Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation

July 25, 1998 (6 Imix, 4 Vayab, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come to give you some information about the wonderful events that are to be shortly around you. These events shall enable you to shift the consciousness of your society and to allow it to create a fully conscious reality. To occur, this new reality requires two things from you. First, there has to be a willingness to change. In other words, you need to sincerely believe that this reality no longer works for you and that a better and a truly more functional one can be created to replace it. Second, you need to understand that a series of easy-to-apply techniques and accompanying technologies currently exist that can indeed create this new reality. These techniques, combined with a massive global spiritual evolution, have put your planet’s human society at the edge of making an incredibly swift consciousness shift. This shift is part of the divine plan for your sector of this galaxy. The only co-creative part left for you is the manifestation of this new galactic reality. We in the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation stand in a very committed mode beside you, and are continually ready to assist you in the completion of this sacred task.

      Consciousness in this holy Creation is the source of anything that the Creator supplies to you. What is essential for sentient Beings is to know they are a very vital part of Creation. As such, they have the full capability to co-create this Creation with the Creator. Creation is a great, endlessly layered essence filled with Love and Joy. This true reality is expressed through compassion, grace and gratitude. Life is a great gift that mirrors all of the elements that we have just stated to you. In this life, you have each been challenged in a variety of different ways. These great challenges were part of the procedures to get you to understand both the profoundness and the immensity of what is about to befall you. Your beloved Mother Earth is a planet that is meant to be completely connected to its many hyper-spatial parts. These developments can happen when you fully realize that you have an important role to play in this drama. To clue you in, planet Earth has been doing amazing things that have put your world’s scientists on record that a most incredible change is about to happen.

      In addition, you have been going through a shift in the way you look at yourself and the world that surrounds you. All of you have sensed three important things. First, you have all felt that your society no longer functions correctly. Somehow, it needs a massive ‘fix’ that can end its growing dysfunctional behavior. This growing problem has led you to wonder if this might be a sign that a catastrophic disaster or a similar massive reaction by your various governments is just around the corner. Second, you feel that this period is indeed an ‘End Time’. This society has reached a point where it cannot be easily fixed and a great retribution of some sort is about to happen. Third, you realize that your planet cannot support this society much longer. This environment that you live in is doomed, unless something drastic can be done, and done quickly. These many feelings and senses that you possess have been raised to new heights by the various new spiritual awarenesses that you have sensed within you over the past few years and, especially, the past few months.

      Your reality is being threatened by what is happening to you and your society. To all of these facts and feelings, let us add that the sightings of our ships, as well as the many messages given openly and covertly, have put your governments and their ruling elites on a path that has caused a new collective energy to emerge slowly on your world. This energy is further bolstered by what is now taking place. It is happening at levels that most of you cannot easily visualize. Around you, a new world is taking shape. This new world is forming through five major elements. The first one is the spiritual evolution to which we have alluded in this and many previous messages. The second aspect is the changes now going on in your beloved Mother Earth. The third part is the subtle and potent pressure we are putting upon your various world-wide elites. The fourth segment is the various non-disclosed resources of which many of you will shortly be in possession. The final element is the techniques and technologies that can drastically alter your consciousness, and also increase your ability to manifest positively your new reality.

      The situation that is now quickly forming as you end the second millennium of your Christian era is one filled with immense promise. This promise is part of the divine prophecy that covers the unfolding of this present era. Consciousness is like water. It seeks the highest level possible. Yet this holy ‘water’ has another sacred purpose — to merge itself into the great consciousness sea. This process is one that has come only after a great many obstacles have been successfully traversed. These obstacles have taken most of the past two millennia to be conquered. What is left is more illusion than actuality. The key is your commitment to do what you feel has to be done. Your precious planet wants you to know how much it appreciates what you are about to accomplish. Consciousness desires to flow organically. It is established by Mother/Father God that this moment in physicality is one that can be orchestrated as you so wish. What is essential is that you realize that your co-creation can be as marvelous as you desire. This fact means that your collective thought is a most powerful tool in this procedure.

      The basis of this next part of your development is dependent upon your understanding of two simple facts. First, your present reality continues because of a collective set of foundational beliefs. Most of these core beliefs that underpin this global reality are inherently dysfunctional. That is, they only really make a partial cultural sense and not 'heart sense'. Their purpose is to divide you from others, or else to create various concepts or situations that keep you separated from your true self. Their mutual strength lies in the sole fact that many have been imbued in you since the start of limited consciousness on your world. This fact is given not to denounce them. Rather, it is given so that you may begin to recognize them. In perceiving the power that they have to separate you from Spirit and from each other, you begin the quick journey to a new, and much more satisfying, reality.

      Second, most of what you now believe in and may cherish is really dysfunctional and can be made functional. Further, this process can collectively alter any reality and make it far different from the one in which you currently reside. As a corollary, let us state that, ultimately, any functional global society will quickly solve any potential problems that will keep it from being whole, organic in structure, and galactic or universal in outlook. This transformation is one that can be made rather quickly. This transition requires that you become both aware of, and willing to transform, yourself and your society. Once begun, the dynamics are quite swift in both application and outcome. Again, the key element is you. The information accumulated by your science is quite overwhelming that this procedure needs to happen, and to happen soon. The final decision rests with your global society. Just know that a significant number in your global society are lovingly determined to carry this procedure to its inevitable conclusion.

      Your future is one that shall be lived in a society that is both functional and galactic, or universal, in outlook. The purpose of this society shall be to allow each individual to be what they fully intended to be, and to let them do so as personally sovereign and fully responsible individuals. It is a society founded on the fact that nothing is impossible and that Love and Joy are the basis of Life. Such fully sentient Beings are a great gift to physicality and, especially, to this beautiful blue ball that you call Earth. Around you there lies a most incredible Creation: this Creation is filled with amazing wonders, places, and Beings. There is much to do in it that will fulfill your true life purpose. What we ask of you is to step forward in a most enthusiastic way and to claim your hidden heritage. This journey in consciousness that you have before you is a most magnificent pilgrimage. It will lead you to a place that you shall never wish to leave, but only to re-discover in many different and astounding ways.

      Ahead of you, there lies a journey filled with choice. Our desire is that the knowledge that we shall continue to impart will help you to make the correct decisions. We want you to serve your Creator divinely. We also want to assist you in understanding how you can make a difference in the achievement of full consciousness on your world. This process is one that is favored by Creation. Know that, sooner or later, you will understand this fact and act accordingly. We shall assist you lovingly in achieving this outcome as swiftly as divinely possible. We ask you to look inside, and to gather together with the sole purpose of learning any technique that can achieve this most divine task. We now leave you with endless blessings of complete and perfect Love, boundless Joy and limitless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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