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Lauda Ratte fliegendNiki the Rat

"Niki the Rat" is the mascot of "Niki's Kids Club". A symbol - like the Service Angel - which reflects the Kids Club ethos while making a creative link to Lauda Air as a whole. "Niki the Rat" is not a caricature; he is a friendly, attractive creature with human features and a strong personality.

The rat, besides being a most intelligent creature, is also one of the oldest surviving species of animal. Hannes Rausch, Lauda Air's Creative Director, describes the rat as "the great survivor of the animal world", thus making the link to Niki Lauda himself. "Niki the Rat" has all the essential characteristics of Niki Lauda and is therefore also symbolic of "the survivor", a role in which Niki Lauda has already proved himself many times during his life.

Hannes Rausch: "Niki Lauda is no mere mouse or rabbit ... the rat is a survivor. I've made Niki the Rat friendly and attractive and given him the power and drive behind the real Niki Lauda. Niki the Rat is real; his character and being are those of Niki Lauda". 
(Hannes Rausch, Lauda Air Creative Director)

Niki's Kids Club