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The Internet and the electronic exchange of information between businesses or individuals bring a lot of benefits but introduce great security risk. The security of a business is equal to its weakest link in it and there are quite a lot weak links in most businesses.

I am an independent security consultant.

My private company offers general security consulting services and evaluation of products or complex information systems/web applications by identifying the dangerous security bugs in them.

I have been on the leading edge of security research since 1998 and I have over 70 security publications and extensive knowledge in client side security (IE, NC, Outlook, MS Office), web servers (MS IIS, Lotus Domino, Oracle), Web applications (Hotmail) and operating systems (AIX, Solaris, *BSD).

Most of the above companies have thanked me publicly in their security bulletins for making their systems more secure.
I am recognized by security institutions like SANS and CERT and by the general media like CNN and CNET.

I am co-author of the book " Hack Proofing Your Network - Internet Tradecraft ".

Most of the the other consultants are using the result of my security research, so why you don't do business directly with the source?

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