"Where Ishq (passionate love) takes over, the Faith does not know"
(The Saint Sultan Bahu)

His Holiness was born in the Indian sub-continent on 25th November 1941, in a small village of Gohar Shah in the district of Rawalpindi. His mother is "Fatimi" a descendant of the Prophet Mohammed's daughter Fatima. She is of Sa'daat lineage (descendant of the Prophet Mohammed) as she was the daughter of one of the (paternal) grandsons of Syed Gohar Ali Shah. The father of His Holiness is the descendant of one of the (maternal) grandsons of Syed Gohar Ali Shah and his grandfather was linked to the Mughal family.

His Holiness was attracted towards the tombs of the Saints from an early age. The father of His Holiness states that His Holiness used to disappear from the age of five or six years, only to be found sitting next to the tomb of the Saint Nizam-Uddin Auliya (in Delhi) on searching for him. His father further states that he felt as though His Holiness (at young age) was talking to the Saint Nizam-Uddin Auliya. This was at a time when the father of His Holiness was settled in Delhi.

He spent most of his youth searching for God. His Holiness took initiations and practiced traditional Sufi paths but his frustration grew every day. At the age of 34, His Holiness on the guidance of a divine spirit, quit world and spent three years on a spiritual retreat in the mountains of Sehwan Sharif (Holy town of the Great Saint Lal Shabaz Qalander, Sindh, Pakistan) and in Laal Bagh (nearby jungle famous for spiritual retreat). He went through intensive retreat, several life and death experiences, revelations and enlightenments. His Holiness did experienced the evil and divine spirits everyday as part of his education, especially the tricks  of Nafs (ego). Sarkar Gohar Shahi often talks about his three years in the wilderness, and consider them as best part of his life.
He returned to the world on the Commandment of God. Contrary to his expectations, he had to go through humiliation and rejections. In first four years of preaching the message, only four people favorably. Then, gradually young seekers accepted his teachings.  He turned the Hearts of several hundred thousands  people towards the Remembrance and the Love of God. The followers of all religions invited His Holiness Gohar Shahi to the Mosques, the Temples, and the Churches to speak and to receive his grace in the form of Qalb (the Heart) meditation.
Countless individuals have turned to God benefiting from his teachings. His spiritual healing cured countless incurable patients. People, healed from drug abuses, crimes, emotional disorders and past abuses, turned to God. 

Some orthodox theologians (the Mullahs) and the enemies of the Saints, disliked him. Twisting the meaning in some of his books and interpreting them in their own ways, accused him of blasphemy, thus rendering a death sentence for him. A petrol bomb was thrown in his Manchester's residence. There was an attack with hand grenade during the discourse at his home in Kotri, Pakistan. A high price tag was put on his head in Pakistan. He was the subject of entrapment through five serious but false allegations.
Previous Government of Pakistan was fully involved conspiring against His Holiness. The biased journalism defamed him on a large scale. Eventually, after many investigations and hearings, the courts dismissed all the cases against him, declaring the allegations false. The well organized orthodoxy continued their evil plan. In conjunction with corrupt police they filed four more cases after the court decisions. Why they are doing this? What is the purpose behind all this frenzy? Obviously, they wanted
to defame him, a strategy that will keep people away from listening the voice of the Heart, the home of the Beloved.

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