Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation

September 5, 1998 (9 Akbal, 1 Zip, 7 Ik)

Greetings! We arrive and bless you for your commitment and your fortitude. This path that you have taken has been a very wild and unpredictable ride. Now comes the time for the ride to get even more daring. It is a time to use the great inner and outer resources to which you are privy. These resources are gathered through right intention and the right use of your thought forms. All kinds of reality are no more than the mere thoughts of its inhabitants. You exist as you now do because of the thoughts and intentions that you originally co-created. These thoughts obeyed two primary foundations — first, the fundamental foundational beliefs of your physical reality and second, the current desires of the divine plan. These perceptions are no more than the foundation for your reality-building. The rest is based on what you agreed to take on and to transform in your lifetime. It is these challenges that have acted as the seeming rascals of your life. However, there exists another presumption to consider. In any moment, you possess an escape clause. It says that you can alter these limitations at any time, if you so choose.

      The key element to this process is to look at your life as a constant flow that can change its rhythm at any time. This change in cadence comes from a sincere inner belief that is given to your inner councils through the positive use of your languaging. It can also effectively transform any dysfunctional behaviors or beliefs. This process has the potential to alter the dynamics of your consciousness field. By so doing, it can make possible a great shift in your reality. This modification works by re-setting your primary, or inner, life rhythms. These new rhythms can resonate with those new perceptions that you profoundly desire to have around you. The key is to understand that an inner clarity, as well as a pure intention, needs to be conveyed to your inner councils. This process prefers your sincere commitment and inner child-like joy to be successful. However, you shall discover that the inner joy comes naturally as you continually apply it to your life. The result is an upward spiral that leads you to your desired goals.

      Life upon your planet is daily growing more conscious. It is moving toward a realization that life is more than mere physical existence. Life is mainly a spiritual existence. Yet, life is both. Physicality is existence that is based upon illusions that have been made real. Each step in your present life is meant to be an experience that has vast implications for Creation. In effect, you are assisting in the creation of the Universe. This procedure occurs every nano-second of any day. What you collectively and individually do influences the very outcome of Creation. Creation is an amazing ongoing process filled with an infinite set of possibilities. Each possibility exists somewhere in Creation. What you do, think and feel manifests this possibility and makes it one that can conceivably come true. Here is where consciousness becomes amazing. To a limited extent, the foundational beliefs control this possibility. As you move through life, your collective consciousness can be modified by a sufficient, or critical, number of individuals who desire a particular possibility. At that time, a specific event can alter the rhythm of any society’s foundational beliefs.

      This new rhythm can open the potential for even more new possibilities to become foundational. This particular process is known as the evolution of your consciousness. For over 11 millennia, we have applied this procedure to your inner growth as a species. It has resulted in the present conditions that now allow for a vast ‘quantum jump’ in your collective consciousness to become conceivable. What we desire is that both you and we, ourselves, make this vast leap together. You are not alone in what you may presently feel, think or even believe. This reality of yours is indeed about to change. This change is happening because you have followed the precepts of the divine plan and nearly reached the sacred ‘omega point’. This is the point of no return. It is a consciousness line drawn in the ‘sand’ of reality. Across it, there is a world most different from your present one. It is one filled with Love and bounded endlessly by Light. This world is closer than many of you may think. All that it requires to manifest is that enough of you deeply believe that it is real, and that it ought to be.

      Reality is essentially holographic in nature and hence, it is a mere thought-form. Your reality and how it is put together are based upon those elements that you deeply desired to have placed before you. Each element lingers for as long as you wish to have it put in your ‘space’. This aspect is done because you are a focused consciousness field. As such, all reality is determined by your individual and collective beliefs. The holographic universe is divided into parts of itself that are capable of re-creating the whole, and moving the collective into new directions. Hence, you really have three parts that simultaneously impinge upon you —— the past, which is no more than the original evolving of the whole; the present, which is where it has evolved to, and the future, which is where it is evolving. All aspects can be changed by your co-creative abilities. Consciousness is a looped spiral, or virtual vortex, that is constantly spiraling in, on and around itself. In doing so, it takes on an infinite number of shapes and forms. These consciousness ‘states’ are highly flexible.

      Each ‘state’ of consciousness has a number of shapes or forms that it prefers to assume. These changes are determined by the way in which the natural order is potentialized. The dynamic of the collective consciousness field can randomly order this change in its potential. This process causes the field to assume its full potential. The marvelous point in this whole process is the interconnection of these various consciousness ‘states’. This fact gives it the ability to draw upon the other parts of the virtual spiral, to share its higher potential with its ‘lesser’ potentialized brethren. Moreover, the sum of ‘energy’ (consciousness) is infinite. There is also enough more potentialized consciousness to move one towards the collective whole (Creation). This collective whole has the universal sum of wisdom and knowledge needed to ensure the success of any of its many parts. Consequently, the basic point of all Creation is the successful completion of the maximum, or fullest, potential of any of its parts.

      Consciousness is a great flux of Light or universal energy. This energy pervades all of Creation and is the ultimate source of consciousness. Hence, Creation is manifested through consciousness. This manifestation is expressed by the movement of all forms of consciousness to its highest or maximum potential. This procedure makes certain that all of consciousness that we possess or know of, shall move towards its maximum potential. This process is one that resembles the assembly of a jigsaw puzzle. Eventually, all the pieces that are part of the puzzle will form into an implicit order that makes the completion of the puzzle possible. This same procedure is now underway in your reality. A new series of energies, that initially appear either random or chaotic in form, are creating a new order of implicit foundational beliefs. This new order shall create a fuller potential that can quickly evolve into a new reality.

      Reality spirals towards its fullest or maximum potential. This potential is infinite in its Light and capable of moving all of its parts into the greater whole. This greater whole is expanded by the many parts that it moves both in and out of its place of maximum potential. This is the reason that Creation is a state filled with many parts that can expand and increase the Light of the whole. The Creator is a most fantastic sum of this greater whole that is moving the spiral of consciousness throughout all of Creation. This seeming chaos is just the continuation of a massive random order of shapes, forms and experiences that are constantly being re-ordered. These many shapes, forms and experiences move the parts of consciousness out towards the union with the Creator. In the moment of union, consciousness receives its greatest joy.

      Today, we have talked to you about consciousness and its corollary — reality. What we ask is that you come and look at what we have said to you. Use this knowledge to create the world that you most desire. Gather together and employ this wisdom for the common good. Dear blessed Ones of the great Light of the Holy Creator, know your wisdoms and know the extent of your power. Take it back and employ it to bring forth, now, the wondrous new reality that is your eventual future. We leave you now with limitless blessings of complete Love, boundless Joy and infinite Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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