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Author Topic: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
Registered: Aug 98
Date Posted: 12/28/98 11:01pm Subject: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
Jedi Council
The Prequels
Reiterating forum etiquette

posted 08-11-98 07:26 PM CT (US)

1. Learn to type complete sentences and use
punctuation properly. Typing a 400 word run-on
sentence will not gain you any respect. Most
intelligent folks will skip over what you have to

2. No one is targeting you personally. Only if
someone specifially posts something cruel to you
about your mother or your heritage, should you
lash out and get angry.

3. If you are posting stuff just to be mean,
DON'T. We are all Star Wars fans here and we
like to talk about really obscure stuff, such as
how much a vial of glitterstim costs. It's
important to us.

4. We all have the right to complain about things
here and there, but complaining about
*everything* is rather pointless. You obviously
don't like Star Wars at all.

5. Most of all, be civil and try to have fun!

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posted 08-11-98 07:30 PM CT (US)

"A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and
defense, never for attack."

Oh, just wondering, are people being rude or
something? Because i havent seen any of it.
Darth Sushi
posted 08-11-98 07:35 PM CT (US)

Well, I guess it does feel that way sometimes...I
mean, JKOB1, you and I had rather mirthless
discussion going on the thread I started...but I
don't think either of us was out to be mean.

Still, Octavya's right...
posted 08-11-98 07:40 PM CT (US)

Yep she is right

(I wasnt trying to be mean, i dont think you
were either)
posted 08-11-98 09:43 PM CT (US)

I've been in a lot of forums and newsgroups, and
I have to say so far you guys are the best
around. I'm glad mindless flames and such seem
to not be springing up. Thanks for making this an
interesting place to hang out!!!
Darth Sushi
posted 08-11-98 09:50 PM CT (US)

And thank you, Scott, (and the rest of the TF.N
staff) for MAKING this cool place to hang out!
Lil Wookie
posted 08-11-98 10:24 PM CT (US)

Now if only Scott would post more! We like ya
Scott, come an' play wi' us!!

I just want to say something right now. I know
sometimes I have an quick temper, and I
apologize right now. IF I have offended anybody,
I do apologize. Please keep in mind once I do
blow off steam, I am a nice person. Really!
posted 08-11-98 11:47 PM CT (US)

Yes Scott, we do like you. We keep coming to
the door but your mom always tells us you are
busy. Come and play!!! I have enough toys for
posted 08-11-98 11:56 PM CT (US)

I would like to add to this, too.
I KNOW I'm guilty of a little temper flaring. now
and then.
And I want to aopologze, because I'm sure I will
do it again. But I don't mean anyone any
personal harm, physically, or emotionally. I guess
I'm the Sith representative of the Jedi Council.
But anyway, I would like to say, that this is a
great place to come and discuss SW. Even if
that does include the books sometimes. (ouch
that hurt...)
Sorry in advance to anyone I piss off. It's not
TD 88
posted 08-11-98 11:57 PM CT (US)

First of all, let me just say that I love the Jedi
Council. It's one of the best things to happen to
this "Star Wars" fan between Episodes VI and I.

Second, I agree with everything Octavya wrote,
and I'm pleased that so far everyone has been
pretty respectful of each other. I'll admit my
nose has gotten out of joint a time or two on
this site, but that's the nature of spirited

I'd really like to meet some of you someday!
junior senator
posted 08-12-98 02:57 AM CT (US)

how much does a vial of glitterstim cost? For
that matter, what the heck is it?
posted 08-12-98 04:20 AM CT (US)


Hey Junior Senator, thas a good question. What
the hell is glitterstim ?
Crazy Old Wizard
posted 08-12-98 05:34 AM CT (US)

Glitterstim is spice! And if you grab a handfull, it
will slice your fingers off! Neat, huh? Actually not
neat. In the Star Wars universe, it's VERY
addictive, VERY expensive, and difficult to mine,
because of the sharp fibers.


Seriously, thank you Octavya!

May The Force Be With You........

Crazy Old Wizard

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posted 09-05-98 12:21 AM CT (US)

Ahh...I thought I'd put this post back on top for
all the new folks to see.

And I have one other thing to add.

Try not to swear unless absolutely necessary to
make a point. Most of us have foul mouths, but
use the dirty language in private, not on a public
posted 09-05-98 03:13 AM CT (US)

Thank you for bringing this up, I was just flamed
on another thread in the Misc. heading. I
personally believe that a poster's intelligence
(and t


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Registered: Aug 98
Date Posted: 12/28/98 11:09pm Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
YODA the all powerful
posted 10-12-98 02:34 AM CT (US)

I have noticed something in this forum that
disturbs me.
Some members seem to poke fun at the young
members. You may think it is harmless, but I
disagree. I don't care who e-mailed who or who
did what to whom. The yonger members that
post on this site are encouraged by our support.
GL's vision of SW is one that encompasses
multiple age groups. If we cannot acheive, or at
least attempt to achieve the same in this forum
than what is the prupose of this forum?
I agree that many people have many arodite and
intellectual things to say about the prequels, but
if we dissuade the younger fans than we are
hypocrites, because some day those young fans
will be as capable and intelligent as we are. I
believe that every young person on this site has
something important to say because they feel it
is important...
Remeber, we older folk are all teachers here.... If
we lose the younger element, than we lose SW
as it was meant to be seen!
Patience is the virtue of a Jedi!

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powerful (edited 10-12-98).]
posted 10-12-98 02:51 AM CT (US)

Well said.
posted 10-12-98 03:31 AM CT (US)

HEAR, HEAR! Now that was a case of DO OR DO
Jar Jars of Clay
posted 10-12-98 08:58 AM CT (US)

That was a point that needed making. I've
noticed several people, um, disrespecting
younger members. I'll admit, when little kids post
something abusive they probably need a GENTLE
reminder not to do things like that, but flaming
them will only make them hate you and won't
accomplish anything. You can't expect young
kids to be able to carry on the kind of
intellectual discussion many of the adult
members here are well known for, and that's
fine. There's a place for both. If you see a post
that seems "dumb" to you, just ignore it.
posted 10-12-98 01:55 PM CT (US)

Wow... this is the longest thread I've ever read
all the way through!

Jasman, as to your 'suck' comments... You
seemed to use a lot on the 'stuff s'

Well... As I read through this thread, I was
telling myself that I was glad I never got out of
whack. I just realized that's not quite true.
There have been a few instances where I've
gone a bit mad... I apoligize. Sorry!

As to multiple threads on the same topic... I've
created several threads that were *similar* to
another topic, but had differences that I
thought required a new thread. What do you
guys think about that?

About younger members... I'm new here within
the last week, and I'm about 14 years old. There
have been a few occasions where it *appears*
people have been skipping over my posts, but
not nearly as many as in other places. I admit, I
will occasionally make an immature comment, but
heck, during Physics, Cal III, Linear Algebra, and
every other cl****during the day, I'm expected
to be mature, so I've gotta let myself go
sometimes . Oops... was that a run-on
sentence? I'm not taking an english cl****this

So, basically what I'm trying to say is this:
Thanks for being mature and intelligent most
of the time, and I'm sorry if I don't quite return
the favor *all* of the time.

MTFBWY!!! I haven't typed that nearly enough
recently... I had to think to remember the
Kyle Katarn
posted 10-12-98 06:21 PM CT (US)

Don't worry Paradox, up until now I had assumed
you were about 19 or 20. You seem a lot more
mature than most of my peers when I was your
age. You should be commended for your
YODA the all powerful
posted 10-19-98 10:28 PM CT (US)

As ObiWC said... always a good thread for the
top... Some newer members may want to read
Jaina S
posted 10-19-98 11:00 PM CT (US)

I have just read some of the newer posts and I
would like to sincerely apologize to david_43 or
anyone else that I may have offended. I know
that I may have been harsh to some people,
especially to david_43, but I just want you to
know that I meant no disrespect towards
anyone. I really enjoy comming here everyday to
read and respond to your posts. I still believe
that this is an intelligent forum and as my dear
master Jas said, we are what we make of this
post. Again, my sincere apologies to everyone.
posted 10-20-98 01:35 AM CT (US)

About my comments on the use of the word
"sucks," this all happened before you were here.
Here's the sequence of events that happened.
1. I started the "anti-trek?" thread, asking what
I thought was an innocent question, and got
totally toasted by Viper.
2. I posted my comments about it on this
3. Sushi started the "stuff sucks" thread as a
parody of all of this.
4. I joined in the s thread (and I invented the
use of to mean suck), in order to retaliate
against viper in a diplomatic and subtle way.
It was fun. You should have been here.
John of the collective
posted 10-21-98 04:15 PM CT (US)

The "Stuff Sucks" thread definatly does not

Just bringing this up to the top, given the
discussion going on in Suggestions, it would


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Registered: Aug 98
Date Posted: 12/28/98 11:10pm Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
Darth Ludicrous
posted 10-22-98 02:13 AM CT (US)

This is a Star Wars forum. I won't mention ST
anymore, because it's apparent people get there
feelings hurt too easily.
posted 10-22-98 02:31 AM CT (US)

I think you over react a bit, Darth. Perhaps if
you feel under pressure you should take a step
back, take a break for a while.

Much as I thought that 'poodoo' thread was a
bit stupid, it wasn't really 'bashing' on anyone,
just countereing points put by someone
pretending to be someone they're not. If you
don't want your fingers burnt, don't put them in
the fire, is what I say.

The only things that should be deleted are real
insults, offensive language, offensive ideas to
people's religion and so on. Everything else
should be fair game within the topic of the
Darth Ludicrous
posted 10-22-98 02:47 AM CT (US)

Attacking a person isn't the same as disputing a
persons information. She could have addressed
her argument to Mayor, not cutting him down by
making the thread about him.
Mayor and everyone else here are welcome to
be here. To set a double standard by ignoring
something that bashes another member is not
something I could do in clear conscious. Letting
that thread perpetuate would be telling Mayor
he is not welcome here. That's just wrong.
posted 10-22-98 02:52 AM CT (US)

Chyren is a man, by the way.
Darth Ludicrous
posted 10-22-98 03:00 AM CT (US)

Sorry Chyren/ Sideous, I didn't know. jeez... I
made that mistake with you too, Jasman. That
was not meant to be disrespectful, believe me. I
hate to see people being disrespected.
posted 10-22-98 03:02 AM CT (US)

I got news for you: Mayor isn't welcome here,
as long as he's impersonating somebody he
isn't. Most people here seem to agree with this,
or hadn't you noticed?

This sort of thing is disliked on other forums, like
people posting as (the real) George Lucas on
AICN talkback, or as Harry Knowles, or as
personal friends of same. Nobody minds
discussion and speculation, but
misrepresentation is not wanted. Its not fair, its
decieving, and its rude. Its also stupid.
posted 10-22-98 03:17 AM CT (US)

Thank you, Sid.
DL, what I've said here and on the other thread
were not meant to be flames or personal
criticisms of you. I just think an administrator
has to be impartial in these matters, and my
perception is that you are letting your personal
opinions get in the way of your objectivity.
Some people seem not to have a firm grasp on
reality. One symptom of this is not knowing the
difference between an opinion and a fact. Mayor
seems to be such a person. Anyone who
represents their opinions as facts is a liar or a
fraud or worse. Chyren very effectively blew his
cover. Maybe he got a little too personal about
it, but the fact is that he reflects the position of
a large percentage of the people here. I think
people need protection from that kind of fraud
more than they need protection from those who
expose it.
posted 10-22-98 03:20 AM CT (US)

I try and keep the peace by (hopefully)
articulating that I challenge people who flame
needlessly. I did so on Chyren's thread about
Mayor and was promptly told to "switch off."

It didn't phase me. What I'd like to see more of,
however, is the consistent practicing of what
we've talked (sic) about here. These forums are
mostly tasteful and I maintain it is the
responsibility of the elders to lead by example.

I hope I have tried to maintain that.

I'm not saying we can't have fun, we just need
to be more constructive, which, again, I believe
we are for the most part. I do not know if I am
qualified to moderate, but I try and do my part
to cite reason and wisdom as befitting a Jedi.

Thank you for your indulgence

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(edited 10-22-98).]
posted 10-22-98 03:31 AM CT (US)

I apologize for the "switch off" remark. I had
intended to include a little winkie smilie to make
it clear that I meant it in jest, but somehow I
forgot to include it.
posted 10-23-98 03:20 AM CT (US)

All is forgiven jasman, I didn't think you were
being too mean...anyway, I'm definitely over it
and thank you for being forthright..

posted 10-23-98 03:56 AM CT (US)

You know what? I've been one of the most
vibrant complainers in the whole "let us complain
about mayor" campaign. But I'm seeing the
errors of my ways. I still disagree with simply
going to the administrators - it seems we ought
to be able to voice to the offenders our
disapproval. But it needs to be done properly. If
we can state our complaint in a tasteful yet not
condescending manner, we've gotten our point
across. if the problem persists, then is the time
to go to the administrator. If nothing is done
about it, I suppose it is up to us to endure and
ignore, for we have no other choices - we ought
to trust and respect those running this forum
too much to undermine their decisions, even if
we occasionally disagree with them. The
longevity and rectitude of the forum is bigger
than our occasional problems.


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Registered: Aug 98
Date Posted: 12/28/98 11:20pm Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
YODA the all
posted 11-15-98 03:31 AM MT (US)

Back to the top for all to see....

posted 11-16-98 06:52 AM MT (US)

I maybe a bit older, but that does not mean my English(all that full stop stuff) is very
good, so if I offend I'm sorry.
As for the young folks(no offense meant-I'm also Australian so we spell different)I
think it's cool that they can talk as equal's - sometimes the best things in life come
from those who are young.
So keep the talk going cause so far regardless of age all of you are pretty cool.

Captain Antilles
posted 11-18-98 02:10 PM MT (US)

Back up top for our hundreds of new members brought here by the trailer.

YODA the all
posted 11-19-98 02:11 AM MT (US)

Back to the top... I see alot of newer mebers on the forum tonight and I hope that
they will read this and take the time to add their thoughts to it.

BTW, I notced some making multiple posts. You only need to click once on the "Submit
Reply" button.

posted 11-22-98 04:21 PM MT (US)

To all of our newer members, I would also like to point out that it is a good idea to
read through many of the existing threads before posting, so you'll be better informed
right from the beginning. Also, add your comments to existing threads whenever
possible, instead of starting a new thread on the same topic. Having multiple threads
on the same topic is unnecessary and confusing.
Thank you, and happy posting!

YODA the all
posted 11-28-98 03:06 AM MT (US)

Just putting this one back up to the top. It seems some have strayed from this
recently. I sincerely hope the newer members will read through this thread.

I would like to add that it is important to watch what you say when you are being
"sarcastic" as you still may offend some people. Also please try to avoid posting
information as "fact," because you are only asking for a thread full of flames.

YODA the all
posted 11-30-98 02:34 AM MT (US)

Well I am still keeping up the quest to try and breathe new life into this thread...
newer members, please add your views to this thread. If you have a problem with
some of the "social" aspects of this forum... this is the place to share your views.

I would also lke to add 2 things:

1) Please don't belittle people's english skills. Remember that we not only have
younger people posting here, but also people for whom English is a second language.
Please show more patience, I know it is difficult.

2) Opinions are not meant as a personal attack. please don't look at them (or use
them) that way. Remeber the rules that you agreed to when you registered...



Help me out on this thread please...

[This message has been edited by YODA the all powerful (edited 11-30-98).]

posted 11-30-98 03:46 AM MT (US)

I have only been posting here a week or so, but I think this is quite possibly the most
civilized forum I have run across.

Just want to say congrats and keep up the good work guys

posted 11-30-98 12:50 PM MT (US)

Ytap, thank you for bringing this up again and helping to keep it alive.
Since you mentioned the rules, this would probably be a good place to post them

1. No cussin'.
2. No fightin'.
3. No trollin'
4. No inflammatory posts or offensive posts. In short, keep the peace and respect
5. Don't post anything inappropriate for kids.
6. No offensive or inflammatory aliases.
7. We decide what falls in any of the above categories and will act accordingly.
Clicking on the
"Agree" button below means you accept those terms. If you don't like our descisions,
you can
always go to news:rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc, a public forum.
8. We'll do our best to warn you before we delete posts, close threads, or end your
9. If you think someone is violating one of these rules, please alert us immediately
than starting a flame war.
10. No blasters! No blasters!
11. You can go about your business.
12. Move along. Move along.

By the way, in spite of what it says in #8 above, we administrators WILL at our
discretion, immediately delete any threads that contain material that we deem to be
extremely inappropriate. There are people of all ages who enjoy these forums, and
anything that is not appropriate for all ages will be deleted and the offending party will
be immediately reported to the site management.
Thank you. Now, please continue to enjoy.

forum admin.

posted 12-08-98 06:03 PM MT (US)

I think that this is becoming more and more relevant as time passes... Please read
through at least the first few posts, and add as you feel necessary!


posted 12-08-98 06:48 PM MT (US)

Hmm I remember the word "piss" back in the eight's was considered "vulgarity" and
was in appropiate for children's eyes. and ears. Wow I guess im getting old, and im still
in my early 20's... but as to how people type I know your not forcing people to type
that way but its kind of petty to complain about that. I feel as long as its readable it
should be allowed. Sometimes I myself come home hands tired from my job and lazliy
avoid pressing the shift key for every capital when im suppose to be on here for my
own enjoyment and leasure. Oh well thats my opinion....

YODA the all
posted 12-12-98 01:30 AM MT (US)

I think kainchild... that the original emphasis of this thread was more for good grammar
than good posts, but I think that emphasis has changed in the last couple months. I
think that most of the posts here deal with the quality of the thr


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Registered: Aug 98
Date Posted: 12/28/98 11:29pm Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)

posted 12-12-98 03:36 PM MT (US)

Back on the topic of etiquette:

Informing members, especially the newer members, of possible breaches in etiquette or
improper posting is the responsibility of the administrators. I understand that many of
the older members sincerely want to help in this process, and the intention is
appreciated, but in the interest of avoiding any inadvertent problems, it would be best
if you left it to us to deal with.

You are encouraged to refer people to this thread if you think there is a potential
problem. Beyond that, it is up to us. Please feel free to notify me via email or icq if
you see any problems developing that may merit some intervention.

posted 12-12-98 04:16 PM MT (US)

Jasman, it's me David. I didn't realy understand what you we're saying before but if
you may think I'm a bad kid, then no I'm not.All I like to say is, I'm happy being here in
this forum.I know I've caust so much trouble.But I have to except the fact that it did
happen and there's nothing I can do about it now.I wish I can be apologize for real,
but I can't.I realy have this problem about changing my name all the time.The only
reason I was coming here is because, I wanted to discuss Star Wars with you only.I'm
just young kid.I understand that.I know I want attention. But that is what I am.Sorry
if this is off topic but I whish I can say something that you all can like me.

posted 12-12-98 04:27 PM MT (US)

David, just a few words of advice:

1. Choose a name and stick to it.

2. Post messages that have to do with the topic.

3. Don't insult anybody or make fun of anybody.

Nobody dislikes you as long as you follow the rules. But it's hard to get to get to know
you when you keep changing your name!

YODA the all
posted 12-17-98 01:33 AM MT (US)

It is also unnecessary to get overly defensive about other people's posts. Most people
on here are fairly level-headed, but I think that some can work on being a little more
polite in their posting.

I would also like to add a comment for the administrators. Awhile ago, you folks were
very concerned about posts that don't relate to the prequels. Whenever something
was posted that belonged in Misc., or elsewhere, you guys would reply by saying that
this "belonged in ___ forum, not here and so I am closing it."

What happened to this? I feel that it was very beneficial in keeping structure and
order to this BB. If it is he fact that you guys cannot keep up with the volume (which
I can certainly understand) then I think we may need some more Admins to help out. I
think that this is a practice that needs to be re-instituted because it sets a good
precedent for future users to follow.

posted 12-17-98 01:41 AM MT (US)

Ytap, I agree that that policy has not been enforced very consistently. Actually, I
haven't been able to attend the forum as much as I would like. We probably should
start getting strict again.

YODA the all
posted 12-17-98 01:45 AM MT (US)

jas... there are two threads tonight that I see as prime canidates... fire away!

You got em... thanks jas, you have done the BB proud

posted 12-22-98 11:06 PM MT (US)

People who don't understand why administrators sometimes have to take action on
the forum may gain some insights by reading this topic.

posted 12-27-98 11:58 AM MT (US)

I will keep this forum up, so new members can be more aware of the forum's polocies.

posted 12-27-98 05:47 PM MT (US)


thank you for helping the newbies out. I've been a SW fan forever, but this is the only
forum I take an active part in.

Why? The very interesting topics, the rules and overall kindness of the fans toward
each other.

Force Be With Us All...


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YODA the all powerful
Registered: Oct 98
Date Posted: 3/18/99 2:37am Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
Well, you have taken thetime to open this thread... now PLEASE take the time to read through it.

For those of you newer members who are wondering what this forum is all about, please read through this thread. It is almost as old as this forum itslef and truly reflects the kind of guidelines that we expect others to follow.

I am not just bringing this up because of a certain e-mail incident (no discussion please), but also because of the large number of new members who should be give a taste of what this forum is all about.

If your threads get closed, if people flae you for bringing up new topics, just read this and see that we have all been there at some point in time.

Please follow the wisom in this thread. It will make this BB a better place to post to, I guarantee it!

May The Force Be With You (ad with us all)
YODA the all powerful

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YODA the all powerful
Registered: Oct 98
Date Posted: 3/19/99 1:48am Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
Has anyone read this or am I wasting my time? It was tough to find this classic and I think it is deserving of at least some attention by all members.

If you don't think that this thread is important any more, let me know and I will gladly stop reincarnating it. I do have better things to do then to find these old threads, but I do it in the hopes that it will percipitate new discussion. This doesn't seem to be the case.

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Registered: Feb 99
Date Posted: 3/22/99 1:38am Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
Well, I read through some of it, but why have so few done so.

One thing I noticed is that counsellors in THE PREQUELS (SPOILERS ALLOWED) seem a bit more nasty than on the CLASSIC TRILOGY forum.

Or is it just me?


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Jedi Master Qui-braintree
Registered: Mar 99
Date Posted: 3/22/99 9:21pm Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
Good thing this leapt out at me. I too want to apologize for some caustic comments. I hope there wasn't any offense taken for some random harsh criticisms of certain rumored film actors, ideas for directors. I will let go of it and be done. Great forum, and what exactly is a nerf herder?
Chalking it up to bad flow, the old forcus interruptus. Peace JM Qui-braintree.
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Registered: Aug 98
Date Posted: 3/23/99 12:42am Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
A nerf herder is someone who herds nerfs, of course! And the more scruffy-looking the better, I say!


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Darth Ludicrous
Registered: Jun 00
Date Posted: 3/25/99 12:25am Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)


May God have mercy on all our souls.
DL love.gif mj
"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery..." Bob Marley
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YODA the all powerful
Registered: Oct 98
Date Posted: 9/3/99 3:05am Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
Hope this works...

Bringing this thread back up because it is not only one of the oldest threads on this forum, but should be considered required reading by ALL members new and old alike.

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Son of the Suns
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Date Posted: 9/3/99 3:23am Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
Wow it finally works!! Everyone defenitely has to read this.


"Sometimes we must do what is requested of us"
Spoiler-free til' Episode III.
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Son of the Suns
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Date Posted: 9/4/99 5:08am Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
This should be at the top.


"Sometimes we must do what is requested of us"
Spoiler-free til' Episode III.
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Jabba the Hutt
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Date Posted: 9/4/99 6:24am Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
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Date Posted: 9/4/99 7:17am Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
And agreed, of course.
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Son of the Suns
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Date Posted: 9/6/99 3:01am Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
Much needed during this time.


"Sometimes we must do what is requested of us"
Spoiler-free til' Episode III.
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Son of the Suns
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Date Posted: 9/8/99 10:46am Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)


"Sometimes we must do what is requested of us"
Spoiler-free til' Episode III.
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Date Posted: 9/8/99 12:11pm Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
Well, I agree with everything said in this. I think it's a very worthwhile kind of thing. But, I also think the P(SA) index threads are worthwhile, and no one seems to use them either. But maybe...just maybe...well, we can only hope.

I have to ask though. Where was this during the "dark time"? May-July? Man, we really could have used this back then.

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YODA the all powerful
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Date Posted: 9/9/99 2:04am Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
bri, due to server problems that were just fixed a few days ago, no one was able to bring this thread back up. That's why it was missing.

The index threads weren't around because I was missing.
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Date Posted: 9/9/99 3:29am Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
OK, that explains then the plethora of old threads finding their way back to the surface. I spent my afternoon reading The Mayor Chronicles in Misc. and having a good chuckle.

Nice to have you back YTaP. (I'm assuming that's what you mean by you were missing. If that )

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Son of the Suns
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Date Posted: 9/13/99 4:20am Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
This is much needed at this time...


"Sometimes we must do what is requested of us"
Spoiler-free til' Episode III.
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Son of the Suns
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Date Posted: 9/17/99 3:14pm Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
Come on people, read this!


"Sometimes we must do what is requested of us"
Spoiler-free til' Episode III.
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Son of the Suns
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Date Posted: 10/11/99 4:58pm Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
I'm glad that this thread survived the move and the pruning. Top!


"Sometimes we must do what is requested of us"
Spoiler-free til' Episode III.
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Date Posted: 10/13/99 12:01am Subject: Re: FORUM ETIQUETTE (Repost)
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