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Enabling the Future of Entertainment on the Internet

PowerPlay is an industry initiative to make the Internet a better platform for entertainment.

A number of Internet companies, service providers, and game developers are cooperating in the definition and deployment of PowerPlay, an open industry standard.

The first stage will be a proof of concept deployment for US dial-up customers. If you are interested in receiving more information and reserving a spot for this first phase, enter your information below.

Following the initial deployment, PowerPlay service will be available outside of the US and for higher speed connections (DSL/cable modem).

Companies who have announced participation in the PowerPlay specifications effort are: Acclaim Entertainment, Applied Microsystems, Bioware, Captivation, Cisco Systems, Click Entertainment, Dynamix, Ensemble Studios, Epic, Gas Powered Games, Gearbox, Jellyvision, Looking Glass Studios, Nihilistic, Outrage, Proksim, Raven Software, Red Storm Entertainment, Relic, Ritual, Shiny, Valve, and Volition.

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