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Hydropower Information and Resources

Minnesota and Hydropower From Manitoba Hydro

  • Pimicikamak Cree Nation (PCN) comments on Minnesota Draft State Energy Planning Report - submitted to MN Dept. of Commerce, November 21, 2001 (ME3 endorsed these comments)

    On November 30, 2000 the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission decided to allow Xcel Energy to purchase more electricity from Manitoba Hydro. ME3 and many other organizations were opposed to any increased importation of high-impact hydro power from Canada before a complete analysis of the environmental and social impacts of Manitoba Hydro's power projects could be completed and analyzed. The PUC disagreed and allowed the contract negotiations between Xcel Energy and Manitoba Hydro to move forward.

C.R.E.E.'s $5 Withholding Direct Action Campaign!

Campaign to Respect Energy and the Environment (C.R.E.E.) has launched a consumer campaign to raise awareness about the human rights and environmental consequences of our dependence on hydroelectric power from Manitoba Hydro (more information at The campaign hopes to get 1,000 people to withhold $5 on their Xcel Energy electric bill to persuade Xcel not to purchase energy from Manitoba Hydro until it operates sustainably from both an environmental and human rights perspective.

Here’s how it works:

C.R.E.E. will provide you with bright yellow stickers. After you receive the stickers, underpay your next statement from Xcel Energy by $5, a token amount that expresses your concern about Xcel’s purchase of lectricity from Manitoba Hydro. When you receive subsequent statements, you pay everything but $5. A past due amount of $5 will appear on each bill.

Each month, you pay everything but $5 and put the yellow sticker on the back of the envelope. For example, if your bill is $20, you pay only $15. Each month, your bill will include the current month’s charges plus the $5 you did not pay the previous month. Each month you underpay that total by $5. Because your payments are considered, by law, to cover the outstanding balance first, you will never be more than $5 behind.

On the reverse side of your Xcel Energy bill, it states: "Xcel Energy will not assess a late payment charge if the unpaid amount is $10 or less." To sign up or for more information, contact C.R.E.E. at 612-870-3442 or

PUC Docket Filings

Xcel Energy's Renewable Development Fund

A part of a legislative renewable energy mandate, Xcel Energy has released a partial list of projects that have been selected to receive funding from its Renewable Development Fund (Fund). The current balance in the fund is $16.5 million. Initial funding will be allocated according to the the following targets: Commercialized Renewable Technology - 60 percent, Experimental Technology - 20 percent, and Research and Development - 20 percent. Preference will be given to projects located in Xcel Energy's Minnesota service territory.

    1. Xcel Energy's Renewable Development Fund Information Page
    2. Descriptions of Projects Selected for funding from Renewable Development Fund (Category A) - filing to MN PUC by Xcel Energy, November 2, 2001
    3. Descriptions of Projects Selected for funding from Renewable Development Fund (Category B and C) - filing to MN PUC by Xcel Energy, November 19, 2001

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