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Hate Crime Hall of Shame 2001
(8/30 - 9/4/01)

Inter-Caste Couple Hanged in India (8/13/01)

Woman Charged with Faking Hate Crimes (7/18/01)

DA: Race Was Behind Attack (7/16/01)

Racism and Its Many Impersonators
By John Perazzo  (4/5/01)

For Jesse: Lessons of a Rape and Killing. (3/22/01)

Interracial Crime: The Dirty Little Secret
By John Perazzo  (3/20/01)

Al Sharpton’s Double Standard
By John Perazzo   (3/9/01)

Hate Crime Coverup (6/16/00)

Wichita Horror Fuels Debate over Hate Crimes

The Wichita Horror (1/12/01)

Blacks Against
Asians (12/13/00)

Black Hate on Trial (10/26/00)

License to Kill
By David Horowitz  (7/13/00)

Remembering the Central Park Jogger (7/13/00)

Murder and Mayhem Explode in New York (6/27/00)

Zimbabwe Prez Declares Open Season on Whites (6/20/00)

It's Sharpton Time!
(pt. 2)

A Black-on-White Attack Prompts Question Of What 'Hate Crime' Really Means (6/16/00)

It's Sharpton Time! (6/16/00)

Ex-NAACP Leader Beaten by Blacks for Defending Confederate Flag (6/8/00)

Politically Correct Hate Crimes Archives

The Hate Crime Hall of Shame
A Special Six-Day Edition of FrontPage

August 30 - September 4, 2001
In January 2001, MTV interrupted its normal schedule to offer 18 hours of continuous, commercial-free programming on hate crimes. Most of that time was taken up by a "scroll" of hundreds of names of hate crime victims. Over 9 million people viewed the MTV special. Predictably, the programs were crafted to give the misleading impression that white men are the chief villains, when it comes to hate crime. In order to help set the record straight, FrontPage has decided to interrupt its regular programming to bring you the Hate Crime Hall of Shame – a tribute to 36 hate-crime victims who are definitely not the sort your major television networks would want you to know about. continue…
Hate Crimes That Dare Not Speak Their Name
By David Horowitz
Time and space prevent us from filling our Hate Crime Hall of Shame with all the names and stories we would like. We apologize to the hundreds and probably thousands of nameless victims of anti-white, anti-male, anti-Christian and anti-heterosexual violence who are not included in our list. continue…
Editor’s Note
Welcome to the Special Hate Crime Edition
By Richard Poe
What is a "politically correct hate crime" anyway? David Horowitz introduced the concept in his controversial bestseller Hating Whitey. continue…

Hating Whitey and Other Progressive Causes

Click Book Cover To Buy

by David Horowitz

The book the publishing industry tried to censor.

Click here to read "License to Kill" – an excerpt from Hating Whitey.

Are You a Hate Criminal?
By Richard Poe
Of course not, you say. You’re a law-abiding citizen. You have black friends. You’ve never said the "n-word" in your life. You even vote Democrat. Unfortunately, if you’re white, none of those factors will protect you from hate crime prosecution. continue…
The Ugly Truth About Hate Crime Statistics
By John Perazzo
Al Sharpton calls white-on-black violence "a national epidemic." However, even FBI statistics – which are heavily weighted against whites through biased reporting methods – show that the average black is 50 percent likelier than the average white to commit a racially motivated hate crime. continue…
View from the Left
Progressive" Burlington’s War of Hate Against the Poor

By Sandy Baird
When the working-class Strong family moved into Burlington, Vermont, they entered a viper’s nest of upscale socialist snobs. Offended by the Strong’s crude language, flashing Christmas lights and other blue-collar mannerisms, Burlington’s leftwing grandees launched a reign of terror against the family, including trumped-up criminal charges of "racial slurs." Accused of calling one neighbor a "kike," Mrs. Strong responded, "What’s a kike? I called her a cunt." continue…
The Hate Crimes You Don’t Hear About
By Russ Kick
National media, politicians, and civil rights leaders ignore hate crimes when they are perpetrated by blacks against whites. continue…
Whatever Happened to Equal Protection?
By Paul Craig Roberts
If Idaho county prosecutor Myron Gabbert has his way, it will henceforth be a hate crime for a white male to protect his wife (or children or parents or anyone) from assault by a legally privileged "preferred minority." continue…
Black Men Speak Out

The Color of Crime
By Walter Williams
When the New Century Foundation released its study, "The Color of Crime," some of its findings were so surprising that I did an independent verification of the numbers. continue…

Click here to download the Color of Crime report.

Why are Black Leaders Silent on Black Hate Crimes?
By Earl Ofari Hutchinson
When blacks say or do nothing about these attacks, it is taken by some as a tacit signal that blacks put less value on white lives than on black lives. continue…

Hate Crime Laws Not "For Whites Only"
By Clarence Page
Is there an undercount of white hate-crime victims? It is easy to be skeptical about the charge. After all, it tends to be voiced most often and loudly by those who never wanted hate-crime laws to be passed in the first place. Nevertheless, I, for one, take the charge seriously. continue…

Criminal Double Standards on Hate Crime
By Larry Elder
Sooner or later, the mainstream media and the white-man-done-me-wrong black leadership must face the facts. Black/white interracial crime is almost entirely committed by blacks against whites. continue…
Remembering the Zebra Killings
By James Lubinskas

Most serial killings in America take on a life of their own through movies, books and documentaries, from the crimes of Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer to those of The Son of Sam. Yet there is one set of serial killings – in which 71 people died – that has been almost completely forgotten: The Zebra Killings. continue…

Six Oddities About "Hate" Crimes
By Lowell Ponte

"Hate crime" laws involve strange illogicality. Here are six reflections on why we need to think rationally about abolishing them. continue…

Reparations Ad Campaign

David Horowitz’s ongoing battle against the forces of campus fascism.

Donate to the cause – and keep the ad campaign going!

Book Excerpt
The "Death Wish" Question

By Richard Poe

University of California, Berkeley criminologist Franklin Zimring says that the best way to survive a robbery is through "active compliance" – doing exactly what the criminal says. Unfortunately, if your attacker is driven by racial hate, active compliance may lead not only to death, but to far worse things. continue…

Don’t miss FrontPage editor Richard Poe’s hotselling book, The Seven Myths of Gun Control.
I Was a College Hate Crime Suspect
By Tom Scerbo

FrontPage web application developer Tom Scerbo and his College Republican group were interrogated by police as suspects in an epidemic of anti-gay e-mail harassment at the College of New Jersey. Now a gay activist has confessed that he was the phantom e-mailer all along. continue…

In Defense of Slurs
By Jennifer Kabbany
Some classmates used to call me “sand nigger,” because my father was born in the Middle East. Their words stung. But it never occurred to me – as it has to a prosecutor in Idaho – to punish such words with five years in prison. continue…
The Socialist Plan to Legitimize Hate
By Jamie Glazov
“Hate-crime” legislation is the ultimate socialist fantasy. That is because it fulfills the greatest socialist calling: to camouflage the hatred of life and of individuals with a loudly professed love of “humanity.” continue…
Havana in the USA
By Myles Kantor
America in the era of hate crimes is not Communist Cuba, but it is alarming how many Americans mimic Castro’s policies.  By criminalizing “hate speech,” America’s PC Leninists have set a precedent for criminalizing any speech. continue…
The Franklin Street Outrage
By Michael Tremoglie

The ACLU, the Sentencing Project and similar organizations oppose harsh prison terms for non-violent crimes – except, of course, when the defendants are white people accused of racial hate violations. continue…

Media Hogwash on Hate Crimes
By Tanya Metaksa

When Steven Abrams deliberately bulldozed through a crowd of 40 children in a playground, with his Cadillac, killing two, no one noticed. But when Buford Furrow attacked a Jewish Community Center with an Uzi, miraculously killing no one, it was national news for weeks. continue…


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