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Friday, November 30, 2001
 Mist and 9.0°C  in Halifax, NS

Top Local Story

Highway accident shuts down part of 103
One person is dead following a two-vehicle highway accident in southwestern Nova Scotia.
F U L L  S T O R Y

More Local News

  • Investigations continue in mysterious deaths    Click to play  
  • Too litte, too late: nurses    
  • Hamm to shuffle cabinet before Christmas    
  • Canada's commitment to war effort over-taxed: Admiral    Click to play  
  • Sunday shopping in Sydney    
  • Latest tar pond tests released soon    Click to play  
  • Poor air quality in school causes class cancellations    Click to play  
  • Loose lips accusations in teachers dispute    
  • Teachers' union 'outraged' by Purves    Click to play   Click to play
  • It'll take NS a long time to butt out    
  • More stowaways land in Halifax    
  • MacLeod wins prestigious award    Click to play  
  • Ex news anchor ponders Liberal leadership    
  • N.S. attempts to lure nurses back home    
  • New offer for Chignecto school workers    
  • Lobsters cheap but plentiful    
  • How to greet the troops    

    What's on CBC Nova Scotia. . .

    CBC NEWS: CANADA NOW: Thursday on Canada Now, our five-part series on Employment Insurance continues with a look at the stereotype that Atlantic Canadians are too lazy to work. Critics of employment insurance say it's time for people to get off the sofa and move to where the jobs are. Defenders of EI say some work is seasonal and they have a right to stay where they are.

    INFORMATION MORNING: Thursday on Information Morning, another episode of SOUL SEARCHING. This week, we take a journey through a labyrinth at mt.st.vincent

    MARITIME NOON: The mild autumn may have lulled us into thinking that winter could be postponed, but animals in the wild haven't been fooled. THURSDAY on the phone-in, biologist BOB BANCROFT returns to tell us how various species are preparing for the cold months. He'd also be happy to answer your questions about MARITIME WILDLIFE.

    MAINSTREET:   click here to listen.

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