Why Wiccans Suck

I have no problem with Wicca.
It's the Wiccans I can't stand.


So, you heard about the page and showed up to tell me off?

Then you are part of the problem.

Being a Wiccan makes you feel Special, eh? Well shove your pride back down your throat, kids! This is your wake-up call.


terms to know

The "Wiccan" wannabes who are delighted to be persecuted, and came here to give me a piece of their mind. If my website offends you, then you're probably one of them.

Real Wiccan
A dedicated seeker who actually knows something about Gardner's original Wicca, including its dark side. These are the anti-fluffbunnies -- in behavior, speech, and practice.
(Of course, you're one of these Real Wiccans, eh?)

A religion that you already know all about, right? You might be surprised....

Charms, curses, necromancy, levitation, etc. Yes, the stuff from fairy tales. In other words, the same definition of "magic" that has been around for centuries before the tree-huggers got ahold of it. (Aleister Crowley, incidentally, added the "k" to make his gematria fit.)

Someone with magical powers. I repeat, someone with magical powers.
Changing your religion to "Wicca" does NOT make you a witch. Religion has nothing to do with it. (How many Xians have you met who can change water into wine?)

Short for "Christian," like "Xmas." Fluffbunnies simply LOVE to talk about Xians.


Why Wiccans Suck
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