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United Arab Emirates Embassy

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Col. Staff Pilot Mohammed Ahmed Hamel AlQubaisi

Defense Military Naval & Air Attache United Arab Emirates Embassy

Major Duty Assignments

Defense, Military. Naval & Air Attache Washington DC
Deputy Commander Khalifa Air college Air Force & Air Defense
Chief of Intelligence & Security Department/Air Force Air Force & Air Defense
Chief of Reconnaissance Division/Air Forces Intelligence & Security Division
Chief of Intelligence and Security Division/Air Force Intelligence & Security Directorate
Security Officer/Air Force Intelligence & Security Directorate
Reconnaissance Officer of Air Forces Intelligence & Security Directorate
Security Officer of Air Forces Intelligence & Security Directorate
Security Officer of Air Forces Intelligence & Security Directorate

Military School Attended

13/11/78 09/09/79 Helicopter Aviation Training France
01/10/79 21/10/79 training in Infantry & Weapons UAE
01/06/82 03/-7/83 training to Super-Puma Helicopter France
05/11/83 29/12/83 Military Intelligence UAE
14/07/84 01/08/84 Computer Science Principals UAE
01/08/85 22/08/85 Identification of Weapons & Equipment Jordan
02/11/85 26/12/85 Topography Egypt
12/06/89 04/08/89 International Officers School USA
07/08/89 26/02/90 Air Command & Staff USA
12/06/92 27/06/92 General Command & Staff Egypt
13/0395 09/06/95 Joint Combined Officers School USA
07/06/98 24/07/98 International Officers School USA
03/08/98 07/06/99 Air War College USA

Educational Degrees

High School Diploma - UAE
Master Military studies - Egypt

Promotions Dates of Appointment
2LT 05/08/78
1LT 25/08/80
CPT 25/08/83
MAJ 25/08/87
L.T. Col. 25/08/92
Col. 29/12/97

Foreign Languages

16/12/79-03/02/80 English courses in UAE

Hobby Interests: Reading, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball