch and develop HELP for Survivors, an organization of survivors of gun violence

Harvard University,
School of Public Health

Boston, Massachusetts   $400,000
For continued support and expansion of the "Squash It!" campaign to prevent youth violence (2 yrs.)

Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority
Chicago, Illinois   $72,753
To analyze the relationship between firearm homicides and firearm availability at the neighborhood level and by specific types of firearms (2 yrs.)

Johns Hopkins University,
School of Hygiene and Public Health
Baltimore, Maryland   $42,525
Planning grant to determine whether the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research should attempt to develop and promote an advertising code for firearms

and   $620,000
General support for the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research (2 yrs.)

National Opinion Research Center
Chicago, Illinois   $145,237
To conduct and analyze a national public opinion poll on gun policy issues

Violence Policy Center
Washington, DC   $200,000
To continue and expand its research and public education activities focusing on gun violence as a public health issue (2 yrs.)


1996 Money & Politics Grants {TOP}

American Friends Service Committee
Chicago, Illinois   $179,455
To organize, in partnership with the Chicago, Akron and Dayton Roman Catholic Archdioceses, 300 community-based educational forums on campaign finance reform

Benton Foundation
Washington, DC   $124,700
To support the development and dissemination on the World Wide Web of educational materials that will enable environmental, social service, educational, and labor organizations to become more actively involved in the campaign finance reform debate

Brennan Center for Justice
New York, New York   $100,000
To plan and implement a strategy designed to persuade the U.S. Supreme Court to reconsider and revise the constitutional standards that currently govern the regulation of campaign finance practices

and   $27,500
To develop a series of campaign finance briefing papers for use by civic and public interest organizations

The Brookings Institution
Washington, DC   $62,200
To organize and support the Working Group on Campaign Finance Reform, a group of political finance experts, to engage in a structured online conversation about the strengths and weaknesses of the bipartisan reform proposals considered by Congress

California Voter Foundation
Sacramento, California   $30,000
To develop and manage a World Wide Web site and an e-mail discussion group dedicated to promoting and improving public disclosure of campaign finance reports

The Center for Public Integrity
Washington, DC   $198,402
To analyze and publicize, in cooperation with local news organizations, campaign finance practices and problems in Indiana and Illinois (2 yrs.)

Chicago Video Project
Chicago, Illinois   $23,500
To produce an educational and organizing video on Illinois' campaign finance system

Citizens Fund
Washington, DC   $14,755
To enable a team of researchers at Western Michigan University to computerize and analyze political contributions made to members of the Michigan General Assembly between 1992 and 1996

Foundation for National Progress
San Francisco, California   $30,000
To support a Mother Jones magazine investigative report into the campaign finance practices of the 1995 freshman class of the U.S. House of Representatives

Minnesota Alliance for Progressive Action Education Fund
St. Paul, Minnesota   $40,000
To develop a statewide computerized database of campaign contributions and to analyze and publicize their effects on elections and policymaking in Minnesota (2 yrs.)

National Public Radio, Inc.
Washington, DC   $86,000
For coverage of campaign finance, governmental ethics, and political influence issues

National Voting Rights Institute
Boston, Massachusetts   $65,000
To develop the factual record needed to defend the constitutionality of a Cincinnati ordinance limiting campaign spending in local elections

Princeton University,
Department of Politics
Princeton, New Jersey   $27,168
For publication that will explore ways of reforming the federal campaign finance system so that the partisan effects are as neutral as possible

Tides Center,
Money in Politics Radio Project
San Francisco, California   $30,000
For independently produced news reports on campaign finance issues that are broadcast semi-monthly on the Monitor Radio network

Western States Center
Portland, Oregon   $45,000
To conduct a comprehensive analysis of the effects of Oregon's 1994 campaign finance reform legislation

Wisconsin Citizen Education Fund
Milwaukee, Wisconsin   $40,000
To develop and promote within a broad coalition of organizations a campaign finance reform agenda for Wisconsin

and   $25,500
To develop, in cooperation with the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, a computerized database of political contributions made to state candidates during the 1994 and 1996 election cycles and to issue a series of analytical reports


1996 Culture Grants {TOP}

Chicago Black Ensemble
Chicago, Illinois   $70,000
To develop and implement a strategic plan for its continued growth as an emerging citywide theater company (2 yrs.)

Chicago Children's Museum
Chicago, Illinois   $225,000
To establish partnerships with residents of three predominantly Latino neighborhoods and create a museum outpost in one of those neighborhoods
(3 yrs.)

Chicago Historical Society
Chicago, Illinois   $80,713
For an evaluation of the Society's "Neighborhoods: Keepers of Culture" exhibit and to develop a plan to incorporate community interests in its future programs

Chicago Sinfonietta, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois   $120,000
For multi-ethnic audience development (2 yrs.)

Chicago Theatre Company
Chicago, Illinois   $20,000
For administrative development of African-American theater company

Chicago Theatre Group, Inc.

Chicago, Illinois   $60,000
For community-based programs designed to develop multi-ethnic audiences at the Goodman Theatre

Chicago Zoological Society
Brookfield, Illinois   $120,000
For expansion of community-based audience development program of the Brookfield Zoo (2 yrs.)

Civil Rights Project, Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts   $75,000
For education and outreach campaign to develop programs and partnerships to complement the PBS television series it is producing on African-American artists in the twentieth century

Columbia College Dance Center
Chicago, Illinois   $75,000
To evaluate its community outreach program to determine which aspects have been most effective at developing strong ties to minority audiences

Field Museum of Natural History
Chicago, Illinois   $250,000
For public programs in connection with "Living Together," a new exhibition designed to increase understanding among people of different cultures by showing how the forces of history and environment cause people to have different responses to common concerns (2 yrs.)

Latino Chicago Theater Company
Chicago, Illinois   $40,000
For activities to increase visibility of small Latino theater company (2 yrs.)

Muntu Dance Theatre
Chicago, Illinois   $130,000
For audience development and repertoire expansion of group specializing in traditional and contemporary African dance (2 yrs.)

Old Town School of Folk Music
Chicago, Illinois   $150,000
To increase African-American and Latino participation in music education programs (2 yrs.)

Performing Arts Chicago
Chicago, Illinois   $75,000
For multicultural programming and community involvement programs



1996 Special Opportunities Grants {TOP}

Alliance for Justice
Washington, DC   $50,000
For project that clarifies for foundations the rights and legal limitations of nonprofit organizations wishing to engage in advocacy activities

Citizen Advocacy Center
Elmhurst, Illinois   $100,000
To establish a community center in the western suburbs of Chicago dedicated to showcasing citizen-centered initiatives and developing the skills needed by citizens to participate more effectively in local governing processes (2 yrs.)

Civil Rights Project, Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts   $75,000
For production of PBS series on African-American artists in the twentieth century

Commission on Presidential Debates
Washington, DC   $50,000
For its DebateWatch project to bring thousands of citizens together in small facilitated meetings to view, discuss, and evaluate the 1996 televised presidential and vice presidential debates

Community Media Workshop
Chicago, Illinois   $20,000
To inform journalists covering the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago about promising Chicago efforts on a variety of urban issues, including school reform, welfare reform, employment, gun violence, and the arts

Community Renewal Society,
The Chicago Reporter

Chicago, Illinois   $150,000
To support coverage of government and public policy issues (2 yrs.)

Council on Foundations, Inc.
Washington, DC   $34,600
Membership support

Donors Forum of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois   $16,940
Membership support

Environmental Grantmakers Association,
Rockefeller Family Fund, Inc.

New York, New York   $2,320
Membership support

The Foundation Center
New York, New York   $52,500
General support for efforts to collect, analyze, and disseminate information to the public on private and corporate grantmakers (3 yrs.)

Independent Sector
Washington, DC   $75,000
To advocate for the preservation of policies that help ensure the charitable sector’s ability to meet public needs (3 yrs.)

Membership grant

The Joyce Foundation Employee Matching Grants Program
Chicago, Illinois   $20,286
1996 payments to match employee contributions

New Prospect, Inc.
Cambridge, Massachusetts   $90,000
To increase membership by progressive policy organizations in The American Prospect’s Electronic Policy Network and to expand offerings available through a new online magazine, "Idea Central" (3 yrs.)



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