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Exchange Server: The messaging and collaboration server
Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack 1 is here
Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack 1 is here
Service Pack 1 (SP1) includes feature enhancements and utility updates that make Exchange 2000 more reliable than ever.

Download or Order SP1
Watch the WebCast
Read the Product Overview
Download Windows Messenger4.5 and MSN Messenger4.5 client updates Windows Messenger 4.5 and MSN Messenger 4.5 Client Updates
Download Microsoft .NET Messenger Service and Exchange Instant Messaging Service to communicate in real time within your corporate network, use whiteboards, share applications, and more.
Read how to customize Outlook Web Access in Exchange2000 Customizing Outlook Web Access
Learn how developers can customize Microsoft Outlook® Web Access in Exchange 2000 for their organizations' particular needs. Read this white paper to find out more.
Read the Design and Implementation for Woodgrove Bank white paper Design and Implementation for Woodgrove Bank
Read this white paper for basic terms and concepts, specific design details for the fictitious Woodgrove Bank and its Exchange environment, best practices, and more.
Take a Closer Look
Features Overview
Find out about Microsoft Active Directory™ directory service integration, Microsoft Windows® 2000 integration, enhanced Outlook Web Access, and more.
Trial Software
Download or order the Exchange 2000 120-day trial software and begin using its powerful features today.
Planning Your Implementation of Exchange
Follow the steps in this white paper to design a custom Exchange implementation.
Exchange Up-to-Date
Learn the steps to deployment in this series of articles developed from the real-world experience of early adopters.
Exchange 2000 Outlook Web Access
Significantly increase the scalability and functionality of Outlook Web Access with Exchange 2000 with the information in this white paper.
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Read the EuroSTAR case study
EuroSTAR case study
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