Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation

August 8, 1998 (7 Men, 13 Pop, 7 Ik)

Greetings! We come to tell you about some very interesting events that are happening in your Galaxy and throughout your solar system. These wonderful occurrences are symbols of the many physical and spiritual changes that you are presently undergoing. The first celestial event involves your Sun. As the hub of your solar system, the Sun needs to adjust to the new reality of full consciousness that is now gradually sweeping out your old limiting reality. This process is also affecting the very core of our galaxy. At present, the galactic core is beginning to expand. Its purpose is to open up its many intergalactic and inter- dimensional doorways. This procedure makes it easier for the new Light energies to pour into your present reality. It is another magnificent sign of how you are affecting this entire galaxy and turning its vast energies toward the Light. There is a third sign in the deep sky that most of you do not know about. In the past two galactic months, various radiation-laden bow waves from the great nova of 1987 (the present proton star Avalus) have been slowly deflected from their current trajectory. This fact means that you are no longer threatened by them.

      The Sun is in the midst of a rapid period of change. Your great star is currently having its entire magnetic field altered. This vital modification is steadily taking place and can be broken down into a three-step process. The initial step was to create the great bulge that first appeared dramatically on the Sunís surface during the galactic year of 2 Caban (late 1993). This Ďbulgeí was formulated through a special magnetic anomaly brought in through the interdimensional hologram that surrounds your sacred star. This procedure was the key element in a major modification of your Sunís magnetic field. The next step was to induce this bulge to act as a means that could correct the present bi-polar nature of the solar magnetic field. This action was completed by the next galactic year of 3 Ik (late fall of 1994). With this action accomplished, it was then necessary to begin the final step. This action involved the attaching of the vortex points at 19.5 degrees north and south of the Sunís equator. This task was completed near the beginning of your galactic year of 5 Eb (the late summer of 1996).

      Your Sun is now beginning to lay the anchor points for its north and south polar vector points. The first part of this procedure occurred when the Sun reversed its poles in the galactic year of 3 Ik (late fall of 1994). The resultant streaming of magnetic energy from both its former north and south poles caused a polar magnetic anomaly to commence. This energy spread throughout the Sun and quickly began to destabilize the Sunís corona (its atmosphere). This phenomenon created some of the most amazing solar discharges that your scientists had ever witnessed. What is going to happen to the Sun during the course of this coming galactic year is quite remarkable. First, this process will quicken the coming maximum sunspot cycle. The Sun is going to continue to reveal many unusual events to your scientists. Finally, by the first part of the galactic year of 8 Manik (late 1999), the actual vortex points on the two polar regions of the Sun will start to appear. These changes in your Sun are also affecting your planetís magnetic and gravitational fields.

      Many of your scientific instruments have picked up the increased processional wobble and the slight slowing down of your beloved Earthís rotational speed. This natural process is partially influenced by changes that are currently taking place on your Sun. You might look upon a star and its planets as a most sacred and interconnected clan. As the mother of the clan (your Sun) changes, it also alerts its charges (the planets) to change. This signal has been passed to your sacred Mother Earth. Hence, it has begun its own series of important modifications. These critical alterations are ones that your many governments have not completely told you about. Yet the fact remains that they have happened, and are happening. What you are currently doing is a procedure that catches you up to what your planet and your solar system are doing. It is necessary for you to realize that you are indeed a great microcosm of what is going on around you. Always look positively at what is happening to you. This positive approach will permit you to pass through what is about to transpire in a very easy and quite stress-free position.

      The galactic core of the Milky Way Galaxy has also begun to experience an increased amount of activity. This activity has come about due to two important circumstances. First, the interdimensional energies that daily pour through, and from, the numerous other dimensions, have increased dramatically. Many of the spiral galaxies that are near ours have experienced a similar increase in the activity that goes on in their central cores. This increased exchange in spiritual energies is due to the fact that this sector of Creation is meant to be raised up in its frequencies. This action is being taken to establish the coming procedures that are called for by Mother/Father Godís divine plan. The divine plan works simultaneously in two ways. First, there are the fundamental aspects that act as the foundation for any subsequent actions. Second, there are those many co-creative activities that all sentient Beings undertake to complete each scene in the divine planís cosmic drama. This activity is carried out both by the many physical Angels and by the Lineage of Heaven, whose many Administrations are assigned to assist them.

      This process is continually ongoing, and is layered by Creation in a most unusual way. It is as though the foundation Ďstonesí for each action are laid, while at the same time the cosmic Ďbrick wallí, or the scene itself, is assembled in a seemingly random and illogical way. Yet all works well and marvelously comes together as divinely planned. Creation and consciousness are energies that defy a so-called Ďlogic systemí, as you now call them. One of the many perceptions that you need to modify is to think that things happen in a way that seems sensible to you. Reality is formulated by mass beliefs, and is divinely instituted by the very nature of fully potentialized consciousness. Such a consciousness stands at the blurry edge of what you currently perceive as the very nature of consciousness. This full consciousness is, by its very nature, able to self-organize the potential of its own field and to create those dynamics by which its own field disperses itself. This consciousness fieldís intensity and its interconnection to a whole are likewise unique and self-organizing.

      Consciousness is like water in the ocean that is suddenly let loose in a very swift and savage tsunami. It covers and consumes all in its path. However, here the analogy ends. What it consumes is itself (its growing sets of experiences and lessons) and from this melange, it produces a better self. Consciousness is based upon growth in inner wisdom and upon those experiences that life has to offer. The only difference is that when these experiences are truly positive, they are always handled in an adroit and pleasing fashion. When oneís perceptions are created from experiences that reflect external deviate perceptions, then a possible negative reality can result. It is a process that has deeply affected your form of limited consciousness. Your global society is now rampant with actions and beliefs that mirror generations of these reinforced deviant perceptions. You need to use good procedures that can alter them into positive beliefs.

      Life is connected to each and every aspect of itself. Your changes affect us profoundly. They provide us with the sacred situations required to modify the very future of this galaxy and this entire section of holy Creation. You should see yourselves as courageous consciousness pioneers who are quickly forging a trail that was foretold by our ancestors, and is a 'done deal' to our prodigy. We come together at this divine moment to share our joy and to assist each other through the mutual experiences that we now need to endure. Let us take the time to understand the immensity of what we have undertaken and the fact that, despite any possible obstacles or delays, our victory is inevitable. This next period of adjustments are ones that bring you ever closer to the reality that we possess. We desire to give you all the abundance and resources that you need to complete your tasks as quickly as divinely possible. Look inside and understand that the Creator desires your success, for it shall return Mother/Father Godís divine WILL to your world.

      As we conclude this message, we ask that you see how close we are to success, and how much the focusing of your many individual actions can affect our co-creation. Look around and notice how these changes are occurring and how the degree of these changes is being suppressed by those various elites that currently rule your global society. This is the reason a global web of Light is so important to the success of our plans. We strongly urge you to come together globally and locally. We sincerely ask you to use your collective power to hasten the change that your local Spiritual Hierarchy has so beautifully put before you. We now leave you with infinite Blessings of perfect, complete Love, unending Joy and limitless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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