Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation

September 12, 1998 (3 Oc, 8 Zip, 7 Ik)

Greetings! We come before you with much good news. This information concerns the changes occurring in this solar system, and upon your planet. In the previous galactic month of Uo, we were able to modify the energies streaming from your Sun and to begin the process of adjusting Earth’s magnetic and gravitational fields. This procedure has moved your precious blue orb into a new transitional configuration. At present, the various new grids for your Earth Mother are moving nicely into position. In the next few galactic days, we intend to adjust and to stabilize the Earth’s south magnetic pole. This process is necessary, due to the movement of Mother Earth’s north magnetic pole. These changes are taking place because of the instability inherent in the present transitory moment of your reality. You can look upon what is occurring as the fine adjustments before the transformation of your present reality can begin. The focal point of our effort remains you, and the many changes that you are now going through. This process is proceeding according to the sacred divine plan.

      Each of you is a precious jewel that carries within you the elements that make up the very nature of your consciousness. This consciousness is being led to discover its underlying nature and how it can co-create a new reality. This new reality alters your previous reality by expanding both its scope and breadth. Your old beliefs are ones that primarily limited your potential and allowed you to give your co-creative powers away. This process has prevented you from removing the self-imposed shackles on what you could, or could not, do. Now, as you are becoming more aware of your capabilities, you are exploring the concept that your consciousness can be transformed into a better and more effective tool that can accomplish your deeply cherished goals. This procedure has been one that has come gradually to most of you. As you expand your horizons, you can discover who you really are. This Being is a physical Angel who has come to assist the lineage of Heaven in carrying out the Creator’s divine plan. This destiny is one that each of you carry: you are now learning what it really means.

      A physical Angel is a Being who carries all the elements of the holographic universe within her/him. With your fellows, you have co-created this physical reality. All realities are produced by a general series of foundational beliefs, and the perceptions about this reality that you have carried or developed since your conception. This process is one that you have complete control over. The major factor has been that most of you do not yet fully realize it. Many of you are moving through vast changes in your major conceptions of reality, that can leave you feeling numb or overwhelmed. This procedure is one that occurs because your logic system is being constantly challenged by the expansion of your consciousness. Consciousness is a physical, mental, emotional and, primarily, a spiritual experience. It leads you to re-evaluate all the things that you believe in. It also causes you to re-assess your current behavior patterns. This process is concurrent with changes in your physical body and its accompanying subtle energy fields.

      Due to the deep core issues that the continuing evolution of your consciousness brings, we have been moving each of you through this process at very plausible rates. This rate is dependent on a number of mitigating factors. The main one is how you are reacting to your growing awareness of Spirit, and how your physical changes are affecting you. Our parameters are to evaluate your awareness of your physical mutations and how you adjust to your spiritual visions. These visions are predetermined by where you are in the grand Bell curve devised by the Creator’s divine plan. Our medical teams work on a case-by-case basis. Our inner work for you both mirrors, and gently expands, your physical consciousness. We do not desire that you ignore or deny what is happening to you. Yet we fully realize that, in many of you, this concept is the overriding one. Your society is now very splintered into a great many consciousness levels. We are using our transformative processes to move most of you out of this all-too-common syndrome.

      Your beloved Mother Earth is still fully cooperating with us. She knows that her full crystalline state cannot arrive until you have crossed the fateful omega point. Accordingly, she has permitted us to adjust her in ways that help to promulgate the processes needed to complete your transformation. In many ways, you are in a deep symbiotic relationship with Earth. This procedure means that both of you have a full consciousness destiny that is shortly to occur. Our sacred task is to do all that is possible to assure your success, and its completion, at the right divine time. This divine timeline has a number of points that allow for creative ‘windows of opportunity’. Right now, you are in one of them. During these moments, we have the opportunity to shift this entire society, and Mother Earth, into its full potential mode. The only element is the desire of a critical number of you to opt for it. This opting means that a profound and true commitment needs to be made. So far, this option has not been exercised and consequently, your secret elites have been able to close these windows.

      What we seek from you is that you understand this procedure and use your marvelous energies in a most constructive manner. You need to build the infrastructure required to support the rising growth of global consciousness. We are doing what is needed to support your most sacred task. It is not easy to create a new reality in such a short time-frame. The transformation of your present reality requires that current belief systems and accompanying dysfunctional behavior patterns be transformed. Wonderfully, you have perceived systems, organizations and networks that can accomplish this most immense task. Every day, these structures are expanding. It makes us most happy to see what you have so far accomplished. However, there is still a lot more to do. In many ways, you have just scratched the surface.

      In addition, we have begun to alter your solar system. This modification is another way to ensure your success. In doing this, we are putting forth around you creative patterns that encourage your population to accept what is happening to it. One of the most common reactions that we have noticed is a great fear that resides in most of you. This fear is based upon limitation, lack and a false sense of security. This fear occasionally causes you to panic somewhat and to abandon your efforts. We are establishing subtle consciousness patterns in your reality that aid you in overcoming this form of resistance. In the next three galactic months, we fully intend to turn up the volume gradually. This act should aid you in your efforts to permit your fellows to accept the obvious and to end their current mode of active denial.

      Your rising consciousness is slowly altering your reality. This process is one that entails either a difficult trip or an easy and smooth one. You now seem to want a very difficult one. Yet it is always possible to switch to the easy one. The only consideration is the extent of your commitment to those dysfunctional patterns that you carry inside of you. To us, the decision is quite simple. Choose the easy and fast road, while accepting the assistance of your fellow star-nations. Above all, acknowledge the divine plan and the holy advice of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Creation is a great unity encased in an even greater harmony. As co-creators of your reality, you have a number of questions to ponder and to act upon. Keep in mind that the universe is solution-based and filled with grace, compassion and joy.

      What we have given you today is a message that briefly underlines our purpose. It also expresses the fact that the universe seeks your approval in allowing as swift a completion to your transformation as possible. You have given away your co-creative abilities too easily. Take them back and use them to transform your present reality. Let us rapidly build a magnificent new reality that fully potentializes you and all of your present reality. We now leave you, beloved kin, with unending blessings of complete and compassionate Love, gracious Joy and boundless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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