November 26, 2001


Vlade voraciously went after rebounds, but he shot
free throws as if he had Tyranosaurus arms.


Can you say U-G-L-Y?!

Reno Lady

This is the worst game I've seen the Kings play this season. They were very sloppy in the first quarter, then got on track - but they continued to let the Nets back in the game by slacking off on defense and by poor shooting from the field and especially from the FT line. They were just flat out lucky to win the game! What in the world has happened to Vlade's FT ability? I've never seen him do this poorly - and no one but Peja made both shots from the line tonight. They should have won this game by about 12 points instead of 1 - and they would have if they had made their FTs. The Nets played well but not as good as I've seen them in other games, like the one against the Jazz. The officiating was poor on both ends of the floor and some bizarre calls were made for and against both teams so it probably evened out over the course of the game. Bright spot: Hedo shot well again and was aggressive going to the basket. Oh, and I watched Webber moving around, walking into the tunnel, etc. and there's no sign of a limp so it looks like his ankle's very close to being 100% again.

Well, we're 10-3; I don't know how considering the way they played tonight, but we are and I'm glad. Next up - hop on the plane and head for Memphis.

Watched the end of the Pistons/Grizzlies game - Jason played fairly well but made a bad pass at the end resulting in a TO, something the Grizz didn't need. Barry started for the Pistons as PG and did a great job; they interviewed him after the game but the volume on that set wasn't up so I couldn't hear what he said.



There are currently dozens of King Fans in Lake Bowl being treated for heart attacks and severe anxiety attacks as we speak. It appears, that an "easy win" went horribly wrong. Appearantly this Nets team was 9-3 coming in with a 2 game road winning streak, and they had every intention of making this a 3 game streak. Poor free throw shooting and defensive lapses attirbuted to these near fatal attacks, but in the end the better team prevailed allbeit ugly and perhaps unimpressive by Kings fans standards, a win as they embark on a 4 game road trip.

Kingboy00 reporting live from Lake Bowl in Folsom, California.



I am not embarrassed by Vlade. If it were not for Vlade, the Kings would not even be .500 right now and would certainly have lost the game against the Nets last night. He is struggling with his free throws, but is excelling at every other facet of the game. With Chris out, Peja is the star, but Vlade is the MAN. Personally, I think part of his problem with the free throws right now is simply that he worked extra hard to be in shape to start this season and is shouldering the burden of not only lots of minutes on that body but body battering minutes and the physical, emotional and mental strain of not only playing his game but motivating and keeping everybody else in the game. When he walks up to that free throw line he is probably feeling it in his arms and legs and that is altering his shot. Besides, the only player who is shooting well at the stripe is Peja, but even he was 3 out of 4 during one stretch a couple of games back. Vlade is not the only one. The whole team has needed to work on boxing out, not turning the ball over and making free throws. So far the rebounding has gotten better, the team only turned the ball over 2 times in the first half and 5 more times in the second half of the Nets game (a vast improvement), but the free throws are really lagging. The bright spot though is that the team is getting to the line MORE than before; which means the effort is there and the officials are finally starting to call in the Kings favor like they do for other "elite" teams. When Vlade and the rest start making their free throws they will win going away lots more often than they have. And again, I am not embarrassed by Vlade. I am impressed with him, greatly, and thankful that he is stepping up to be the leader and point-center of this very unusual and rapidly-becoming-excellent team.

Then again, coach Rick, he embarrasses me.

Now if the Kings would stop having those second half collapses, there will be no stopping them. They almost gave this game away. If they had been on the road, they would have lost it.

I am thankful they didn't. Thanks, Vlade. Thanks, Peja.



Congrats to the Kings on beating a team that came in 9-3 and with all its stars ready to go.

The only reason I could find for criticizing Adelman for making use of Pete Carill

would be that maybe it came a few years late. Pete Carill is as sound a fundamental coach as there is. His Princeton teams routinely beat more talented teams because of that fundamental execution. The Kings' talents suit his passing, screening, offensive style. While I've often criticized Adelman in the past, and still don't think he's among the elite NBA coaches, when he has a team at 10-3 w/o his MVP candidate is not a particularly good time to make a case to dump him, eh? Odds are, no coach has ever been fired while having a 77% winning percentage, with or without all his stars. I for one like to watch a well-executed half-court offense. I have only seen one Kings game so far but was very impressed with their passing, motion offense for much of that game.

The Nets aren't just a "game" team; they are a good team. Now that they have the best PG in the NBA instead of a talented loser and now that their starting forwards are both healthy and Martin has a year of experience under his belt, they are a GOOD team. Three stars and role players is a formula for doing well. I predicted pre-season that they'd make the playoffs (as a low seed) and their lack of depth may keep them from getting a high seed, but right now, they are playing about as well as anyone in the league. Very impressive win by the Kings. I didn't see last night's game, but sometimes "ugly" is in the eye of the beholder. Good defense can make play look ragged at times.



A blanket of snow........sounds so Christmasy. .......We never get a white Christmas in San Antonio!

Congrats to the Kings on the win last night! The Nets are a new and improved team, so this was not a gimme.

I really like Peja. I remember someone posting when CWeb got injured that if the team could hold onto .500 while he was out everything would be fine. Well, at 10-3 I think you're doing a good job! And Peja is taking over. I hope it's a smooth transition when Webber gets back.



Maybe it's just because I remember when win number 10 would come sometime in January, late December, if we were on a tear and was almost halfway to our total wins for the season.
I remember thinking 'someday, this franchise will be good, dammit!' I look around now, and I don't see much to complain about, personally. A great bunch of guys (who can actually really play) a coaching staff who has brought greater success each and every season they've been here, respect from the media and opposing teams, players and coaches (well, except for the lakers, we haven't earned their respect yet, but we will.)

I remember what it was like when this franchise sucked, and trust me, this ain't it.



While I was first in line to tell St. Jean not to let the door hit him on the way out (great guy - terrible coach) I certainly don't feel the same way about Eddie Jordan. Besides being Chris Mills' long lost twin brother (separated at birth?) I think Fast Eddie did a credible enough job with the team that he should have been given one more year with the much improved roster.

Of the Maloofs' moves that is one of the only ones which I have disagreed with. Jordan preached defense, didn't bow to the demands of the players and rewarded effort. Those last two qualities were displayed when he pulled OP from the starting lineup in favor of the undrafted and energetic Yogi Stewart (my former schoolmate). This was the genesis of the famous spitting incident which further endeared OP to us Kings fans. I LIKED Jordan, and I wouldn't have minded at all if he was the coach during the lockout year. Now if he had failed to get the Kings to the playoffs that year then . . .

As for the criticism of Adelman. EVERY coach is criticized. Laker fans were down on Jackson about his handling of Shaq and Kobe's differences last season (in the end it was Bryant and O'Neal, NOT Phil who reconciled things). More recently he has been criticized about (and by) Shaq regarding him missing practice and his conditioning habits.

Sioux32 has pointed out Larry Brown's faults on several occasions. George Karl is accused of occasionally losing focus and of being too antagonistic with management as well as airing team business with the media (Brown does this as well). Jerry Sloan is too set in his ways. Pat Riley pushes too hard, alienating players. Van Gundy is too loyal to the point of costing his team wins. Popovich was always considered mediocre until Tim Duncan arrived. Dan Issel had his players walk out on him! Doug Collins is too emotional. Alvin Gentry's substitutions and lineup changes are too erratic. And none of the young coaches (Thomas, Rivers, Carlisle, Cheeks, Scott, Lucas) has won anything yet.

So I understand that there will always be criticism of Adelman. I personally don't agree with a lot of his substitution patterns. He plays guys too many minutes for my taste. But its a minor complaint. As JB pointed out, where are the kudos for the good moves he and his staff make? The smart substitutions, the improved defensive and rebounding effort, the more innovative and moving offense this season? Criticizing the coach for missed free throws? Give me a break.

Finally, what critics of Adelman have NEVER done, and likely never will, is tell us what coach is out there that would do a job more to their liking. Considering that the Kings are a team with immediate championship aspirations and a limited window of opportunity for their BEST shot at a title (unless a good center can be found when Vlade hangs them up), a rookie NBA head coach is probably not an option.

I can't think of any current assistants who are can't miss head coach prospects right now anyway (Scott and Carlisle were the closest). Unless of course you want to grab Donnie Nelson - I don't. And the track record for college coaches isn't good at all. So who's left? NBA retreads. I hear Mike Dunleavy is available. So is Mike Fratello. Dick Vitale has some (bad) NBA experience. He's a HIGH RISER BAABY!! Can we get Chuck Daly out of retirement AGAIN? The Magic did it. Hey, is Dick Motta still alive?


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Went to a wrestling match the other day, and a basketball game broke out.







































































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