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Kalan Music

Kalan Music Inc. was established by Hasan Saltik in 1991. We can summarize the goal of establishment as gathering the cultures and music kinds not known widely as an archive and setting up an open market to this accumulation. The different location of Kalan Music in music market is just because of this difference in the goal.

This different goal has made the re-printing of 78-cycle records a current issue first, and Kalan is the first foundation that carried out this important task. The album of Seyyan Hanim, in which tangos remaining from the past are presented to the music-lovers of today, was the first album of the series and is followed by the treasury of the Classical Turkish Music. Tanburi Cemil Bey, Sukru Tunar, Udi Hrant, Yorgo Bacanos, Gazels, Women of Istanbul and many more.

When the archive, considered at the very beginning, started to come into being gradually exactly at this point, a second approach completed the integrity in the title of Kalan. Lots of recordings, which attract attention in the academic area for their historical importance and are important for international etnomusicological studies, started to be collected and re-printed. While doing that, quite a few musicologists and scientists have been resorted to. Archive series were formed in this way. A wide archive, from Pomak immigrants to Sadettin Kaynak, from Munir Nurettin to Haci Tasan, started to appear in Kalan shelves. This archive is expanding in a continuous and conscious manner. A complete archive in Turkish classical and folk music is being formed in an academic manner as a valuable resource to the next generations.

And new ones... surely besides the appreciation to the olds, Kalan is also giving this opportunity to the talented works of today. Erkan Ogur, Ismail Demircioglu, Tolga Candar are conveying their works to the music-lovers under the label of Kalan.

Kalan catalog is going to expand with this conscious. We advice you to follow Kalan music always, and invite you to investigate Kalan from press to be more closely acquainted with us.

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