The Sex Pistols are Alive and Well and Living in Sohatsenango (and other memoirs)

A Kosher Thanksgiving
November 25, 2001

Isabel invited me to Thanksgiving weeks ago, before the fateful Friday night that transformed our friendship into whatever you'd call us now. Normally she and her daughter spend Thanksgiving with her ex-husband and his family, but this year only her daughter was going to Wisconsin with her ex. Isabel had gotten a special invite to a kosher Thanksgiving featuring the divorcing husband-wife rabbi team from her synagogue. She couldn't resist that kind of Thanksgiving, and neither could I when she asked if I wanted to come along.

At the time it was just a friendly invitation, but now...well, everything is different, and so am I. Suddenly I'm consumed with paranoia about social events with her, and this Thanksgiving was our very first. She's out to her synagogue (which is Reform and very liberal) and hasn't dated anyone in almost a year, so would people think we're an item? Could they discern the attraction between us, our magnetized hearts? And omigod, what was I supposed to say if someone asked me if we were together like that -- you know, like that?!?

Isabel just laughed at those concerns and reassured me that nobody would think we're an item. "Everybody will know we're just friends hanging out for the holidays."

"Are you sure?" I asked skeptically.

She smoothed my brow with her soft lips. "Of course I'm sure."

She's such a liar.

Every person I met looked at me with appraisal in their eyes, sizing me up, curious. I might as well have had ISABEL'S NEW GIRLFRIEND stamped on my forehead.

I knew a few people from the peace work at the Somali mosque, but most were strangers to me. Nobody seemed even slightly surprised that a Muslim girl was attending a Jewish Thanksgiving, although I did get several questions about whether I was observing Ramadan (we were eating at 1 PM in the afternoon, long before Muslims are allowed to break their daily fast at dusk). My answer was short and evasive -- "Not this year."

The rabbis took a personal interest in me, filling my ears with explanations about the symbolism and ritual of Jewish observance. Kosher laws are fascinating, but eventually I tuned them out. My eyes tracked Isabel in the midst of all these traditional families -- husband, wife, kids -- and I was suddenly struck by how brave and strong she was, to leave that kind of security for the pursuit of something she hasn't found yet.

If you're unfamiliar with Jewish dietary restrictions, a kosher meal can have meat or dairy products but not both. Since this was Thanksgiving the choice was meat, in the form of a pair of turkeys (it was a huge crowd). That meant everything else -- all the side dishes, desserts, drinks, you name it -- had to be prepared without any dairy products. Not a problem for most side dishes, like string beans and yams, but the mashed potatoes had to be made with soy milk. Soy milk. The kids' palettes were particularly offended by that substitution. The grownups ladled on the gravy extra thick, trying to kill the too-sweet aftertaste. For dessert we all had a piece of one of Isabel's tofu pumpkin pies (she made two). That substitution was much more successful, even delicious. And I'm not just saying that.

Eventually dinner wound down and everyone began dispersing through the spacious house, most of the men -- and a few of the women -- migrating into the living room to watch football on a big screen TV, the kids disappearing into a playroom and the basement, the rest of us pitching in to clean up. I found myself standing around the marble-topped island in the kitchen with the rabbis and about a dozen other women, drying china plates with a dishtowel and making holiday smalltalk.

Isabel strolled in and stood next to me, close enough that her hair tickled my ear, and slipped an arm around my waist. "Hey everybody, I volunteered to take Lawrence back to the nursing home soon," she announced, so that every head in the room turned toward us. "So finish up in here and say your goodbyes to him, okay?"

There were nods and "okay"s and a few knowing smiles, then Isabel slipped away, her warm palm suddenly missing from my hip, and conversations resumed.

My face felt like it was on fire. I quickly looked down at the embroidered dishtowel in my hands, the slate tiles beneath my boots. But I didn't want to sink into the floor in embarrassment. I was secretly pleased with Isabel's simple but significant gesture. I want to belong to someone again, someone who wants me to belong to them.

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