Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation

July 14, 1998 (8 Oc, 13 Kumku, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We are here with some new information about what is going on in your solar system and in your galaxy. The most important point that needs to be made at this moment is that you are now the great prize that has permitted the many star-nations to come and be members of the Galactic Federation. They have thrown their energies into removing the last remnants of a deep darkness that has long pervaded your world. When Atlantis was in power some 13 millennia ago, the interdimensional dark ones came from across the galaxy and set a great anchor of despair across your globe. Their deepest desire was to permanently capture your great Light and to hold it prisoner for eternity. The key to this program was the advent of a limited consciousness slave society. Upon it, there would be stacked an elite whose malicious bidding they would do. This program was severely curtailed by the sudden and unforeseen events that brought down the Atlantean Empire. In its stead, the dark ones instituted the Annanuki, and told them to follow their modified dark plan.

      The Annanuki agreed and began their rule of terror, barbarism, lust and greed. However, two important points had been left unaccounted for by the dark lords. First, limited consciousness was a ruse that could be fully altered when in right relationship to the divine plan. Second, the time of this dark rule was limited to about 13 millenia by the divine plan. This time is now fast approaching. In lieu of this prophesied ending, the local Spiritual Hierarchy is currently permitted to commence a new and rapid spiritual evolution. The Annanuki, once the unspeakable lords of Earth’s human society, have been forced to alter their ways. Added to this mixture is the fact that their former henchmen from the dark star-worlds of Anchara have also seen the Light. This process of change has made the heinous work of your global elites more difficult. They are now cut off from their former masters and their masters’ dark allies. Moreover, these formerly sinister elements are now using their energies to stifle their ex-minions. This change in the game has also led to some very interesting future events on your world.

      Right now, your various elite groups are working on monstrous global strategies that will eventually allow one of them to get the upper hand over any of the others. These programs involve international banking scams, the introduction of several new clean energy technologies, and the actual ways to clean up the life-taking pollution that your primitive industrial technology currently spews out at very incredible levels. The key is in the great international money scams and the authoritarian control that this high stakes game can bring. The various elite groups are busily working on plans to collapse each other’s economy by devaluing gold and forcing its lower price to lead your world into ruin. The global elites do not worship or even care about money. What they care about is power in its most pure and brutish forms. They desire to reinstate the degree of slavery that was almost instituted by the Empire of Atlantis before its rather sudden fall. To them, such a victory, without the knowledge and power brokering of the Annanuki or their dark allies, is sweet. They see it as a great victory, even if it is swiftly followed by our arrival and an end of their evil game.

      Part of their scheme is to allow the Light a very slight window of opportunity. This window can prove to be their downfall, if it is used properly. Over the past eight galactic months, we have been using their warped logic to establish some elements that can assist you in your sacred tasks. One of the main elements is the whole nature of the debased currencies that they have used to plunder the world of its wealth. There is still much that they have not touched, but they are resolved in the next three to six galactic months to put this remaining wealth in a position where one group or the other controls it. However, they have created new havens to protect wealth in the Pacific and they are busily fighting over a new series of enormous international ‘flat banks’ that are on the verge of usurping their power. These banks will come on-line by the end of the galactic months of Xul or Yaxkin. They have the capability to change how international banking in the so-called Third World, and even the Second World, is done.

      In addition, some of the global elites are now prepared to bring out, or to sponsor, new alternate energy technologies. The sole purpose is to encourage those nation-states that they support to gain some important economic and political advantages in their game plan. These technologies should be announced formally between the end of the month of Tzec and the start of the coming month of Mac, in the galactic year of 7 Ik (November, 1998 to April, 1999). Along with these needed alternative energy technologies will come new technologies that can dramatically clean up the Earth’s environment. The point to remember here is that the Earth needs not only to end the current level of pollution (which is not yet accomplished), but also to re-forest and re-build the various rain and temperate forests and their accompanying ecosystems. These technologies cannot do this. It is a false victory done simply for political and economic advantages, as well as its alter ego — power. Right now, your planet’s ecosystem is doomed and the only way out is a massive change in your society’s consciousness, as well as a call for Celestial and Galactic assistance.

      As these plans and strategies unfold before you, bear in mind that the ultimate outcome is, simply, power. The global elites desire to maintain a stifling and repressive amount of power over you. Their purpose is like a spoiled child that knows that any such seizure of power can only be temporary. They are doing it for the mere pleasure of it, and to prove to themselves that such a situation can indeed be created. The global elites know and fully realize that any one strategy’s complete success can only lead to our rapid arrival upon your shores. For this reason, they have kept a strong lid upon your truly knowing about our existence and what we have promised their various governmental henchmen. What we have promised them is that the future of this world is assured, and that that future is one to be spent in freedom, full consciousness and personal sovereignty. Your globe has a promise from the great blessed Lord Michael to this effect, as well as the very tenets of the Creator’s most holy divine plan.

      Dear ones, be prepared for all that is about to come before you. The temporal powers of your Earth are beginning to sense the most infinite power of Spirit. Around you, there is growing a mighty evolution of holy and divine Spirit. Each day, blessed ones, another one of your population awakens and adds to the great droves that are coming alive before us. Each one of them discerns the fact that Spirit is holy in its ways, and that a great change is coming to your world. This change is one that shall end the great discrepancies that now abound in your global society. Among you are many who shall be given a chance to make a difference in what is presently taking place. We ask you, O children of Light, to use well what is given to you, and to employ this opportunity as a way to enlighten your globe to what is truly happening to it. Over the next few galactic months, you will be given this opportunity. If it is used righteously, it shall end the nefarious plans of these elites and bring us down in a great joy. We only ask you, dear children, to use your intentions and to bring them to fruition.

      Blessed Ones of the Holy Light, we ask you in joy to heed our words and to use your hearts in the actions that shall come before you. This time is one to act, and also one to teach. Use your compassion and apply your inner purpose to these most holy tasks. What is coming is a moment when your proper input can hasten the end to the reality that now envelops you. Realize, Light Ones, that in all ways we are with you. We in the Spiritual Hierarchy have instigated the rapid evolution of Spirit that you see before you. What we are doing is in direct right relationship to the Creator’s divine plan. Now we ask you, blessed ones, to come forward and, when the proper opportunity arrives, to take it and use it to bring the Light and its ways to your precious Mother Earth and her sacred children.

      The time comes to complete our message and we desire to tell you that much is indeed happening in your world. Use this divine period to set up the energies that shall complete your mighty and most holy task. Around you is a society that seems beyond redemption or change. The truth is just the opposite. Their redemption is guaranteed by the very highest aspects of Heaven. Their change is coming and it shall be one that all shall never forget. Know in your heart of hearts that such is the truth and that such is about to happen to you, and to your world. We now leave you with endless blessings of pure and perfect Love, limitless Joy and boundless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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