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HugeDisk Helps Confirm G.W. Bush's Reputation

Huge Breaking News

Sometime yesterday, January 24, Yahoo wised up and dropped the George W. Bush On-line Store from it's dumb motherfucker rankings. In fact, according to Yahoo's latest rankings, HugeDisk Men's Magazine is now the #2 dumb motherfucker on the Internet -- a dubyaous and ironic distinction indeed -- while the on-line store is nowhere to be found.

We'll keep the original article up here at HugeDisk, though, so anyone who might happen by can see what the hype was all about. As of this writing, Google still ranks George's store #1, but we're sure you'll see that ranking quickly fade as well. To get the full story, we recommend reading the Wired article cited below. And if you have the time, don't forget to check out the rest of the HugeDisk site. We think its pretty funny. Hopefully you'll agree.
- The HugeDisk Editors

The on-line reputation of a celebrity -- from a television star to a high-stakes politician -- can have a dramatic effect on that person's career. Hate and worship sites, a slanted news media, or on-line chat-style commentary can all have either a positive or negative influence. Because an on-line reputation is something that's created through the mass consciousness of the Internet, it can often be difficult to judge exactly what a celebrity's on-line reputation may be. Every once in a while, however, something magical happens that makes it possible for a reputation to be validated through the simple click of a button.

Press Generated By This Story

Wired Magazine
The Register (UK)
Chicago Sun Times
More Dubya on HugeDisk

We at HugeDisk Men's Magazine are proud to report that, although entirely unwittingly, we have done our part to cement Texas Governor George W. Bush's on-line reputation as that of a "dumb motherfucker".

How did we contribute to so dubious an achievement? It was easy! On the first installment of our Ask Hester HugeDisk column we innocently ran a link from the words "dumb motherfucker" to George W. Bush's on-line campaign store. The search engines noticed that we, along with a few other websites, endorsed George as a "dumb motherfucker" and adjusted George's search engine rankings accordingly.

Follow the directions below to see proof that George W. Bush is the Internet's premier dumb motherfucker.

  1. Click here to open the Google search engine in a separate window.
  2. Type the words "dumb motherfucker" into Google's search term box.
  3. Click Search, or press Enter.

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