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RE: Deborah Gordon
Steven Johnson asks Ants at Work author Deborah Gordon why dumb ants create such smart colonies.

Little Black Book
Are the horrors revealed in The Black Book of Communism truly shocking, or just artful propaganda? Peter Kenez deflates an overblown polemic.

Adrian Mole, Anti-Hero
Deborah Shapiro on Adrian Mole, anti-hero

War is Not Healthy For Republics and Other Living Things
Brian Doherty finds a peaceful common ground between anti-interventionists.

The Ironic Curtain
Dan Halpern on phantom formations and the future of Eastern European literature.

Adventure Travel in a Gor-Tex Age
Matthew DeBord on adventure travel in a Gor-Tex age

Truth Versus Beauty
Josh Glenn on Truth versus Beauty

Ken Kalfus and David Foster Wallace
Alex Abramovich on Ken Kalfus and David Foster Wallace

RE: Nicholas Lemann
Brian Doherty talks to the author of The Big Test about meritocracy.

RE: Michael Lewis
Steve Bodow talks to the author of The New New Thing about Silicon Valley, the liberation of the West Coast, and capitalism with too much capital.

Bottomfeeder: Who You Gonna Call?
A ghostwriter talks to Allison Adato about the glory of celebrity impersonation.

The Persecution of Jedediah Purdy
Josh Glenn on the persecution of Jedediah Purdy

Stephen King's Latest
Chris Lehmann on Stephen King's latest

RE: Irvine Welsh
William O'Shea and Deborah Shapiro talk to the author of Trainspotting about populist literature, the drug novel, and surviving the millennium.

Tama Janowitz's Frustrated-Chick, Manhunter Book
Matthew DeBord on Tama Janowitz's frustrated-chick, manhunter book

Every Madness Tells A Story
Brian Doherty puts the myth of mental illness on the couch.

Altered States
Alexander Star assays the state of state of fiction essays.

The Myth of the Book Glut
Are books as plentiful as we've been led to believe? Matt Weiland pops the publishing industry's bubble.

RE: Nicole Aragi
Matthew DeBord talks to a high-profile agent about repping the new stars of the short story.

Forgotten Favorites
Writers and critics recommend their favorite overlooked books.

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06.08 | Essay
Feed On Ice: A Word to Our Readers

06.06 | Daily
Rheinstone Cowboys
Jefferson Chase on why the best country music is coming out of Hamburg and Düsseldorf

06.01 | Report
The Little Slit in the Americas
In the third installment of This Is Planet Earth, Mitchell Stephens rides a container ship through the Panama Canal and finds out how this ninety year-old artificial passageway still shapes the world order.

- Allah, Bruce and Me -- How Growing Up Muslim Has Changed In Britain
"This piece in this month's Prospect magazine is the story of a British Muslim growing up in the eighties whose love affair with America is tested by the events of September 11"
- Courtney Love Claims She Foretold 9/11 In A New Song -- Has She Finally Lost It?
"NME.com is running a story that proves, once and for all, that Courtney Love's music career has finally tanked: she now claims that she foretold the 9/11 disasters."
- "Arrest Every Muslim That Comes Across The State Line", Jokes Chairman Of Homeland Security Subcommi
"Rep. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga), chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism and Homeland Security, has a unique idea for combating terrorism"
- "Like Watching Two Different Wars" -- Networks Nailed For Soft War Reporting
"The issue is the reluctance on the part of US television to dwell on the human impact instead of the 'uncritical, hyper-patriotic' reporting."
- Rumsfeld's "Take No Prisoners" Policy -- Cruel Or Necessary?
"Yesterday, human rights lawyers and watchgroups have expressed the opinion that the U.S. would breach of its international obligations and be held responsible for genocide if Taliban troops were massacred despite offering to surrender."

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