Updated 10/08/2001

DT Saunders Bakery and Catering Machinery, Equipment & Ovens

103 London Road Leicester LE2 OPF Tel +44 0661 2542121The good old days? Click here!

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Welcome to our new home page. For those of you who have visited before you will see quite a few changes and for those of you who are here for the first time please look around and enjoy the site. We have tried to provide the most comprehensive list of Bakery and Catering equipment available from a UK company on the web.

If you cant find what your looking for -Please let us know so that we can improve the site.

We have bowed slightly to technology and the site now contains quite a bit of java. We have included a few alternatives to java powered pages but some features require it. If your browser doesn't support this we are sorry but suggest you upgrade.

Get Internet Explorer Now!  

Oh yes and here is the usual 'This site is best viewed at 800 x 600'. If you are using 640 x 480 the site should still work OK.

We have lots of new features (see whats new opposite) and hope that you  enjoy them and find them useful.

As the site has grown we have added several different methods of navigation. At top left is the main navigation menu, these are java buttons and are repeated as standard links at the bottom of the page.

We now have a search page, probably the quickest way to find what you're looking for.

Also there is a site map.

The items we sell are now split into four main categories. these are:-
Bakery Plant & Machinery
Ancillery Equipment
Catering & Take - Away Equipment
and the new
Sandwich Preparation Equipment section.


What's New !
We now have some new features for the site and you should look out for the search page and the new  discussion group. We hope that this will prove lively and encourage you to read and post to the group. How about recipies ?

We intend to carry on our 'special offer' section with changes to the items that are on special offer as often as possible.

We continue to encourage feedback and have several different methods for you to contact us. These include a form to 'Get Info' about any products that are of interest to you. Also we have a feedback form - like the site / hate the site - need other products. Let us know here.

We now have a 'links page'. This includes links to bakery and catering resources and the web sites of bakeries or other catering companies /organisations. If you have a web site and would like a mention let us know. We have a form on the links page to submit your web address (URL).

Fun 'N' Games
Although we have tried to make this a useful site and a buisiness tool, we're human too and here are three fun games

Firstly is a quiz. Answer the questions if you can! Next is a wordsearch. See if you can find all the words. Try and find the hidden game (hint it's a link from one of the pages and no, the search engine will not find it!)

Lastly the gingerbread game. Squish the dough to make the best looking gingerbread man you can.

Remember the 'Good old days' have a look at some old photo's and quotes from equipment catalogues on our history page.


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