aD Prize portrait 2000

Finalists and Winners

for the 2000 ArsDigita Prize
2000 ArsDigita Prize Finalists.
Photo by Elsa Dorfman (Polaroid 20X24).

Our finalists this year have come from as far away as Australia and the Netherlands. The press also came to cover the event: Associated Press sent a reporter and the Boston Herald wrote several articles. Check out the pictures from the event! See also the pictures taken in Elsa Dorfman's studio.

Congratulations to all of our Outstanding Finalists:

Emily Boyd MatMice
John Carbrey The Web Within Reach
Justin Chan ISP Quality of Service Monitor
Steffen Tiedemann Christensen Has It Been Updated?
Dominik Rabiej An interactive physics web site directory
Hilverd Reker SiteMapper
Jonathan Roes TrojanCheck
Aaron Swartz The Info Network

This Year's Winners

Ara Anjargolian
Team Winner is a Tie!
Andrew Widdowson
Dan Blanchard
Greg Moyer
OpenWeasel Portal Toolkit
Ara Mahdessian
Arthur Chaparyan
Visual Basic Development Center
All finalists got at least the following:
  1. $1,000 in cash
  2. use of a database-backed Web server for their future projects (a Solaris server graciously donated by Sun Microsystems)
  3. an all-expense paid trip to MIT to attend a two-day course on Web application design and a week long boot camp at ArsDigita Corporation
If you're going to be 18 years old, or younger, on March 1, 2001 then you've got a chance to win next year. Here is the easiest path:
  1. read the Guidelines
  2. read the textbooks from our course at MIT:
  3. do the problem sets from our course at MIT (linked from
Now you've got the same training as the best Web developers in the world and you can build a Web service with better resources than 99% of commercial Web sites.