(excerpt about their collaboration with Toni Halliday)

March 1995:

After the party (Leftfield's album launch party at the former GLC HQ),
"Original", featuring former Curve songstress Toni Halliday on guest
vocals, enters the charts at Number 18. Paul and Neil finally get to play
on "Top of the Pops".

Neil: "The lyrics on that track are quite scary and twisted, but all of
Toni's lyrics are like that. It's that bit about her mother I find freaky.
I couldn't take doing 'Top of the Pops' seriously. Everyone was on it that
night, Duran Duran, East 17, Wet Wet Wet, Simple Minds, but the vibe on
the set wasn't friendly. Duran Duran were just prats. The only person who
talked to us was Jim Kerr from Simple Minds."

Paul: "I remember seeing them supporting Magazine in 1979, when they were
totally unknown." 

Toni Halliday (formerly of Curve and the guest vocalist on "Original"):

"They gave me a DAT tape of 12 minutes of music which seemed to change
every 12 bars. I put it on my 24-track and added some experimental vocals,
with different lyrics and chorus ideas. There was one bit where I wrote
the start and end of a scene in an imaginary movie, and they loved that.
So they rewrote the track to fit around it. One person said he thought
'Original' was about the death of dance music. I can't say what it is
about, but it's definitely personal. It's very dark and disturbing.
Whatever people think of my lyrics, I always say it's probably more
interesting than my own explanation."